Harawira scolded by Ngapuhi elder

A Ngapuhi elder says Maori Party MP Hone Harawira should stop playing the race card and get the chip off his shoulder.

"I want to tell him 'we sent you to Parliament to speak on our behalf and not to behave like an idiot'," said David Rankin, a relative of Mr Harawira.

"Remember Hone, your grandfather was a Pakeha."

Mr Rankin, speaking last night on TV3's Campbell Live, said Mr Harawira's original name was Hone Hatfield.

Mr Harawira has caused a controversy by saying in a weekend newspaper interview he would not feel comfortable if one of his children had a Pakeha partner.

Prime Minister John Key jumped on those comments yesterday, describing them as unfortunate and ridiculous.

But Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples said the remarks weren't racist and probably mirrored the feelings of many people.

National MP Tau Henare said he wouldn't mind if one of his children dated a Pakeha.

"I don't care who my daughters comes home with as long as they've got money," he joked.

High profile blogger Ben Gracewood weighed in with "I wouldn't date Hone Hawariwa, because I'm prejudiced against idiots".

Mr Henare said his mother and grandmother were "as white as driven snow".

"I mean it's the 21st century for goodness sake, the guy needs to pull his head in."

Mr Henare said Mr Harawira seemed to have a problem with Pakeha people in general.

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Look at who Hone's mother is........... no wonder he has the views he has toward the European and agreed that "some" European's are responsible for terrible acts in the past and I am in no way defending them. My comment is that if we are going to move forward as a nation of many cultures and ethnicities Hone's comments are causing and/or maintaining the divide. He has to accept that he is now a public figure and needs to keep his prejudice's under wraps.


Did the readers know about the act of parliament protecting one Northland family?

A man and his son rowed off the beach during WWII and communicated with a Japanese submarine. To protect their extended family, Parliament convicted them of treason but then gave them their own act of parliament making it a crime to reveal their names, or anything that identifies them in any way.

Might be reason to hate New Zealanders, having something like that hang over your family, eh?. The best defence is a good offensive attitude?.


Helen Clark stamped all over her Maori MPs when they came out with stuff half as offensive as this. Why does Key not show some proper outrage to his coalition partner when they defend Hone's racism? Hone is entitled to his opinion but that does not mean he should not be slapped down


Well that explains it - HATFIELD!!! no wonder Hone is as mad as a snake, he's got that goddame Hatfield blood coursing through him.

You wait till I tell the rest of me McCoy hillbilly cousins that I've find me one them goddam Hatfieds hiding in a "n----r" down under in a little place called New Zealand.


Hubby and me had a great laugh watching Close Up
last night.

HATFIELD hahahahahahahahahaha


Come on down hillbilly ,bring your cousins cause you will need them.
Put the hangi down ,theres some pakehas coming for our dinner.


The sad part is that there is no respect for the childrens choices


I used to think the the moari party should dump hone. But after recent events it should definitely keep him and reap the rewards.


Congratulations NgaPuhi. The poisonous attitude of some of our people, mentors come leaders is destroying this country. When will these people see that the face of the world / New Zealand is not black, white, yellow, brown or any other colour. The face of the world is just " beautiful" no race no racism just people getting on with life. Man up Harawira your dog tucker.


coarse it would be different if da pakeha got one of his kids up da duff ah.


I think Peter sharples got it right.


Hone is proving to be the clown of parliment. Maybe his hat(field) is too tight causing brain fade. This idiot is determined to incite a civil war.


A reply for Hone!
Maybe he should dwell on this - I didnt write it but wished I had - well dont the writer!

A beautiful fairy appeared one day to a Maori outside a Welfare office.

"Good man," the fairy said, "I've been sent here by Prime Minister Key and told to grant you three wishes, since you just arrived in South Auckland from the Hokianga with your wife and eight children."

The man told the fairy, "Well, where I come from we don't have good teeth, so I want new teeth, maybe a lot of gold in them."

The fairy looked at the man's almost toothless grin and -- PING !-- he had a brand new shining set of gold teeth in his mouth!

"What else?" asked the fairy, "Two more to go."

Rangi now got bolder.. "I need a big house with a three-car garage on the water with eight bedrooms for my family and the rest of my relatives who still live up North.. I want to bring them all down here" --- and -- PING !-- in the distance there could be seen a beautiful mansion with a three-car garage, a long driveway, and a walkout patio with a BBQ in an upscale neighborhood overlooking a bay.

"One more wish," said the fairy, waving her wand.

"Yes, one more wish. I want to be like a real New Zealander with good clothes instead of these torn clothes. And I want to have white skin like the majority of New Zealanders" ---and --- PING ! -- The man was transformed - wearing worn-out jeans, a "Yeah Right" Tui T Shirt, and a baseball cap. He had his bad teeth back and the mansion had disappeared from the horizon.

"What happened to my new teeth?" he wailed. "Where is my new house?"

The fairy said:
"Tough s***, Rangi, now that you are a white New Zealander, you have to fend for yourself.."


What a very silly and stupid man he is - but remember most people thought Hitler was an addled idiot too ... such talk is dangerous and must be stamped on to stop potential heartache down the track from the innocents who believe this tosh.

What would Hone and Campbell say if it was reversed as in :

Harry says "I'm not letting one of my children get out and about with a Maori". We'd know that was racist wouldn't we? so tell me what is the difference?

Another point: what about his european ancestors? how about showing them a little respect, how do you think your grandmother would feel Hone? Apart from giving you a good smack around your impertinent ear, she'd be jolly hurt.


Really.You actually believe that.
Got any proof or is it just your racist nature and your hatred of someone with brown skin who makes an honest remark.You don't have to like what Hone says but he has the right to say what he thinks and if you find it offensive then its you that has a problem not Hone.


Maybe it's just his hatred of racists like Hone.


New Zealand really has to move on from this mindset of grievance and apology. Hone will never change as it is the only thing he's ever done. Leave him and race based laws and protocols far behind us and we'll all prosper.


yeah I remember Hone when he was like me we grew up in similar environments where seafood was plentiful forest food was next door, fishing was done with a single line and gardening to ensure our families survived the cold winters. We even had fruit trees.
Then the govt of the day decided to get rid of our forest and there dissappeared our backdoor butcher - they grew pine and that was the end of our river butchers as well - they bought in commercial fishing and our single line fishing became a long line affair with multiple hooks and you had to have a licence for this - prices went up on seeds for our gardens and we couldnt cope with the impending thought of starvation - so the innovative business orientated young people turned to growing a mock green plant that looked like a PUHA but tasted differently and had no health benefits, but the world wanted it because you could take it as a smoke and it left you with a satisfied feeling dispite your poverty - it was named the ELECTRIC PUHA.
One tree would grow nine feet in no time and the price you got for it was $4,500 so many of the local unemployed turned to this innovative way of earning and the best thing the tax man left you alone if you felt he didn't need to know about your business THERE WAS ONE CATCH - while the govt took away our only means of surviving they made this plant highly illegal and you could spend a lot of time in gaol at the tax payers expense - on top of that you could loose your land and house and youre kids would end up spending all winter in the cold or in a tent freezing their butts off, getting pneumonia costing again the tax payer more money for health subsidy - whew its a never ending crazy world this, but your govt created it. with no money no jobs, no food, no vegetables to grow, no fruits and eels or fresh water delicacies because the pines have polluted our rivers destroyed our land decimated our seashore the next best thing is steal to make living because poverty strikes humans of all races if the govt is rampant on selling our lands to corporates who don't contribute to the communities they leave decimated at the end of the day - Hone Harawira or John Hadfield as some profanely call him I admire him for sticking up for me a 63 year old solo dad with 4 kids all at primary, intermediate, and college in Central Auckland CBD.
I had to move here to the CBD because I wanted the best education for my children they deserve to stand alongside any true blue kiwi to one day be a part of this countries great future - guess what its all at the taxpayers expense this govt did all that I wanted to give them correspondence much cheaper, but the education dept wouldnt here of it. I even live in a high rise apartment and WINZ pays for it - I wanted to find a job - no employer wants a medical risk in his company so I'm stuck as a solo dad - Yeow


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