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Henare calls it quits

National list MP Tau Henare has joined the exodus of those leaving Parliament in the September election.

He has tweeted this morning:


He becomes the 13th National MP to resign in recent months.

Mr Henare, 53, was first elected to Parliament as a New Zealand First MP in 1993 as the member for Northern Maori.

He was the party’s deputy leader and briefly led a breakwaway party, Mauri Pacific, in 1998 after he and other NZ First Maori MPs decided to stay in Prime Minister Jenny Shipley’s coalition government.

Mr Henare was the minister for Maori Affairs from 1996-99 in the National-led government.

He was not elected in the election that put Labour in power and also failed to win election again in 2002 as a lowly-ranked National list candidate.

He was successful in 2005 as 29th on the National list and has been re-elected in two subsequent elections.

His career has been marked by controversy and a confrontational approach to his political opponents.

He says after five terms and 15 years, it is time to quit.

Comments and questions

Retire on a gold plated taxpayer funded pension scheme for MPs, plus free travel, etc ...

Restores my faith in the National list ranking process.

Good onya Tau!! with all of your entitlements your monthly salary will probably not change, and the Westie has made good, and he doesn't have to get up in the mornings, but I'll let you into a secret Tau, the Mrs will drive you nuts!!! so shout yourself a new Rod n Reel!! nice Flounder at the bottom of the Peninsular when I was a kid!!
Another Westie!!

A shame that a politician who probably basically meant well could behave so boorishly.

Henare's chairmanship of the Maori Affairs Select Committee due to make recommendations to parliament was shocking. He was reportedly more than helpful to claimants he appeared to know and rudely cut short those raising well-informed objections.

Apparently he didn't want to hear their views.

So much for our democratic processes. But who believes we still have these?

No much different from see-no-evil John Key - talking with his head in the sand about this looming problem of Communist Chinese backing proliferating investments in NZ farms and houses - a concerning buying push into New Zealand.

We are indeed becoming tenants in our land. Key's reply to the media this morning was absolute rubbish- sheer obfuscation and bu**sh**.