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House of Cards pushes MediaWorks' on demand service

MediaWorks says the popularity of Netflix series House of Cards has driven consumers to 134,500 downloads of its 3NOW catchup service.

The broadcaster has made the whole first season of the US political drama available on its new app since its launch in late February. The app makes MediaWorks TV shows available online via smart phones, tablets and smart TVs. 

The show is the No 1 3NOW programme, with more than 110,000 streams to date.

MediaWorks director of interactive, Siobhan McKenna says feedback has been encouraging and users have said the app delivers quality and innovation.

The app's features include extra exclusive video content, social media integration and the ability to manage data consumption.

In contrast TVNZ’s Ondemand app, launched early last year racked up 147,000 downloads in its first month of release.

TVNZ’s is currently working on a rebuild of the app and has recently poached Telecom’s head of voice, messaging and media, Jason Foden to lead the project.

3NOW Top 10 (February 24 - March 9):
1. House of Cards  (110,000 streams)
2. Big Brother Australia
3. Jono and Ben at Ten
4. The Blacklist
5. The GC
6. 7 Days
8. CSI
9. Sons of Anarchy
10. 3 News 6pm Bulletin

UPDATED: TVNZ has provided its top ten Ondemand shows for the same period for comparison -its top show Shortland Street racked up 464,879 streams. 

1. Shortland Street (464,879 streams)
2. Home And Away (231,105 streams)
3. Coronation Street (105,731 streams)
4. The Bachelor Australia (89,117 streams)
5. Peppa Pig (80,818 streams)
6. Masterchef New Zealand (71,772 streams)
7. The Big Bang Theory (70,746 streams)
8. Step Dave (61,294 streams)
9. Revenge (58,592 streams)
10. Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D (55,903 streams)

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