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Guyon Espiner to front Morning Report

In a year of major change for broadcasters, Guyon Espiner will replace Morning Report presenter Geoff Robinson, who will retire in April.

Mr Espiner and his brother, Colin, are both high-profile media identities with long careers in print and broadcast journalism.

Guyon Espiner has been political editor for Television New Zealand and, earlier, the Sunday Star-Times.

He fronted TV One's Q&A programme on Sundays and most recently worked for TV3 as an anchor and journalist on 3rd Degree and The Vote, co-presenting with Duncan Garner. TV3 has cancelled The Vote but 3rd Degree will continue [this updates an earlier statement that both were cancelled].

In remarks supplied by Radio New Zealand, Mr Espiner says, “This is a great job. Radio New Zealand is renowned for the quality and authority of its journalism and Morning Report is dedicated to upholding that standard.

“I want the best forum to do the pure journalism that I enjoy and that forum is Morning Report. I'm very excited by this new role and can't wait to get stuck in and give it everything,” he says.

Radio New Zealand chief executive, Paul Thompson, describes Mr Espiner as having had an "impressive career, impeccable journalism credentials and is
an incisive interviewer. He has a strong understanding of both the political and commercial worlds and an extensive network of contacts at the highest levels in the public and private sectors."

Radio New Zealand says the three-hour Morning Report has more than a quarter of a million listeners every day and  attracts a “cume” (cumulative) audience of 355,000, according to the latest Nielsen 2013 All New Zealand Radio Survey.

Another long-serving Radio New Zealand presenter, Chris Laidlaw, is also leaving his Sunday morning programme next year, to be replaced by Wallace Chapman, who fronts a similar programme on competitor Radio Live.

Comments and questions

Guyon is a good journalist but can he buck the culture at RNZ, Moaning Report what Paul Holmes described as an in-house journal for the bureaucracy?

Wow, all these TV personalities moving to Radio. Is Radio the last bastion for quality, reputable journalism? (Because television is certainly lacking.)

Lets be absolutely clear: Radio Live is not a competitor to Radio NZ. Paul Holmes may have been an interesting and lively person but an expert on what intelligent, well-informed people would like to hear and see he was not. I think he prided himself on playing to the "average kiwi" with a low bar for quality.

He made his fortune so I'm not knocking it but please do not make him the yardstick for what we should all like. Without RNZ I would have to throw out my radio.

I think you have a blinkered perspective on who is intelligent and well-informed.

Brother of columnist and blogger, Colin Espiner. OK.

As I feared, another national institution becomes an Auckland show.
Fair enough. I can listen to my music on the way to work.

Well hopefully he will bring a "dig deeper" journalistic approach that was promised at 3rd degree but is really just dressed up tabloid.