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Internet Party submits list to Electoral Commission, claims 2000 members

The Internet Party has says it has submitted a list of 550 members to the Electoral Commission - the next step in its bid to be registered as a political party.

In a statement, chief executive Vikram Kumar said a total of 2000 members have signed up using the Internet Party’s app and website.

A three-year membership to the party costs $1.29.

“While the app and website have allowed us to sign up members quickly and easily, we used a manual process to validate the 550 membership forms submittted to the Electoral Commission,” said Kumar. “This involved checking members’ details against the printed electoral roll, which took us a week to complete.”

Registration means the Internet Party will be able to contest the party vote and be considered for broadcast election advertising funding.

The Internet Party has already applied for broadcasting allocation and provided a submission outlining its request, Mr Kumar said.

Following registration the Internet Party will need to submit its rules providing for the democratic participation of members and candidate selection within the time period specified by law.