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Hager book: person claiming to be hacker comes forward

UPDATE: Through his or her @Whaledump Twitter account the person who claims to be the Whale Oil hacker has now posted links to several screen shots of emails (hosted on Mega). 

The screenshots include a section of what purports to be Cameron Slater's Gmail Contacts list. 

The screen shots might be designed to help authenticate @Whaledump as the person who gained access to thousands of Mr Slater's emails and documents in January, then passed them on to Nicky Hager to form the basis of his new book, Dirty Politics

Beyond that, however, they add no scandal or accusations — even assuming their text has not been edited.

Arguably, they move things back a step as the correspondent NZ Jed (presumably National Party staffer Jason Ede) contacts Mr Slater from a personal Hotmail account for his banter, rather than a National Party or Parliamentary address.

The earliest email is from 2008, before National took office. It is from John Key's head press secretary of the time, Kevin Taylor, and tells Mr Slater, "Our intention is not to engage with any blogs".

But it ends with the line, "Jason Ede asked me to mention he will be giving you a call in the next few days".

Speaking on RadioLive at midday, Nicky Hager said he was unable to say if Whaledump was "the real deal."

EARLIER: A person claiming to be the hacker at the centre of Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics has come forward.

In January, in the wake of an attack on Cameron Slater's Whaleoil site, Mr Hager was delivered thousands of documents and emails. 

Mr Hager has refused to name the person, who approached the NZ Herald a week ago.

The paper's report today says, "The Herald sought additional information from the hacker to prove claims they were the person who had hacked Slater's website. The information, which was provided yesterday, showed a range of details which could be directly linked to Slater."

They hacker says they will release more information on Twitter through an account called @Whaledump.

The Twitter account has yet to reveal any new information. Meantime, it's facing plenty of skepticism on social media. 

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Comments and questions

Herald & anyone else in media who believes this must think public are stupid. Problems as I see it

1. Receipt of stolen property = time in jail. Public interest defence is no defence.
2. Unless you can see original, verified emails how could media believe it (unless some have an agenda)
3. Hagers book only deals with centre right of politics, so by definition he has exposed his bias (for those who couldn't work this out).
4. Very few voters who will vote for National will be put off.

Problem is in point 4 Dermot

It only takes very few National voters to change or undecided to not vote for National and based on yesterdays polls - it is a very big problem for National on election day.

There are only a couple of percentage points in who winds or loses on election day

You keep on about this being a problem lets wait a week of two and then see where the poles are!

Presumably the poles will be where they usually are - along the roadside

You are right - I might give both my votes to ACT instead.


1 - The 'public interest' argument is a good defense for Hager, perhaps not so good for the hacker. But do you really think that anyone involved will want this to go to court?
2 - Verified emails can only come from the sender or recipient (or maybe the ISP), and they are hardly likely to facilitate this.
3 - Total rubbish! So he can't publish what he has found about the right unless he finds something equally damning about the left???
4 - Wishful thinking - despite the spin, the polls are already moving against National, in a very short space of time. And there is still the KDC revelation to come on 15/09.

The left look in worse light as they hacked the website and wrote the book. A slippery slope to say hacking & publishing is in "public interest". This is all about changing the government and we know who wants to do this

"do you really think that anyone involved will want this to go to court?"

Are you serious? You think Slater will not pursue this to the end?

If this is true let the rendering begin!

John Keys explanation is bereft of logic. No reasoning with any such resemblance has informed our laws to date.

Whoever it is, they cant spell 'source'.

Use "cannot" or "can't" please. "Cant" means hypocritical and sanctimonious talk, typically of a moral, religious, or political nature.

That's because German is his first language, rather than english

Eventually, who the hacker is will be known. That is the day I look forward to. Currently, he/she is a coward.

I agree. If he/she is proud of what they have done and believe it was the correct thing to do then they should come out into the open.

Personally I am whole heartedly sick and tired of this entire thing, I can't wait for the election to be over and am fairly disgusted at the TV media (and to a lesser degree the print guys too) for giving any of these fringe elements SO much airtime and supposed importance. This is the worst coverage of an election I have ever had to suffer through. Let's talk issues and policies PLEASE.

Looks like the file on mega has been deleted by the "hacker". Managed to have a look beforehand - not much chop.

When is a Minister of the Crown not acting as a Minister of the Crown?

Does he /she have a 'clock in' card like a factory worker?

Same with staff working in the Office of the Prime Minister?

They can 'clock in and out' at will and engage in activities that arguably decent New Zealanders would consider non-compliant with basic concepts of 'public service' or serving the 'public interest'?

Penny Bright

Public service and public interest? decent New Zealanders?

Penny, Do you mean like paying your council rates?

Fascinating the verdict on SCF and Allan Hubbard is due in the next few days...

Why is the NBR and other mainstream media claiming the hacker has 'come forward'? He is still hiding behind a fake Twitter account. Until he truly reveals his identity to bravely expose what he sees as corruption (and accept the consequences for his actions), calls for anyone else to be held to account are premature and hypocritical.

So here's an avid capitalist and free marketeer who is pretty disappointed with the behaviour of Gov't ministers and staffers here. Unfortunately where there is smoke there is fire and if this had happened on a private company board they would all be gone. Even the sniff of scandal would put the company in peril and hence the limb would be severed and the wound sealed quickly.
But my real disappointment is that in 2 terms the Gov't hasn't done anything truly meaningful in moving our country on from a dependence on farmed commodities, foreign investment and an unhealthy preference for property speculation. We could be so much better off if we had incentives for business investment, lower taxes, lower household debt and higher savings.
I worry that there have been too many Muldoonist senior people (I won't name names) in National in love with being in power for the sake of it rather than using their window to effect positive change for NZers. John Key looks to have been too much of a facilitative Chairman figure rather than pulling people into line, removing corrupting influences and pushing on with positive policies. I think he is genuine as a person but when push comes to shove has been weak which is surprising given no-one can challenge him and given his private sector background. So this is actually telling and suggests he may be even weaker than we suspect.
So the real threat to National here is that we disenchanted people who haven't seen enough progress in 6 years, now see what has been the real (waste of) focus in that time, so choose to just not vote.

What rubbish!.
had we never had the nine years of Clark/Cullen mismanagement and election bribes, the countries economy may have been in a position to facilitate some broadening or our export income base.
think a little more carefully at the election on 20th Sept, it is going to determine the economic future of all the six and seven year olds in the country; i.e. probably your grandchildren.

Mismanagement? Paying down debt and establishing a vehicle (the super fund) that supports the aging population.
On the other hand, a shonkey govt that cut contibutions to the super fund, cut taxes, increasd debt and sold infrastructure..... Hmmm
Nice smile though.

I would rather know who DC's secret donor is. possibly one and the same.

This whole episode is really very disappointing to me.
There are people who will break both moral and legal precepts to gain power and people who support these actions.
Just all of you think what they may do to us all you if they get power!

"Get" power? But the National Party are already in power ...

Cunliffe, and to a lesser extent, the media, are cowardly hypocrites.
"Whaledump" twitter account was set-up in advance of Hagars book that came out six weeks before the election. It seems this is a carefully orchestrated smear campaign by the Labour/greens.
Why am I not surprised?

Letting people know what National ministers and staff have been up to apparently equals a smear campaign. It wouldn't be possible to smear with that if the substance wasn't something sticky and apt to be smeared.

We all know that politics is a dirty business and you only need to look at the personal attacks that Labour has lead over the term of this parliament to know that we are getting a very one sided view here. It would be interesting if Slater was to release some of the emails he has received from Labour MPs and staffers as well. You have to remember in all of this that both the hacker and Hagar have a particular political bias here and are not interested in fair reporting of 'dirty politics'.

It really goes to show we need to fight this cancerous type of carry on in New Zealand. A good chance to highlight how shameful and dishonourable this stuff is.

Might also be time to do away with such misleading titles as "The Right Honourable" too, from the looks of things. If these folk were consumer goods they'd be in gross violation of the Consumer Guarantees Act.

There seems to be a massive double standard here. The police were not allowed to prosecute the would-be terrorists in the central NI because much of the evidence turned out to have been illegally obtained (because of poorly written legislation). Even though the would-be terrorists appeared to have been practicing the use of weapons and explosives, with potential deadly consequences.

Yet many journalists and politicians and others are happy to use illegally obtained emails to advance their interests.

Let's have one law for everyone. Illegally obtained information is lot legal evidence.

Deja vu or deception?

John Banks:"I've done nothing wrong so why would I resign?”
Jason Ede (will say before the end of Aug): "I did nothing wrong why would I resign?”

Richard Nixon: I had no prior knowledge of the Watergate operation.
John Key: I had no prior knowledge of Kim Dot Com before January 20