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Grey hair resolved – our hair progressively bleaches itself with age

The mystery of why human hair turns grey as we age has finally been solved by a team of European scientists – and wisdom has nothing to do with it.

Science Daily reports that greying hair is caused by a massive build-up of hydrogen peroxide – the chemical women have long used to dye their hair blonde – due to wear and tear of hair follicles.

The build-up of peroxide eventually blocks our normal synthesis of melanin, the natural pigment responsible for our hair, skin, and eye colour.

"Not only blondes change their hair colour with hydrogen peroxide. All of our hair cells make a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide, but as we get older, this little bit becomes a lot. We bleach our hair pigment from within, and our hair turns gray and then white. This research, however, is an important first step to get at the root of the problem, so to speak", said Gerald Weissmann MD, Editor-in-Chief of The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology journal, to Science Daily.

The researchers discovered that the hydrogen peroxide build-up was caused from the reduction of an enzyme (catalase) that breaks apart hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

Hair follicles cannot repair the hydrogen peroxide damage, which is also complicated by an enzyme being disrupted that leads to melanin production in hair follicles.

"As any blue-haired lady will attest, sometimes hair dyes don't quite work as anticipated. This study is a prime example of how basic research in biology can benefit us in ways never imagined”, said Mr Weissmann.

Comments and questions

Decreased catalase is the new found cause of gray hair. Our product increases catalase in the body ... will this perhaps reverse/prevent gray hair? I know it did in my Mom, her hair has started to go back to it's original brunette colour. My hair has grown in more thick around the hair line, where it was thinning before ... Take our product every day! Your hair will thank you for it!

what is the product?

Where do I buy this wonderful product?

Where can I buy the product I live in Los Angeles, California?

Where do I find this product?

I have been using this product for about 6 weeks and it does not work. it is a waste of money.

Then SOD (Superoxide dismutase) must prevent grey hair. SOD converts the hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen.

Here's where I buy mine:

Sod Causes more H2O2, see:

Honey contains catalase naturally.

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The only problem with taking this is that its addictive. Once you take it you must continue or your hair will turn more grey quicker than before.

EAT THE RIGHT FOODS, green leaf foods, carrot jouice, fruit and massage your scalp daily. Exercise daily and slee well..

dont pay for products that dont work like the ones mentioned above!!! if it was true you would be paying £100 a bottle.. EAT GOOF FOOOD!!!! reserch

yu muct eat well.. i agree with the above. ( GREEN Leafs vegetables help) and circulation of blood around body.

Also, cut out refined suger.

try this

Hey friends .. Buying a product to tourn your hair black is totally fake no result ..

Here are some basic tips .. that can help you just try for 1-2 months .. if won;t work give me sware and then go for above products ..

1> Eat amla while sleep so that your stoatch reamin fresh to morning
1> Maintain regular exercise add as much u do .. awake at monring 5:30 do run atleast 5KM with long breath ..
2> Wash your hair with Garnier long and strong shampoo just 1 small spoon ... and retain it for atleast 5 minutes (It contain Vitamin B) which increase hair health ..
3> after wash massage your hair in soft finger with full concentration and relax state to your head only ... and create some noice like ommnnnn.... for atleast 15 minutes ...
4> Try to increase your breath count .. with relaxation
4> Do not take outside food ... specially chinease, spicy, oily... take as much as green and general foods ..
5> Fix your food timeing 7am: 2 Egg (non-boiled) + 1 cup milk 9am-Breakfast, 12 lunch, 5-Tea with some light food 7: 2-4 boiled egg.. 10pm: Dinner and eat as much of water
- Take a much
* fresh limne * Green Amla * Banana shake * Eggs and Fish (Not much fried)
Eat the thinks that will not cause any probs in your disation ensure disation process is normal elas eit will create heat in your body specially in stomach that will give preasure to your leaver and it flows your much of vitamins .
- Avoid below intake
* Red Chillis * Oily * Spicy Vegitables * Junk Foods * Alcohal * Chiewingums


Have missed to add some points ..

You get in doubt that many of myne friends are eating roughly but there hair are black .. why have to compramise with this ... yess... I too..
- It's beacuse this had happend to your life back
-> Mush of genetic.. you parents had done some mistalkes that turns there genetics probs that flows to you .. and it's affected you by your age of 15+ ...
->> You have done some premetured work in early age like excussive HP (Hand Pent... some says muster... ) at early age about 12+ that results inballances of your chemical imballance to your body .. that's truth .. but that can be overcome now ... stop it now un-natural things are damaging our environemnt and somehow if you try it on self body it will damage your body too ...
3> Use of chemicals ..

--> You are are dedicated than try above first post helps me definitelly it will help you too ..



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Here's what I know about any kind of supplement and the human body. 6 - 8 weeks is really ambitious if you expect to see results in that time frame. The body is slow to react and supplements often take a year or more to make any noticeable changes.
Also, nothing works the same on everyone. Prescription drugs don't work the same on everyone either.
The formulation in Go Away Grey looks plausible but, like anything, it just may not work for you.
Worth a try in my opinion, anyway.

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