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Internet Party calls for elimination of coat-tail rule, denies hypocrisy

The Internet Party has launched an online petition calling for MMP's 5% threshold to be lowered, and the coat-tail rule to be abolished — despite the fact its election strategy revolves around the rule.

Leader Laila Harre denied here party were hypocrites, telling OneNews, "I didn't support first past the post but that didn't mean we didn't stand in first past the post elections."

As one half of the new Internet Mana, the Internet Party has the first, third and fourth places on the two parties' combined list.

If Mana leader Hone Harawira holds his seat, Internet Mana will need just 1.3% of the nationwide list vote to get a second MP, drawn from the Internet Party, into Parliament (the Internet Party has yet to finalise its list).

The coat-tail rule allows a party that wins an electorate seat to bring a second MP into Parliament if it wins 1.3% of the list vote.

In the Internet Party's case it could potentially create a public backlash as its alliance with Mana expires just six weeks after the election.

The party's MMP petition does not address such so-called "waka jumping."

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Comments and questions

What planet are they on

While I support the abolition of coat tailing, I oppose the radical reduction of MMP's five percent threshold- or indeed, any reduction of that threshold altogether. The threshold is necessary to prevent extremists from entering Parliament- and given the existence of the extremist social conservatism of the Conservative Party, I am disappointed that Internet-Mana is proposing this.

Planet "Dreamland" - go Kelvin Davis up North. Block these moroons getting in at all !!

I'll second that one.

I don't support the Internet/Mana party, but I don't think that this stance is hypocrisy either. You play the game by the rules that you're given, or you lose. If you want to be in a position to change the rules, then you have to win. Obviously winning at all costs is not the best way to do things, but if you think any of the other parties are really going to take such "principled" stands then you're dreaming. National had the option to remove the coat-tailing rule, and they declined to do so, despite most other parties supporting the move.

To me there is a very big difference between a party getting extra MP's because an electorate voted strategically and merging two parties with the specific intent of splitting straight after the election once they have coat-tailed in based on the results in a racially separatist electorate.
Wonder if the Internet-Mana party also support the intent of MMP which was to get rid of the Maori seats?

Mana/Internet Party oozes not only hypocrisy with this stance but total contempt for the intelligence of New Zealanders - Laila shows she has left all principles behind in the blind grubby pursuit of power.

Let's see how many New Zealanders are happy to get their intelligence so insulted on election day.