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'House n-----' comment prompted Sharples to attend hui, Harawira says

Hone Harawira says his “house nigger” comment on Facebook prompted Maori Party co-leader to change his mind and attend the Maori King’s national hui on water.

Dr Sharples has told media he will now attend, but has not credited Mr Harawira with changing his mind.

Mr Harawira, refused to apologise for his comments, made on Facebook, but – his brag about changing Dr Sharples’ mind notwithstanding – claimed they were aimed at Prime Minister John Key, not Maori Party MPs.

“I didn’t call anybody a house nigger. My comment was about how John Key treats his Maori MPs,” Mr Harawira said on TVNZ’s Breakfast today.

“They’re intelligent people. Intelligent enough for him to put them in his cabin. He should let them make up their own mind whether they’re going to go or not.

“He shouldn’t be treating them like he’s a plantation owner in Alabama in the 1950s.”

Asked if separatist agenda, Mr Harawira responded:  “Last night I was watching The Block and this Pakeha guy dropped the F word. I checked, [there was] not a peep about that.”

Ironically, the two couples who appeared less than happy about getting $0 and $11,000, respectively, for their two months' work on the Julie Christie reality show as their house auctions stalled were both of mixed ethnicity.

“How come when I use a word ... New Zealand needs to mature," Mr Harawira said.

"I’m not the first to use the N word in this country and I won’t be the last to use it on television.”

Who can say the N word?
Breakfast’s English host Rawdon Christie asked, “If I used it would it be offensive?”

Mr Harawira replied, “Quite possibly. So try not to use that word.”


RAW DATA: Hone Harawira's comment on Facebook:

"What's the bet that Tari and Pete cop so much flak from Maori for saying that they're not going to the hui on water - that they find some reason to change their mind and say they're gonna go now (or send Te Ururoa). Knowing how the Maori Party works, they'll have to clear it with John Key first though," he wrote.

"Time John Key realised a few home truths like (1) he can tell his little house niggers what to do, but (2) the rest of us don't give a sh-t for him or his opinions!"

Comments and questions

Hone is having a lot of fun with the asset sales - but not as much as Rio Tinto and Norske Skog, trying to game the delay to squeeze massive power bill reductions from state-owned. power companies. They are the real mishief makers.

no wonder kiwis white , maori are leaving in droves when little men with delusions of granduar are even allowed to be in politics after many outrageous comments only a maori could get away with. what a disgrace

More Maori leave the better.

mate, thought you were talking about John Key there:)

When you're irrelevant with even less credibility and worth to NZ Inc, surrounded by the "brilliance" of the likes of Minto & Bradford - shrilling obscentities and racist remarks is all he can do to appear to be credible and effective.

Perhaps this plastic, homoginised, white mother****** Maori would get more respect from the NZ public if he tried to hold his breath underwater for a fortnight.

It would benefit NZ Inc, give him some Mana and something worthwhile to do with his time - instead of wasting valuable oxygen... and get him some worthy media coverage finally...

I saw this interview and Rawdon just sat there pallid, like he'd been sick a little in his mouth. We need Paul Henry back. Now.

Lucky you're not a pakeha eh Hone? Boy would you be in trouble.

Big racist comments from a person whose DNA is about 95% Caucasion.Wonder why he is so sick and race biased to most people.To think the only reason he gets away with such racist statements ,now and in the past,appears to be that Joris De Bres is afraid to confront him. In case people are not aware who De Bres is.Well believe it or not he is meant to be the Race Relations Concillator. Seems he was fast out of the blocks and still is if anyone other than Harawira speaks out.Can think of a few Say Paul Holmes ,Andy Haden etc,etc.Wonder why that is.

Are you sure ,the man named is De Bres,did you mean De Freeze.

You would be dead right about the caucasion comment ,try John Hadfield as his name.
As I understand it this Mr De Bres is dead in the water -- as I understand it his term is up this month. With a name like that I would like to know which New Zealand hospital he was born in, sounds more like a dutchman or south african to me -- who would have appointed him in the first place let alone pay him with taxpayer dollars

The great thing about Hone is he lives in Northland and can do f**k all about changing NZ. He simply preaches to the converted in his own little backa*se country backwater where his mana increases only cause those of his supporters who can read (when their not pi**ed or stoned) enjoy the inflammatory comments that the media jump on.

Its a pay cheque for him, otherwise he would be back on the chain at Moerewa.
Having been born and raised in the far north in the 40's-50's-60s I can remember when he started to turn up at Waitangi on 6th Feb and jump up and down with his tongue hanging out ,complete waste of taxpayers money

A marae eunuch - that's Hone.

And he knows it.

He has the effect of all you people rushing to post your comments, so in that regard he is effective, he's visible and people listen to what he says, what more do you want from a politician??

that they talk sense would be a start ...

Wrong, no one listens except a few kumera boys north of Victoria Valley

For the record, and despite I can't immediately see where I would have any common philosophical or political tenets to Hone (certainly not economic, as he believes in the free lunch), unless he has self-determination in his contradictory mish mash somewhere, but, for the purpose he used the 'n' word, from it's historical context, I thought it was quite apt. It conveyed precisely what he meant, and he was certainly deliberate in that. There was a great interview on one of the TV channels, where he was interviewed on this where he gave it's derivation from Oklahoma, with reference to Key as a plantation owner in a way that was both clever and witty.

No one would dispute a novelist's right to use the 'n' word for aesthetic effect, so why shouldn't a politician be allowed to use it for political effect if it expresses, precisely, what he wants to convey?

I've restated my above comment better here.

And for those who jump on the spam-bandwagon just because I've provided a relevant link, note the use of the words 'grown-up' in my post.

(Okay, 'dislike', 'dislike', 'dislike').

What would be said if we started a European Party.

See, that's where Kiwis don't seem to understand a principle anymore. It would only be discriminatory if no Pakeha, etc, were allowed to join, or vote for Mana. And that's not the case: anyone can join, or vote.

That's quite different to setting up a party that is to push a set of issues relating to a single group, which there is nothing wrong with. Indeed, if that wasn't allowed, there would be valid gripe: there's not.

And who said the European Party would exclude anyone?

Ah so! the rittle N`----R Boy isa rike stoopid
All the Whirle we watcha and a waita for us to taake the land froma
da Mooori
We watching you ..Yerrow Power ! notta the Blakka Power


So let me see if Hone makes any sense - to have house *iggers, the rest of Moaridom has to be *iggerdom?

Tho not supporting the asset sell off, the statement "New Zealand needs to mature" leaves me puzzled. Oh, so we all need to start acting like adults and use words like n**ger, white mother f**ker, and sh*t in our every day vocabulary do we? Yes very grown up Mister Harawira. Not.

What else would you expect from a person with *igger blood in him?

There's nothing wrong with n*ggers, every white man should own a few.

You're about 100 years off Hone. Slavery ended in the United States in 1865....

No comment on your use of the n-word.

Hone obviously still feels like a slave - of the *igger variety.

Hone - get a life.

Why does this Harawira buffoon get any air time?! Oh yeah, sensationalist media companies selling advertising space. C'mon
Media, this guy is nothing more than a glorified house boy playing lip service to his stupid mother. These muppets should start supporting themselves. Harawira is obviously happy with all the tax payer handouts he receives, including his salary. Where is the Mana in that?! What a loser. Hone you are a dumb loser. Own that.

why ask a question and then answer it yourself? Dumd ass. Your the loser, own that.

Yes, Hone "Chip on the Shoulder a Mile Wide" Harawira obviously has an Unresolved Oedipus complex, and he is subliminally referring to himself with the reference 'House Ni**er" describing the destructive relationship between his criminally convicted "Massive chip on the shoulder psycho" mother and himself. Hone has no mana and is nothing more than entertainment value. His childish antics only reflect poorly on his Whanau and Maoridon in general. Pakeha - please note that Hone does NOT respresent Maori and he is just another circus clown with a massive chip and a major psych problem inherited from his Mother.

To Anonymous,
We don't need a European party. What we ..DO.. need is to get rid of these so called Maori seats where a group of un-elected.. half and bit breed parasites.. feed off the New Zealand taxpayers.

Whilst they snipe and continually demand special treatment at the expense of all New Zealand taxpayers. Its time for all decent New Zealanders to ask their politicians where they stand on this electoral duopoly. If they are too gutless to change it, lets get rid of them.

Isn't the National Party the European party?

I remember john key stating at the last election that the Maori seats were an anomaly ,so our family voted for his party, we are deeply disappointed in this man.

Unfortunately Sharples has just proved Harawira's comment correct - except the house in question is Maori activism to which he has kowtowed.

I'm pulling all my money out and going elsewhere, where they don't endorse racism and let minority groups blackmail the majority holding the nation back from moving forwards.

So Hone Harawira is a white man pretending to be Maori, while Winston Peters is a Maori pretending to be a white man. What say we get rid of both of them?

The best way to merge then would be to drop one of them on the other from the top of the sky tower...

I kinda like him. Says what he means. Doesn't mince his words. Has a point.

@36 Sure has ,it sticks out of his skull.

Every morning when harawira looks in the mirror, he knows he's one of the n*ggas. After all his ancestors were n*ggas too.

Might be time for a Treaty claim going the other way that Maori are not acting in good faith as demonstrated by their consistent tendency not to pull their weight.

Just a jumped-up little racist with a chip on his shoulder.

Harawira showed his class beyond doubt by wearing his tie folded over on itself, something that is straight from the 70's.....only 40 odd years behind the 'game' Hone...classy aye!! I am agrieved at my tax dollars going toward paying an absolute racist muppet such as Harawira. He adds nothing to the political scene other than devisive, racist outbursts which this country can well do without. This is not democracy at work, it is nothing more than politcal correctness in its worst form. Hone, you are nothing more than a big, bully, with an IQ which "would'nt get into even double digits..on a hot day" Another word, stay away from the constitutional review Hone. Yes I know constitution is a wealy big werd......

The best thing about Hone being a Maori is that he will only live another 13 years as he is 57 now with a life expectancy for Maori men of 70. He is dividing this nation and building anti-maori sentiment to the detriment of his own people. Unfortunately he IS representative of many in his electorate who are uneducated and ignorant. He is only ever tactical and not strategic for the welfare or wellbeing of his own people. Keep going Hone - you are digging a big hole.

Joris De Bres and the plotically correct co, Where are you now? One law for some, and another for the others. Stand up now to the racist loser Hariwera, or appologise right now to Paul Holmes and all the others you have hounded and ground down in the past. Come on. Or are you too chicken? Thought so you useless limp wimps.

Whats everyones view on the Maori water rights debates at the moment?
A friend who works closely with Maori iwi's says Maori should put a claim in for the wind. This being that power companies who use wind to generate power (through turbines etc) should pay maori a % of the sales made from wind power.

guess that would that include farts as well?
well why not, they could tax us a dollar or so everytime we pass wind!

Want to end this Gimmie Gimmie Charade ?? cut off all the welfare and they will soon be back to squabbling and eating each other ..end of story.

Great to see Kiwis waking up to this horrible n1993r. We need to all band together as a nation and stop the theif of our assets by Maori. These people have shown themselves to be unpatriotic opportunist criminals and they need to be treated as such. They only thing we should do for them is build more prisons to house them in.