Huawei fears over-egged? NBR readers' verdict

Tuanz boss Paul Brislen

NBR ONLINE readers agree with a leaked Whitehouse review: fears about Huawei are over-egged.

By a clear majority (61% to 39%), readers do not think the government should review the Chinese telecommunications giant's involvement in the $1.35 billion Ultrafast Broadband (UFB) project or the $300 million Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI).

Telecommunications Users Association head Paul Brislen is of the same mind.

Earlier he told NBR, as the US Congress Intelligence Committee report critical of Huawei came out, "I'm seeing mostly economic warfare mixed in with some good ole yellow peril and a smattering of technophobia."

Huawei NZ has strenously denied all claims of security risk, pointing to Congress' failure to produce hard evidence, and its own track record.

Voting was open to NBR ONLINE subscribers only between October 15 - 21.

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The Sino-trolls must have been up all night refreshing the "no" vote button


No doubt. Huawei was hitting that NO button as fast as the cookies could clear and that page would reload.


I guess the Xenophobes need to get their act together then.


Government review is a MUST. They should not ignore this just because of good commercial offer they have got from Huawei!! Everything happens for a reason these days and nothing comes cheap or FREE without paying for it some way or another. It should be treated like a virus sooner the better


Go buy Alcatel then.

Rainbow Warrior?


I do.

Tiananmen Square?




Rainbow Warrior was a terrorist act against NZ.

Likewise,the French trade blackmail to get NZ to release the terrorists.

Tells us all a lot about you.


No it was an attack against Greenpeace - a multinational corporation that expatriates most of the donations it receives in New Zealand to help stop global warming caused by China.

Don't you get tired of Sino-trolling instead of getting off your benefit and getting a job?


"over-egged" probably true.
However given a choice between product from a western commercial organisation as opposed to one that has the tentacles of military or communist party influence (i've spent half my life trading with and in China) I prefer to avoid giving money to regimes I dislike if at all possible.


2 degrees sims are very insecure.[huawei].
they have a very convenient hacker friendly wireless tag and this is readily employed by private investigators often working for police and government agencies.

whats that thing they have in some countries..?

lol, privacy laws, haha, not in aotoaroa though.

just the infinate govt backpocket deals, screw the citizens eh.


the americans are merely using national security as an excuse to block any chinese company from growing too big. HAHA where is the 'market freedom' the usa always say they support?


"Huawei probed for security, espionage risk" from CBS 60 Minutes


Now who do I trust ...

The Australian government who said "NO" to Huawei?
The US government who said "NO" to Huawei?


The Key government who has bent over so far that they can't even secure a WINZ kiosk?

Decisions decisions.


Security of information should be paramount for any information sharing system.

New Zealand is in a prime position that we have a lot of very skilled IT and Electrical Engineering professionals. We could develop our own systems or software based on any overseas hardware, where we have complete control over the communication.

The only problem is the contracts that have been let out to private corporates, that cut to the lowest price, therefore go for the lowest price hardware, ie: Chinese.

Reality is we could buy any hardware, and New Zealand IT professionals under the guise of internal affairs et el could write the operating system which controls it.

It is very easily accomplished, and cheap. It does not have to cost 100 million dollars, when you employ competent in-house professionals who are loyal to this country.

By the by, currently nothing is more secure than open source software. You take the best of current online security, and you adapt it to your methods and make it better, and release it.

The nature of open source is that it is available to the public. The security holes are available to the public, well the IT public worldwide. If you develop a useful system it will be the cutting edge system used world wide. So it will in turn receive maintenance by IT professionals world wide.

Open source is the bleeding edge of software security and always will be while one is using the bleeding edge software.


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