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Greens forced to admit billboard vandalism

Greens co-leader Russel Norman has been forced into an embarrassing admission – that party activists are behind widespread vandalism of National Party election billboards.

Mr Norman told reporters that Greens members had recognised the voice of the self-confessed vandal when he spoke on the radio this morning.

He is Jolyon White, the partner of Mr Norman’s executive assistant.

"I believe the defacing of the billboards is vandalism and condemn these actions," Mr Norman is reported as telling media at Parliament.

"I am incredibly disappointed about what they have done."

Stickers were posted on about 700 National Party billboards on Sunday night reading  "the rich deserve more" and "drill it, mine it, sell it".

Mr Norman told reporters he had apologised to the PM and had informed the Electoral Commission.

Comments and questions

Like thieves in the night, the Greens show their true colours -- YELLOW!

down with the eco communists!

greenies should f*** off to an island far far away in the pacific ocean and live like monkeys and swim with the whales.

yes, Waiheke

How low can you go to win votes.....

It about as low as suggesting your own people to vote for a couple of geriatric has beens from another party.

Bullshit. This is entirely legal under the dopey MMP system that NZ voted to adopt, despite many of us advising against it. Defacing billboards in a clearly clandistine manner is not the same. These stupid little pricks should have the book thrown at them, but probably won't under our pathetic justive systerm.

In response to banjo boy | Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 11:57am

More like red mate....the Watermelon Party are only Green on the outside :)

Screw 'em and their love of the freedom hating UN Agenda 21.

These vandals will get off - they will say they were under the influence of pot at the time (given Green Parties support of legalising Pot). Hopefully they used Public transport as they went around defacing the bill boards and were wearing hemp clothes made in NZ.

Alas they went around on motorcycles and their license plates were noted down by passersby

Now we know these Occupiers have day jobs, or should that be night jobs.

Hear nothing, see nothing...isn't this the NORM!

So we have family mebers of the Green party sneeking around defacing billboards,

We have a has been police reject (hired by left wing paper) using false names who is so forgetful that he leaves a microphone / transmitting device on the table at Key and Banks private discussion. And then rather than listen (another Tui ad coming on) the recording is passed to his puppet masters.

I only record stuff and never listen to it, YEAH RIGHT.

Brings back memories of last election when Labour sent the ferrit over to Aus to look for a smoking signature.

Seems all the dirsty tricks are in the opposition camp.

Just the sort of B.S. I would expect from a bunch of pimply faced school kids, not a political party that would have us believe they have a serious contribution to make to the policy framework of the next government. Grow the F*** Up and stop waisting our time.

Time to do some housekeeping Russel ! This has a real Watergate smell.

Hardly a sensible comment in the above list. Every party has the odd-loose ball half wit.I am not a green supporter but it's silly to classify the entire party as vandals.

Well said Ralph. The response from 'readers' has been laughable.

Russel's Personal Assistant - was complicit in willful acts of vandalism, inciting and encouraging this vandalism - she's gotta be sacked immediately and police should press criminal charges against her and the other culprits.

Lower tactics than Labour attempting to rort and steal $900K of tax payer money to rig the previous election - where they then needed to retrospectively change the law so they wouldn't have to procesute themselves for theft. Did they ever pay that back even?

...and these clowns believe they have some kind of mandate to stand for public representation of New Zealanders and have the credibility to create and make laws for NZ... cue Tui Billboard...

The only difference between the greens and other parties on this issue is that the greens have the backbone to admit any connection they have to it. Every party has its signs defaced, and like hell nobody in the parties don't know someone involved. Funny that the business review is the only one using language like "forced" too. Norman seemed pretty voluntary, apologetic and cooperative; especially given the admission mars his campaign...

How believable is it that Norman's exec assistant knew of the planned stickering for a number of months but told no one in the Green Party parliamentary wing or hierarchy? Yeah Right

Norman came clean because the number plates of the motor cycles used by these vandals in Christchurch were noted and the voice of the boaster on the radio was recognised. The Greens could not deny any connection because there was proof of the connection right up to Norman's executive assistant. What did you know Russell?

Honesty & intergrity not something I'd associate with the Green Movement ... covert and terrorist like come to mind - SHAMEFUL!!!

If the greens had put "The Rich Deserve More" on their own Bill Boards they would probably get more votes.

"Greens" long live the foxes in charge of the hen house,or the rabbits in charge of the lettuce.Seems dont look now as we are not eco terrorists.Yeah Right.Also reminds me when they were caught running a secret rent trust ,at the same time putting the boot into others of the same persuasion.What an indictment for a bunch of losers led by an Australian. Commie Rusel with one "L" missing.Hmmmm.

Hmm. One rogue member I could believe was unknown to party leadership. 50 members scattered all over the country requires a fair degree of co-ordination etc and makes it a lot (lot) less likely. Printing the stickers etc also requires a reasonable amount of cash and other resource.

Norm is an Aussie, which means he's lying when his lips are moving...

This is a co ordinated disgrace. So much for democracy - back to FPP!
Sick to the back teeth of these sanctimonious twerps telling me how to live my life when its just socialism - we'll do anything for power- in disguise.

Hey Greg and Ralph..GET A ROOM you eco Fascist trolls xxx

Like I said - laughable.

You must be one of those pansies giving ticks to the eco terrorists.

Why don't you and Ralphy boy give Russel Norman a spitroast and toss each other's salad. Have a w@nkfest you disgusting invertebrates!

Who'd of thought there was a dumber mob than Labout or Mana. Well done Norm!

"The emerging 'environmentalization' of our civilization
and the need for vigorous action in the interest of the entire global
community will inevitably have multiple political consequences.
Perhaps the most important of them will be a gradual change
in the status of the United Nations. Inevitably, it must
assume some aspects of a world government."
- Mikhail Gorbachev,
State of the World Forum

"The goal now is a socialist, redistributionist society,
which is nature's proper steward and society's only hope."
- David Brower,
founder of Friends of the Earth

Greenies wanting to "redistribute wealth" just like the "self-sufficient" people who travel in old house buses and park up on public land, collecting the dole, smoking dope and leaving their bodily wastes for others to deal with. Or just like the 'anti-wealth' protesters camped in our public places Skyping on their iPhones (arguably the utlimate symbol of capitalism) using public broadband services and supposedly living off the welfare paid by the taxes of 'capitalists' too busy working to protest! Funny world...

We can just see the new Tui beer Billboards
Greens Leader Russell Norman knew nothing of the National billboard vanadium YEAH RIGHT!

Will Nicky Hager be writing a book about THIS electoral debacle? It has the stench of 'exclusive bretheren' of the green persuasion all over it.

Funnily enough the greens remarks are bang on!

Drill it, mine it, sell it ... sounds like a prosperous country going forward.

What are their ideas, stop, smoke pot, go on the dole, swim with the whales ... no future there.

These irresponsible actions woud not happen in a party, especially not to this degree if there was not some agreement for it, stated or unstated. The thinking and bitter attitudes behind such malicious actions could only grow and fester in an air and culture of contempt.

I do not use the words bitter and malicious lightly. This was not a foolish prank, but was planned. A foolish act usually indicates a spontaneous action with a lack of thought of the consequences. These acts were thought out and planned. Furhermore, a foolish act would have seen billboards from several parties targeted, not just one specific one.

It should be labelled for what it is. Defacing property and the maximum penalty under law be applied for the extent and pre-meditation of it. Oh wait, someone will have a better idea - a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket.

One point of note seemingly forgotten is that the stickers appeared to be true national policy

Dirty green poofters, cabbage smoking hippies... get home and clean the dishes, wash your clothes and open the curtains

While many of these comments have more or less validity, it seems too many of you have 'joined them'. We can beat them, so why join them? Clean up your language, clean up your attitudes. The greens hate mining, so you hate them - whoever 'them' is. Vandalism is a crime; let the police deal with it. Unfortunately, NZ has no justice system - it has a legal system. The gears turn at an unjust speed; the vandals will get legal aid and claim they were justified (Waihopai comes to mind); and then they will claim no resources to restore what they destroyed. Like most freeloaders, the punishment fits the criminal, not the crime.

Mr De Vries is correct. However, I suspect a person formerly employed by Parliamentary services and who surely owns a windmill will not qualify for legal aid.
The Green party is a loose coalition of idealists, knitters and nitwits who continually walk into the concrete wall of realism, in much the same way as a drunk blind man. What is of concern is that young people, presumably idealistic university students, without children, jobs, employees, mortgages, and the general worry of middle age vote for them.

Green party members are ALL LOSERS!!