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How Hager got it wrong on The Princess Party

One section of Nicky Hager’s book stated I had organised a Princess Party, and had dialogue from some unnamed people about getting girls drunk, with an implication I was part of that conversation.

I was not the organiser of the party, and was not a party to the conversation. Yet Hager published this as fact. It is reasonably defamatory as various people have smeared me over it.

I did attend a party in 2011 in Palmerston North held the day before a party conference. I was not the organiser. I invited two friends along, of similiar age to myself. Off memory it was called a Princess Party, because the Royal Wedding was occurring around then. As a Republican, I’m an unlikely organiser.


The e-mails have been released by Whaledump, and I quote from then below. I’m redacting the names of the participants, but of course the source e-mails are on Whaledump.

Name 1, 4/26, 12:02am

my email doesn’t get read


Apparently Pinko is the main driving force behind the Princess party

Now this e-mail is presumably why Hager thought I was the organiser. But he gets it totally wrong. They are laughing at the fact that someone thinks I am the organiser. This is the problem where you write a book on stolen e-mails, and don’t verify, fact check, or interview a single person for it.

One must note the irony of the comment about e-mails not getting read though :-)

Name 2, 4/26, 12:03am

well i was going to say i have cleared the field for you, given you the most likely targets and will get them drunk for you
Name 1, 4/26, 12:03am

he has invited [REDACTED] to it and to the one the next night
Name 2, 4/26, 12:03am

righto, good cleint recruitment

he asked if he can bring Name 3, which i said yes to

Yep, I got invited to a party, and invited two friends to it – both of a similiar age to me - one male and female. I had no role in the conversation reported in the book. Yet the book reports me as the organiser, and implies I was involved in the conversation.

If Mr Hager is doing reprints of his book, I would appreciate it if he could make the appropriate corrections.

And perhaps this is a lesson to everyone out there, not to take everything in the book at face value. If he has got this wrong, what else has he got wrong? Again this is what happens when you don’t verify anything or give people a chance to respond.

UPDATE: I actually blogged on the party in 2011. To quote me:

Had a very fun night in Palmerston North last night (a sentence which some might say was unlikely to ever be uttered by me) watching the Royal Wedding. Yes I’m a Republican, but I can still enjoy a good wedding. The dress code was tiaras for women and black tie for men.

It was a hilariously mixed group of people. Three out of the five Kiwiblog editorial team were in attendance, plus I’d guess half the Don Brash coup committee. A wedding can be a good uniter :-)

We also had members of the Monarchist League and Republicans, so it was a very good fun night. Debating the constitutional reform at 1 am is so much more tolerable after many bottles of champagne.

Somewhat sad that it was a party, and I’m debating constitutional reform at 1 am at it. Also a very different impression to what Hager’s book implied.

Political commentator David Farrar posts at Kiwiblog.

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Comments and questions

Rubbish, DF!! Ok, why don't you sue Hager then for defamation? Your attempt at distancing yourself from the 'organisation & control' of the party is worthy of JK himself. There was a time when the national party stood for values and ethics, with its members, however colourful, regarded as people of integrity and honesty. Sadly, now the national party exists solely to be in government. For what? Just so its acolytes and fringe dwellers can have a chance at the taxpayer trough? Shame!

So you will vote for Labour/Greens/Mana/Internet? Do you really respect KDC? And they will keep us stable as a country?

Gordon, did I say I would vote for the L/G/M-I?? Read & comprehend whatI wrote - the obvious implication is that now there is no differene between the parties!! BTW, on hwat basis do you belive that there is 'stability' in the country - we are still heavily dependent on raw commodity products without any vertical integration; & foreign purchase of land/property as a way of bringing in $$.

I'd say the National Party currently exists solely to keep the Labour/Greens/Mana losers out of government. That's one of the main reasons why everyone is voting for National, and why the hypocritical left (is there any other kind) has resorted to mudslinging.

Everyone??? Have your eyes checked Mr Magoo.

Although as the Whale says, "explaining is losing.....".

David Farrar

The best thing you could do would be to change your name or retire

Your history and connection to this nasty national sponsored gutter politics is too close for any future credibility

No one will believe you from now on

Instructive that you are more offended by this than the blatant misogynistic and rapey attitude of your friends towards young female members of your own party.

I'm not sure why you even bothered to read his book, or take it seriously.
Hagger's book based on illegally obtained emails, released in the name of 'public interest', is little more than a smear campaign timely released before an election. And a good little money spinner for Hagger.
Public interest? More like Hagger's interest, and dirty politics to boot.

It amazes me that no journalist is asking whether Hager was the hacker, directly or by one remove, two remove or whatever make believe outsource arrangement. It is to much to believe that purely by chance, in the run up to 3 elections, some kind hacker has provided Hager quite by chance with a nice big dump of emails so he can skewer the centre right. The latest variant is very clever - he is not allowed to release the actual emails so nobody can check if they are real or if the inferences drawn are fair,

It seems to me that all Hagars book has done is prove what everybody already knew. That is, the Slaters and Collins are lowbred whitetrash and are to the right what the hagars, harawiras and Schmitz's are to the left. *Yawn*


So for those of us in the middle both need to be cast adrift

What this saga has achieved is that the Slater/Collins/Act loony right is as bad as the loony left that everyone is scared of. That makes it even stranger that John Key has defended Collins the whole way and accepted the loony right as being ok - even if it is as damaging to NZ Inc as the Internet Man party etc - talk about hypocrisy

I hear you Doctor, but this election will see me support Jamie Whyte with my party vote, in the hope I am voting for a thinking man that cares not a whit about sector privilege but rather what is best for New Zealand, now and into the future. he will still have some work to do to bring ACT away from its mongrel history and back to its roots. I believe he can do it. Is that wishful thinking on my part?

Good on you John M., a party vote for ACT is a step toward sanity. And I wonder how long before someone bad-mouths me for saying that.

Mr Farrar. Will you state under oath for any inquiry, what you have stated above?

Come on ....The big fat German promised to end the National Government we can expect lies from all directions. Let's get rid of him!