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Media agency Ikon founders resurface

Media agency Ikon’s founders have re-emerged after their shock departures last November.

Ikon Auckland managing partner Tom Davidson and Wellington managing partner Lee Parkinson were made redundant by the STW-owned agency.

The duo’s new agency, called The Family, will be a full integrated strategy and media agency with outposts in Auckland and Wellington.

The business is operational already and an arrangement with Bullseye media managing director Craig Spillane will provide The Family with accreditation allowing them to trade media space.

The agency structure is unique in that they are following the “John Lewis”model of ownership – whereby all permanent employees are partners and receive a equivalent payout each year depending on the agency’s performance.

Mr Davidson says the best talent are looking for more from an employer than just a paycheck and wants to be part of something that stands for more than the product or service they sell.

The pair were replaced by existing staff  Emma Bolser and Gerard Duignan who are general managers for Auckland and Wellington respectively.

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Comments and questions

Great News... although not surprising... these two talented individuals were always going to rebel against the global bullshit and do their own thing.
Congrats Tom

Great move for Tom, Lee and Craig – all brilliant operators.