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Greens prefer Labour but could work with National

The Green Party has predictably announced it would prefer work with Labour to form a government after the election, saying that “on the whole National would take the country in the wrong direction.”

“In fact,” Jeanette Fitzsimons said in a statement this afternoon, “many policies headed off down a dead end street.”

However, the Greens did not rule out supporting a National-led government, or enabling National to form a government by abstaining on confidence votes (this is the arrangement the party has with the current Labour-led government).

Ms Fitzsimons said the Greens would look to work with any party on areas of common ground.

The Greens conducted an “analysis” of where National and Labour’s policies stood in relation to 12 objectives ranging from reducing New Zealand’s dependence on oil, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to improving rail and water quality.

However, Ms Fitzsimons cautioned potential Greens voters that
In a heavily footnoted comparative exercise, the Greens ranked Labour ahead of National in terms of supporting rail investment; in introducing the emissions trading scheme; reducing child poverty; making education accessible; protecting National sovereignty, and investing in public healthcare.

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Comments and questions

After twelve years of the party with strangebedfellows,other than getting megabucks for confusing families with their anti smacking bill and supporting financially draconian laws,the party wants to keep the NZ birthrate down to a minimum and import more beneficiaries and refugees.It makes me wonder who will pay and where would the money come from?OTHER THAN MASSIVE NEW TAXES.

After courting labour last time and getting jilted at the alter you'd think the Greens would have more pride. Clarke having slept around is happy to now see the Greens as potential bedfellows, but only if she needs you, if Peters somehow does the houdini and consolidates support over the 5% mark you might be left at the alter again. Clarke you're so cheap when it comes to bedfellows.