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RICH LIST 2014: World’s wealthy opt for more growth

The NBR Rich List’s select group of internationals – people who have made New Zealand their alternative home – have shared mixed fortunes in the past year. While Russian Alexander Abramov’s steel fortune has shrunk further, his business activities have stepped up.

By contrast, American investors Julian Robertson and Bill Foley have enhanced their net wealth after another year of strong gains on Wall Street.

British aristocracy’s Henrietta, Dowager Duchess of Bedford, has also seen her property and horse breeding operations increase in value, as has movie mogul James Cameron’s rural interests in Wairarapa. 

All are among those defined as “high net worth individuals” in the 18th annual World Wealth Report, compiled by Cap Gemini and Royal Bank of Canada.

Their number increased by 1.76 million since the 2013 report and their collective wealth grew nearly 14% to reach a record high of $US56.62 trillion. The 15% increase in number was the second largest since 2000. 

They took on a more global mindset in early 2014, allocating over one-third (37%) of their assets outside of their home region, up from one-quarter (25%) the year prior 

There was a clear shift toward growing fortunes as well, as they reduced their focus on wealth preservation from 45% to 28% in favour of growth, the wealth report says.

Billionaires are being created at a faster rate in Asia Pacific – up 18% annually – than in North America – up 17% – but the latter is still the wealthiest region with $US14.88 trillion, just ahead of Asia Pacific’s $US14.20 trillion. 

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