GUEST OPINION: Shock! Horror! Labour Luvvie spurned by David Shearer!

Not even dating

David Shearer shuns Labour Luvvie - I spotted this intriguing headline in this yesterday’s Herald.

What could it mean?

Who was ‘Labour luvvie’ and why had David Shearer shunned him or her: I just had to read on:

‘David Shearer needs media help and he’s getting it – but not from former Labour love Brian Edwards.

‘Edwards was paid to media-train Helen Clark and her ministers, and even got the SOS call from Phil Goff during the election after a couple of years in the wilderness.

‘However, he’s been left out in the cold by the dynamic new Labour leader and his chief of staff, Stuart Nash. Sources tell me Sean Plunket was considered for media advice, but Nash told The Diary there will be “no external media training”.’

OMG, imagine my consternation! I was ‘Labour Luvvie’. I am ‘Labour luvvie’. And I have been ‘shunned’ by David Shearer – ‘shunned’ by a man I didn’t even know I was dating. ‘Left out in the cold’ by the ‘dynamic new Labour leader’ and his chief of staff, Stuart Nash.

Can you understand the humiliation? To be ‘left out in the cold’ by someone you spoke to once outside a cafe in Herne Bay, without even the chance to mail a billet doux or plight your troth?

And the ultimate insult – to learn that he’s getting what he needs, but not from you!

Could this all really be true? Of course, it was in the Herald. And the writer was not just some anonymous hack, but tabloid intellectual and rapier wit Rachel Glucina whom I’ve long since forgiven for calling me ‘irrelevant’.

Still, I refuse to give up hope. Someone else is bound to come along yearning for a luvvie. I may not even have long to wait.

Media trainer and commentator Dr Brian Edwards blogs at Brian Edwards Media.

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Don't worry Brian

David Shearer needs more than mediua training to lookand sound the goods.
It will take him 3 years just to work out the game.

All the Opposition parties particularly the Greens will be smiling widely - they have just been handed a once in two generational opportunity to take over as the main opposition party.

David Shearer will be history after the next election or leader of a very minor party.
If David Cunliffe and Leanne Dalziel and the experienced labour team had any brains they would leave labour now and join the Greens - that would be a very credible Opposition


Any fool can see that Rachel should not be in media. She's a PR troll at best, and at worst is a fishwife gossip who spreads vile muck about the place and casts aspersions without a backward glance.

Quite who she is sleeping with to keep her job is anyone's guess but it's the kind of vile nonsense that has kept many a woman's magazine afloat between royal scandals.

I know all of this to be true because a "close friend" of Rachel's confided in me during a heart-to-heart discussion not so very long ago.

There, that's all the protection from defamation that's needed, right Rachel?


Nothing wrong with a bit of media training but I have know idea why she mentioned your name, was their a pt?


You could only be "spurned", if you made it known that you wanted to be his media trainer.


If someone is giving Shearer media training presently they should be very very quiet about it.
He's failing, needs more.


Shearer's silence over Ducky Mallard's hypocrisy, was deafening. But what do you expect from some one who's cut his teeth at the United Nations?

A woolly-headed-forever-ensconced-in-meetings bureaucrat.


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