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Internet Mana will pick up three seats — iPredict

Internet Mana will pick up three seats at the September 20 election, according to the combined wisdom of the 7000 registered traders on Victoria University's online predictions market, iPredict

Following the announcement of a formal alliance between the Mana and Internet parties, the combined Internet Mana Party is now forecast to enter Parliament with three MPs.  Despite this, a coalition involving Labour, Green, NZ First, Internet Mana and the Maori Party would still be short of the 61 seats required to govern

National would, however, require the support of all three of its current support parties — ACT, UnitedFuture and the Maori Party — in order to be able to govern without having to rely on Winston Peters’ NZ First Party.  

The newly announced Internet Mana alliance is expected to win 2.6%, up from their combined 2.1% as separate parties last week.  The Maori Party is on 1.0%, up from 0.9% last week.

Of major partiesNational is expected to win 44.68% of the party vote, up from 43.67% last week.  Labour is down to 28.71%, from 29.22% last week, while the Green Party is down marginally to 10.24%, from 10.54% last week.

Elsewhere, NZ First is expected to win 5.7% of the party vote, up from 5.6% last week. The Conservative Party’s forecast party vote is up slightly to 3.8% from 3.6% last week, although is short of the 5% threshold required for parliamentary representation unless it wins an electorate seat.  ACT is down to 2.3% from 3.4% last week and UnitedFuture is up to 0.5% from 0.4% last week.

Comments and questions

The dollar is dying. Digital currency all the way!!!

I hope Key has got Colin Craig's phone number!

Craig won't make it. Key will need Winston First's number and doesn't Winston know it !

Key has no political sense. He will not do a deal with Colin Craig. The 3.8% vote share is going to be wasted and Key will lose the election by couple of seats.

Time to counter and "gift" Conservatives East Coast Bays

At the same time Maurice Williamsons seat.

Time for Act/ Conservatives/ United to do the same type of deal that Dotcom/Mana did.By doing that type of formula all the votes will be used where they were intended .

Excellent point.

WInston is not looking particularly healthy. Im wondering if he will make it to the election or beyond....What a mess NZ first would be if were not able to lead it.

To late for John Key now, mate or no mates, 3mill is going to buy a lot of votes - the 'geeks' will figure out how to saturate the young with texts and though face book and twitter first -to vote and second to vote for them.
You anit never seen anything like this before!!!!

Have you forgotten Bob Jones did it in the mid 80's, to get rid of the Muldoon government. Money buys alot of things!

The main reason to get rid of this Muldoon government was it was more socialist than bigger business liked.

How ironic is it that the main reason to get rid of this Key government is that they have become too close to big business.

Key has forgotten who he was elected to represent. My opinion is this was never his agenda anyway, You cant hide the truth forever.

While I not a big fan of Dotcom, I share his objectives of getting rid of Key.

Fair comment Richard on Bob Jones, my comment was in terms of out come, the technique of using the ether/internet/technology to drive the young to actually get out and vote is the 'new' intitiatives, this is some thing we have never seen before certainly not on the scale it is about to occur. This will change all of the percentages that the polsters predict each party will get, with the gross number of voters actually rising signifficantly but not uniformly spread, all ticking the dotcom box.

And Yes John Key needs to go. he is, for Provincial NZ, the worst Prime Minister in 55 years - But more importantly what will be his legacy? a few new roads in Auckland, an Auckland Super City, and same sex marriage.
When looking back in 10 years time, what else will his two terms of government be remembered for?

Old Banksie must be so aggrieved he wont get any cup of teas

Bit sad NZ will never end up with who it voted for running the country - lotto has more certainty

Consider this, God may shine upon NZ on September 20th and National will have an all out win and get rid of MMP once and for all. That my friends would make history. Please all go to church on Sunday. Have a great weekend.

This is what happens when convicts bribe their way to residency.

Despite his protestations Key must be seriously worried about this new Anti-Key party.
In hindsight he surely must reflect on his dismissive and arrogant behaviour that has lead to this development.
May the best man win!
paleo martin

I think your IPredict pollsters are dreaming. There is still a lot of water to go under the bridge between now and Sept.
National are going down the drain. You just wait and see.

Anyone read history on the roman empire?

Its personal now & this was so predictable

Real businessman versus an ex corporate one - not an even $ bet

Key had his chance to dump MMP - not well thought through.....

Will Pam run away again if people are mean to her?

Surprised Chris F not part of this.....or is that next week

one can only pray but the chances of ousting the key haliburton serco and what ever other names they call them selves will be difficult indeed . one only has to look at who the company is that runs the logistics of our election