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Handbags at dawn: Mallard, Norman in Twitter spat

Does Labour's Trevor Mallard have the quiet but forceful diplomatic skills to be Speaker?

Well, who knows. But yesterday he showed he can still dish it out on Twitter - although many would say Russel Norman got the better of this exchange, which began with the Green Pary co-leader reminding Mallard it was Labour who signed off on Novopay.

Labour and the Greens might be partners in a future MMP government, but don't look for Trevor and Russel to hold hands any time soon.

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Comments and questions


Like Sideshow Bob & his brother Cecil on the Simpsons, slapping each other about who gets the top bunk in the prison cell.

Brilliant! Sub-head #3 jousting with head# 2 in a game of "gotcha".

There's plenty more dirty laundry to be aired. Pass the popcorn...

I hope Norman rubs Mallard's nose in the 10,000 homes a year fairytale Labour are spouting - without any details what so ever... And in return Mallard calls Norman on printing money to get out of debt and why a PhD thesis on the Alliance Party is not credentials for a tilt at finance minister. Let alone being anywhere near credibility levels to run the entire country.

The four-headed monster starts the cannibalistic feast with a few tentative nibbles...

...wetting the apetite 4 the main course; national rump steak