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Internet Party names the 15 on its list


List rank. Name (electorate)
1. Laila Harré (TBA)
2. Chris Yong (Te Atatu)
3. Miriam Pierard (Auckland Central)
4. David Currin (Whangarei)
5. Beverley Ballantine (Ilam)
6. Gil Ho (Northcote)
7. Pani Farvid (Palmerston North
8. Patrick Salmon (East Coast)
9. Roshni Sami (Kelston)
10. Callum Valentine (Wellington Central)
11. Grant Keinzley (Taranaki-King Country)
12. Lois McClintock (Wigram)
13. Robert Stewart (Dunedin North)
14. Raymond Calver (Hamilton East)
15. Andrew LePine (Dunedin South)

See profiles here.

The Internet Party has revealed the 15 people who will stand on its list (above) and the electorates where they will stand.

The final lineup was decided by the party's executive, following the compilation of a short list decided by a popular vote among members.

The shortlist — here — included a number of colourful but otherwise low-profile characters. 

The one high-profile figure on the shortlist, Samoan hip hop artist Bill Urale (aka King Kapisi) failed to make the final 15, but the 40-year-old has been named the party's Youth Culture and Pasifika Ambassador.

As expected, leader Laila Harre tops the list, meaning she will get into Parliament if Mana leader Hone Harawira holds his Te Tai Tokerau seat (where he is in a close race with Labour's Kelvin Davis) and Internet Mana gets 1.4% or more of the list vote.

Number two is Chris Yong, who describes himself as a musician and "internet specialist". Ex-Green Party volunteer worker Miriam Pierard is number three.

Mana will have first, third and fourth positions on the list. The Internet Party taking second, fifth and sixth spots, with Ms Harré first off the rank if Mr Harawira holds his seat.

The two parties' partnership expires six weeks after the election.

Mr Dotcom, who has donated $3.25 million to his political venture, has previously said all candidates will be paid an equivalent salary to a backbench MP ($147,800 plus expenses).

A naked pitch for the Star Trek vote? The top 5's official photo.

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Comments and questions

Well now there's a load of names that are familiar to me after 20 years in NZ IT ...... not! I doubt they could spell IT, let alone have any useful opinions on internet matters.

Still I am sure their extensive experience of using their iPhones and "the google" will stand them in good stead when trying to influence policy.

Agreed, also their 'Internet Specialist', WTF is that ? It's a fairly broad term.

Welcome to the CyberTrot Collective!

Jim Henson has a great tv show - looks just like them

All this effort just so that Kim Dotcom can be found not guilty in those court cases against him. That's all it is.

This guy is a criminal who steels from artists and clips the ticket, including from the the same "struggling artists" who claim represent the "people" in his party. What a joke. NZ is for sale to guys like this who promise progress from promoting anarchy, whilst over the page the same "people" mobilize to block a new seabed mining project that would have created real growth and real jobs. Staggering ignorance.

Corporate hire 'politicians' wanted. No Politcal or professional experience required. Must be proficient on Google and Facebook.

IT Professionals need not apply.

The list is made up of wannabe academics, Musicians, socialists and amature IT enthuiasts. On the bright side, the 3.25mil is providing short term employment to a group of otherwise umemployable people.

Opponents to the IP should at least take heart. The lack of calibre in the list illustrates how quickly the Kim Dot Com facade is crumbling, as clearly anyone with any professional standing wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

The early adopters - Kumar, Edgeler etc - must be sweating. When you sleep with dogs you always wake up with fleas.

Its easy to see the motivation for this lot..A backbenchers salary of $147,800/ann is about 3 times what most of them currently earn. Reading their CV's is laughable..A bunch of academic socialists who will excel at spending other peoples money.