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Harawira warns Maori Party after winning by-election

Hone Harawira says the Maori Party is going to pay a high price now that he is returning to Parliament as the leader of his new Mana Party.

Mr Harawira won Saturday's Te Tai Tokerau by-election with a majority of 867 votes over Labour's Kelvin Davis, with the Maori Party's Solomon Tipene a poor third.

He said in his victory speech he was going to call Maori Party leaders Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples and "ask for a sit-down".

"I'm hugely pissed off with the Maori Party, make no mistake about that," he said.

"The price has to be paid by the Maori Party down the track, because the people need better."

He later told media he was thinking about getting together with the Maori Party to form some sort of alliance.

"After all, we clearly both support Maori interests," he said.

Mr Harawira said Prime Minister John Key had "thrown his weight" behind Labour and both the main parties were scared of his new Mana Party.

"Labour's been sucking off the Maori vote and the worker vote and the vote of the poor and the oppressed for many generations," he said.

"Their fear is that this is the start of the end of their control of that vote."

The preliminary results gave Mr Harawira 5611 votes, Mr Davis 4744 and Mr Tipene 1026.

Labour said Mr Harawira won the seat in the general election with a majority of more than 6000, and it had been slashed by 85 percent.

"Kelvin Davis was able to take on a Maori seat with one of the largest majorities and make it the most marginal Maori seat -- that's an amazing achievement," said Labour leader Phil Goff.

Mr Davis told NZPA the result was good news for all Labour's general election candidates in the Maori roll seats.

"It will mean a lot to them in terms of fighting their campaigns," he said.

"The Maori Party has been severely weakened and that bodes well for our candidates. I'm definitely going to stand again in Te Tai Tokerau and I look forward to locking horns again."

Dr Sharples told TV3 the result showed how dissipated the party's branches were in the electorate.

"They were Hone's branches and he had control of them...we're going to re-establish them, we have done already," he said.

"What has stood against us is the media, by calling it a two-horse race which made people think they had to vote for one or the other."

Mr Tipene said he had expected a better result, given the hard work he and his campaigners had put in.

Asked about disparaging remarks Mrs Turia made about him during the campaign -- she later admitted she had "stuffed up" by questioning his political abilities -- Mr Tipene said "it didn't help, to be frank".

But he said the party moved on from there and he was going to put his hand up to stand in Te Tai Tokerau in the general election.

Mr Harawira's aim now is to retain the Te Tai Tokerau seat in the general election and win enough of the party vote to bring several other MPs into Parliament with him.

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Comments and questions

I am hugely disappointed that people actually voted to put this man in parliament. Doesn't say much for the intelligence level of those that voted for him.

we are very intelligence supporters actually - we're so intelligent we can see through all you spineless passive aggressive ballheads.

if you are so smart, you might want to learn how to spell 'intelligent' in its first use of your comment

To Anonymous re your statement: "We are very intelligence supporters actually" - hmmm, excellent grammar there. Very "intelligence" clearly!

To the people of Te Tai Tokerau: It is sad to think that you have been so misinformed about the political value of Hone Harawira that you re-elected him. Have you not asked yourselves the hard questions of just what has he done for your Electorate since being in office? Why haven't you rationally considered his contribution to solving the very hard problems you face at home in the North (just compare your standard of living with Maori in other parts of the country)? What you have done is to keep someone in office who is has done nothing real to advance your cause, who abuses his office (remember Paris), and who is a lazy (must be, because nothing has changed there in years) racist that obviously doesn't think before opening his mouth. Is this who you want to represent you? If so, then unfortunately perhaps you deserve your fate...

Well said....

Hone is a real person, who stands for Maori people. He freshly activiates the principles of Treaty of Waitangi. He is saying truth and fighting to protect the rights of Indigious people. Why should Maori people so easily give away Nz to a party which even doesnt care the rights of Maori. TRUTH ALWAYS HURTS PEOPLE. BUT JESUS SAID THEIR IS ALWAY VICTORY IN TRUTH. JESUS CHRIST GAVE AWAY HIS LIVE FOR PEOPLE BUT STILL PEOPLE DONT PEOPLE THERE IS GOD. HONE IS A FREEDOM FIGHTER LIKE GHANDI.

My friend!

The tribunal was set up in 1975 and has been repatriating lands, fishery's and even multimillion dollar amounts for three decades now.

The time is coming when those who have received and been given stewardship over these lands and resources are going to have to give account to those to whom they should have been responsible for.

Lets not be caught into the incitement of emotional knee jerk reactions and look at the real issues here, like:

Why are there still thousands of young Maori people who have no idea they should be registering to their Iwi for their future share in settlements and investments?

and why are so many Maori youth going off the rails when their leaders have been given back access to such vast sums and resources??

I ask this, is Hone a freedom fighter or is he an agent of chaos who seeks to spread dispersion and confusion over the real issues that are threatening to rear their ugly heads to the detriment of those who have full stomachs?

Give me the Chinese any day! At least they come to New Zealand, they work hard, they don't beat up their kids and they take responsibility for their own lives. Many years ago I went to a high school that was 90% Tuhoi Maori, and most of my classmates went on the Bastion Point land march with that wonderful lady Dame Whena Cooper. They were all proud, lovely people who I enjoyed sharing my youth with. However, social engineering over successive generations has resulted in a predominant attitude of "blame" from many Maoris, and ultimately it is the Maori people (like Harawiras) who have to take responsibility for this. They don't see it but they are grinding their own people into the dust through a negative mentality of revenge and spitefulness. If my kids spit the dummy because they feel that they have been aggrieved I say to them "Yes, you may be right but its sometimes better to be happy than right. Get over it and get on with it. No amount of blaming other people and saying "poor me" will ever achieve anything". Unfortunately we now have generations of Maori who have this attitude instilled in them and it is a self-destructrive legacy that will now take many generations to change. I have Maori friends who are doctors, corporate leaders etc who want nothing to do with this insidious negative "Maori culture" that totally undermines the true essence of being Maori. True leaders don't look in the rear vision mirror, they look forward! So, to all those idiots who voted for Hone, I would be more than happy to swap you all for a bunch of hard working, positive Chinese immigrants who genuinely value what they have!

Its a worry that such a fascist is manipulating the Maori voters and misrepresenting Maori interest whilst dividing New Zealanders. Watch this space ...there's going to be trouble ahead ! His extremist views will lead to one country -divided not untied !

The country is already divided. Open your eyes.

ahhh...what country are you living in? because not only are we divided already, but it is what we need. we are not one people, there are maori and then there are pakeha + other. im not pakeha or "other" im maori and its my right to be who i am on the lands of my tupuna.

its tauiwi who have and are the manipulators.Maori have always had to compromise.good on you Hone.tino harikoa te ngakau,nau te toa o te pakanga nei,tino mamae hoki te ngakau me haere tonu tatou te iwi maori penei

you on the payroll too,sounds like it ,

who,s been dividing the New Zealanders The Government has been doing this for years dividing maori from pakeha, when we are all born and breed New Zealanders
The declaration of Independence states all New Zealanders

Title should say "In-fighting Maori vote in the only candidate no one else will work with"

This is a waste, while Hone maybe the voice of the outspoken extremist minority he is not ever going to get traction in parliment to be any use for his consituency.

We have to wait and see before we know if Hone represents an extremist minority. If Mana overthrows the Maori party in the Maori seats in the general election then it'll be clear that the Maori electorate prefers a combative style to a collaborative one.

I hope he includes his Mummy, big titty & little Hone I can see the headlines now

I'm sure he is still being breast fed.

one thing that Hone should know but chooses to ignore because it does,nt apply to him is that Mana is earned not demanded

hone has earned it - the people put you into power and they can take it away. we in the north dont see what ya'll see in the media, we see the real hone. he who has set up kura kaupapa maori, whare kura and soon whare wananga in the north. an entire media station Te Hiku as well as working with 3 of the biggest Iwi in tai tokerau. he has stood his ground on the issues greatest to maori - thats not just mana, thats mana maori.

maori Party had the opportunity to show the world that indigenous people can live side by side,that is until that brainless twerp hoodwinked my cuzzies.More kai moana for the cuzzies.but when it is depleted well its McDonalds and takewai's

Why does he still bleat oppression etc when with their share of the Fisheries they are using foreign ships with their lowly paid workers to catch and then process the fish off shore ?

Mr. Harawira's victory only tell us one news.
MAORIS ARE DISUNITED, their political future is bleak. They would better align with either the two big parties for a united New Zealand.

"Mr. Harawira's victory only tell us one news.MAORIS ARE DISUNITED"

Well duh! Isnt something new, genius. maori have been fractured forever, because we're so unique tribally and by rohe, even takiwa, that we dont need to be.

Reply to anonymous,
You are right, Mana is earned, not demanded, and I would say Hone earned it last night, people voted for him, or didn't you notice that?

the mana rascist party, what a sad day for nz,hhope your time in politics is ashort time,hone,your party should change its name to the,mummys party,cause you dont have mana.

C'mon Maori. Start reconising there is not a pure Maori in NZ that can call themselves as true Maori. Some of you may look brown and can therefore hide behind the so called Mana of the great Maori of the past, but it still does not entitle you to turn your back on we Pakeha. Be honest, if we had not put our input into creating our great country you could still be in grass skirts?

How unoriginal, grass skirts. If you are condoning the theft of another persons property by use of trickery and treachery by the church, the false reporting of the media and the greed of a people who considered themselves to be "CIVILISED" then beware of those educating themselves and preparing for the next generation of maori politicians.
By the way thank you for paying for our education, we will use it wisely when we come to power.

Well said if I may say so

It amazes me how condeming Hoani
It all started with the seabed and foreshore
Winston Peters has stated it was the immigrant settlers, Who is the Government running our Country, Australians immigrant settlers, Now were all halfcaste, just some of us dont know it, but we might look like a pakeha, but were a maori, we just need to learn where we came from first

Ha, unique tribally? Like every other tribal society i guess. People need to stop hiding behind race, and need to stop thinking that's the Maori's are oppressed. My mother is a nurse, as a nurse she will be passes over for: a male pacific nurse, a female pacific nurse, a male maori nurse, a female maori nurse, in that order. Just because she's white. It doesn't matter if she's better than other people, she will have a harder time finding a job, because of the colour of her skin and nobody cares, cos it seems you can't be racist against white people.

Wow, I find it hard to understand how a party that has such extreme views and will only be campaigning for the interests of a radical minority can be allowed into parliarment. Maybe it's time to head to Aussie like the rest of those with foresight - am so sad at how racist this country has become - when will 'part Maori' realise they are really no different than the rest of us trying to make our way in life? Maybe we need to form a white M### F%&$# party that looks after the rest of us - oh no, that would be racist wouldn't it?

I can't believe that a party which advocates apartheid has been elected to government in this country. When it happened in South Africa there was global outcry - this time around it's being instigated by the other side which apparently makes it ok??? What a load of rubbish! As for all of these "I am Maori" comments, you seem to forget that every single one of you has Pakeha in there too. Get a grip!


I am Tanga te whenua of European origin. Maori lost the right to use any other term when my descendant of 5 generations past, died.

The problem with most Maori is they don't care for the spirit of the treaty and they allow themselves to be ripped of by their leaders who incite racism while they leverage the capitalist system with their 'pakeha' business associates from around the world, to line their own pockets. They drive brand new holden's and live in the lap of luxury.

Meanwhile the average Maori is sitting on the dole at taxpayers expense in complete ignorance of what is transpiring in treaty settlements and iwi investment, thinking that everyone with white skin has ripped them off! this is encouraged and indulged by shifty political rapscallions like this man , The common Maori actually believes his lot in life is underclass, further more he somehow thinks it has something to do with the treaty.

The latest breed of rapscallions just happen to be the Maori politician.

Nice work Honi! all the best ripping off another generation and lining your own pockets, I severely doubt you are the man of integrity and justice to change anything but your bank balance.

We aleady had a Winston Peters First, Second and Third Party now we have a Hone and Titiwhai Party

Harawira has been cast from the hate-filled racist mould of his mother. We know Hone's true feelings toward Pakeha New Zealanders so to those that voted for him, shame on you all. You have learned nothing from the experience of your own people, you have simply become the abused wishing to become the abusers.

When I was a teenager the name Harawhira was infamous and synonymous with bashing mental patients!!

Plastic Maori..........fake race.

errr.. how about some FACTS

1) Most people seem to have completely forgotten about the yet to be counted Te Tai Tokerau 1,916 ‘special votes’.

So – at this stage any talk of Hone Harawira’s majority is arguably premature.

At the moment his majority is 867 over Labour’s Kelvin Davis – but with nearly 2000 votes to be counted – it is highly likely to end up being far greater than that.

2) Voter turnout. Most people have missed counting the ‘polled’ votes with the ‘special’ votes.

Counting both – the voter turnout in the Te Tai Tokerau 2011 by-election was 41.36%.

Which is significantly more than the voter turnout in the 2011 Botany by-election – which was 36.44%

3) Drop in electorate voter turnout.

Comparison between the Botany and Te Tai Tokerau 2011 by-elections:

Hmmmm………. fascinating that no one else that I know of appears to have discovered this rather significant statistic?

a) In Botany 2008 – the electorate voter turnout was 76.29%

In the Botany by-election 2011 – the voter turnout was 36.44%

(A drop in voter turnout of almost 40%)

b) In Te Tai Tokerau 2008 the voter turnout was 63.25%

In Te Tai Tokerau 2011 the voter turnout was 41.36%

(A drop in voter turnout of almost 22% )

ie: The drop in % voter turnout in the Botany by-election was almost double that of Te Tai Tokerau?

4) Comparison between electorate vote majorities of winning candidates, for Botany and Te Tai Tokerau.

a) 2008 Botany election – Pansy Wong 10,872 majority over Labour’s Koro TAWA

2011 Botany by-election – Jami-Lee Ross 3,972 majority over Labour’s Michael WOOD.

Majority ‘slashed’ by 6,900

b) 2008 Te Tai Tokerau election – Hone Harawira 6,308 majority over Kelvin Davis

2011 Te Tai Tokerau by-election – Hone Harawira 867 majority over Kelvin Davis

(1,916 special votes yet to counted.)

Majority ’slashed’ by 5,541

5) Comparison between total number of votes cast for winning candidates, for Botany and Te Tai Tokerau

a) 2008 Botany election – Pansy Wong 17,382

2011 Botany by-election – Jami-Lee Ross 8,352

Vote ‘slashed’ by 9,030

b) 2008 Te Tai Tokerau election – Hone Harawira 12,019

2011 Te Tai Tokerau by-election – Hone Harawira 5,611

Vote ‘slashed?’ by 6,408

(EXCEPT 1,916 ‘SPECIAL’ VOTES HAVE YET TO BE COUNTED) _____________________________________________________________________________________

Comparison of NZH headlines:

John Armstrong NZH – Botany

“Botany byelection loss holds silver lining for Labour Party”

John Armstrong NZH – Te Tai Tokerau

“Risky tactics leave Hone bruised” __________________________________________________________________________________________________

You can try putting your ‘spin’ machine into turbo drive – but those are the FACTS.

Kind regards, Penny Bright

So, after all that, what's your point?

The speaker thought an MP wearing a rugby jersey was lowering standards in the house, but they will allow at racist foul mouthed scumbag like this in.
There will be no respect for Govt. if this allowed to continue.

I wish, someone would just jam a big, fat kumara down this clown's ugly gob.


If there's any reason for Kiwis to get rid of MMP the now is it!! The idea of minorities having a say was great in theory but never worked in practice; because the minorities end up dictating! Harawira and his bunch of angry fruit loop followers represent a dangerous but growing fringe of "local terrorists" who need to be stamped out like a bad virus. It does worry me that there enough "chip-on-the-shoulder" idiots who would vote for such a fool! Anyway, I for one will be voting FPP and let the majority rule!

If there's a good reason to get rid of the maori parliamentary seats, now is the perfect time. There's no way someone like Harawira would be in parliament if he had to run like everyone else. This election is the time for a referendum on the issue - Hatfield might have done us all a favour.

Yea I remember it was Carrington Hospital,
Titiwhai and her guarddog son Hone where right at the centre of it. Beating up on defenceless mental patients.

Yes, the Harawiras have always been a Feral bunch!

The comment about the Harawira,s, There are Harawira,s in the North and South, And we all belong to the one feral family

Well there we have it folks, good ol dirty little New Zealand!

Held to ransom by professional beneficiaries and violent thugs who bash the disabled and incite racism.

Lynch mob anyone?

It will remain to be seen how Mr Harawira will go as a party leader. Many have come and gone and their parties are now only historic footnotes.

One observation though, in total, slightly more people have voted against him than have voted for him (pending special votes), so it is hardly a resounding mandate from the Northern tribes? This seems something that a wise man would do well to remember.

Nice one start out by "WARNING" another party ... nice skills bro you are the man.... (you have no idea do you)

- prediction gone by Nov 27

Every Maori in this country has roots from other cultures, Mr Hatfield himself should understand this but rather than embrace it as something unique its easier to discard it - as Bob Marley said if you don't know where you came from how will you know where you are going too....

Well racism is alive and well in Aotearoa! Most of these comments do nothing to improve race relations. Shameful!!

Im glad to see Hoani got in with his 6000 votes even through 84 votes were slashed
We hope that Hoani can help us fisher people in the south Island and in bluff against the Government and Mfish because this is our livelyhood, instead of the Government sending a bunch of scentist to check out our waters in Bluff, Is it for sustainability, or seeing our much quota they can take and still maintaining Customary rights,? What are they really up too?. These are our waters our kia moana,
Customary rights are Customary Law, and Customary Law is Common Law, This is our human resources including the Water and food without it we have nothing right all around the New Zealand
So now we can see why Hoani Harawira didnt go with the Maori Party and the Government on the seabed and foreshore
Who gets payed for the mining, Does the people get payed in there little towns for the mining? I wonder, If only the Minning offshore Companies get paid first, and then our New Zealand Government and what do people get, Nothing I bet,