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Harre to stand against Key in Helensville

Internet Party Leader Laila Harre will stand in John Key’s Helensville electorate, the Internet Party said in a statement this evening. 

Mr Key holds Helensville with a 20,066 majority, making it one of the safest seats in the country.

The Internet Party leaders' strategy is not so much to win the seat as embarrass the PM. She says she wants to debate Mr Key at candidate meetings in his own electorate "away from his army of spin doctors."

“I'll be asking him to explain his Government’s relationship with Hollywood and Sky City. I’ll be asking him to tell us what’s in the TPPA he is negotiating behind closed doors and to open the books on our intelligence relationships,” she says. 

Ms Harre is also first on Internet Mana's combined list, putting her in contention to enter Parliament if Mana leader Hone Harawira holds his Te Tai Tokerau electorate.


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Comments and questions

How do either Key or Harre actually represent a small town neither of them live in?

Maybe Colin Craig should switch from East Coast Bays to Helensville. Then at least there could be a land banking discussion. A local issue for you. Mr Craig's proposal to nationalise land if property specators sit on it could well scare the horses more than Internet Mana.

The Helensville electorate is just not a small town electorate ..... it spans all the way down though Kumeu to where I live in Hobsonville !

Mr. Key will be shaking with fear, or perhaps mirth.

The Five Eyes Secret Intelligence Services deals like TPP for instance, actually don't represent any voters on the planet, could this be a clue?

Politicians should have to live in the area they represent, otherwise they do not genuinely feel concerned for their constituents.

"Ms Harre says she wants to debate Mr Key at candidate meetings in his own electorate "away from his army of spin doctors.""

Shouldn't she be putting forward her party's policies instead of going for some sort of contest of left-wing "gotcha" debating points. It's all about her isn't it.

Laila has been spinning so much about and with her benefactor KDC she does not know the difference between spinning from spanking any more. Spare us more of this charade, please!

Well I'm not dumb,
but I can't understand
why she walked like a woman
but campaigned for that man
Laila, la la la la Laila.

Laila a lady of many guises, capriciously flitting from one political party to another. She'd make a good mobile sales rep for CarpetOne; Toyota Corolla and carpet bag in tow.

Don't both of them live in Epsom?

all about publicity/exposure - nothing more.. and that's actually a problem for the establishment.

the disaffected [who are surely the only ones who could vote for Harre's misfits] will revel in any media glorification of their comic-strip personalities.

brain-dead kids will love that - & there are a lot of them

Ms Harre simply wants to embarrass Key as much as possible. Same old Alliance protest nonsense.Nothing constructive ever. What policies are behind this party apart from an attempt to avoid extradition of the large founder-funder?

She is just hoping for a few news cycles to raise her profile.

I do like the idea that she will be taking him to task over his alleged interest in wealthy foreign interests.

Maybe she will be asking him why she can only manage to get 3 million from foreigners to help her repeated efforts in politics.

Actually, it's another deft political stroke. Key wants to phone his electorate campaign in from his nationwide party vote HQ (aka the Beehive).

Harre in his sandpit will be an effective fly-in-the-ointment distraction that Key will have to deal with at the expense of time he would otherwise spend jovially kidding Kiwis into thinking they're rich.

A very good move and one that will be welcomed by all Kiwis seeking honesty and transperancy in govt.