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I could drink Key under the table - Cunliffe

Forget trading jabs over the cost of baby bonus schemes - our two main political leaders are now embroiled in a sixth-form scrap about who can handle the most booze.

Prime Minister John Key downed several cups at Auckland's Big Gay Out over the weekend during a "beer pong" session.

This morning, the PM told the Herald he would "definitely" beat Labour Leader David Cunliffe at the drinking game. He said he would “definitely win” a game of beer pong against Labour leader David Cunliffe.

“Wouldn’t be any doubt about it,” the PM said.

Not be outdone, Mr Cunliffe told media he would win a beer pong battle against Mr Key.

"I could, I'm sure - if the moment arose - drink him under the table. I have body mass on my side," the leader of the opposition said.

It's going to be a long election. 

Comments and questions

An over-sized ego Mr. CunningCV does not equate to larger body mass - although you do win that category most certainly also.

In his race for one-up-manship against a true leader, trying to prove himself worthy - he's shot himself in the foot again - because out-drinking your opponent in a game of beer pong means you're the biggest loser at the game.

Get used to it Cunners & Labour - the election will have you crying into your cardboard cups and casks of Chardonnay!

Alcohol abuse is one of the most devastating issues in New Zealand families. What an absolutely terrible way to be an example to thousands of families that are broken into pieces due to this addiction.

No wonder our alcohol laws remain in the dark ages.

Too right it's going to be a long year - macho posturing from two supposedly mature politicians.

I reckon I could drink them under the table

Is that Helen Clark? I bet you could.

It would be really nice if some politicians entered the New Zealand political landscape with attritibutes beyond ability to drink alcohol.

What sort of juvenile comments for two national leaders to make
With all of the problems we have with alcohol in this country and the cost to the national economy in health and accident related fatalities directly related to alcohol I think they are both morons.

Body mass is good but "grey matter" is better and appears to be lacking in those who need it most!!

I recently signed to Copies "I'm In" campaign. I've read this moments ago. This is a dumb, time wasting, attention seeking, distraction. My God, how freaking puerile. They should both be ashamed! It shows just how dumb and shallow they think NZers are.
Get it together guys! We relying on you to prove your leadership and we like our leaders wise - "Grow.Up"

Grow up "leaders"! We want leadership and wisdom, not this bull from you both. Don't treat us all like idiots! It is insulting.

Bring out the Dos Gusanos and let them have a worm each, first one to pass out loses the election!

Normally someone who can drink another "under the table," does so because of high resistance that comes from years of heavy drinking. That is not exactly the quality one wants in a Prime Minister. Mr. Cunliffe should get help and stay out of politics until he does.

Sounds like we're in for a "Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble" sequel in 2014, both amateur lead actors are in character and know their scripts, an obvious time to give up their day jobs!

Why does Cunliffe feel he has to respond to anything and everything JK says? It's just ridiculous that he feels he needs to one-up JK on this and proves that anything that comes out of his mouth is just to try and get airtime and is unlikely to have any substance. Plus, a subtle jibe about sporting ability (which is ultimately what beer pong is) is very different to boasting about how much you can drink. Very poor Cunliffe - you've just proved JK's recent media remarks correct.

Doesn't anyone else have a sense of humour? It is 'tounge in cheek humour' earnest commenters, please lighten-up!

My thoughts exactly.

Kiwi's don't have a sense of humour....fact.

No wonder we have a drinking problem in this country when our so called leaders and elders - who are suppose to set examples - are showing such juvenile behaviour. Looks like my vote is going to be wasted if I have to choose between these two.

Time for them to grow up. The heavy drinking culture in this country is bad enough without them adding to the problem. Pretty childish in my opinion.


John key meant he would win due to the skill (throwing ping pong balls into the cups). Cunliffe mis-interpreted this in thinking JK meant he would win in terms of who drank the most beer.
Grow up cunliffe. Long live Sir Lord King John Key

Forget about MMP or FPP, it's beer pong battles this election

Good grief, lighten up guys - some of the comments on here are way over the top.

Neknominate Cunliffe

Just what we need, inebriated politicians with pet spy agencies.

It's almost tempting to vote Internet Party, just to have at least one person in the house who actually gives a toss about the privacy of everyday New Zealanders.

And all this as big tobacco is threatening New Zealand over plain packaging, while our politicians stumble forward into an ill-considered TPP that will enable foreign companies to sue the NZ govt for putting in place regulations that negatively affect them, including environmental.

What a shambles - aren't politicians supposed to know what they're doing?

Of course the Labour leader could, you name me a beneficiary/creator who can't perform such a feat, they are all seasoned swiggers!! while the Nats are all out far too busy making a quid.

What a unique way to present yourself to the electorate as the best person to be running the country...

End this PC nonsense. The members should get back to the bar and billards. An excellent cut to government spending should be to close the social medicine dept at Otago and Selmans branch office at Christchurch. Double the fees for arts and social science courses. Close a couple of law schools- Waikato and AUT and halve the first and second year intake into law at Auckland and Vic.