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InternetNZ byelection after Torkington quits

InternetNZ will hold a byelection following the resignation of Councillor Nat Torkington.

Mr Torkington, a Leigh-based entrepreneur whose roles include Silverstripe director, Perl Foundation director and Foo Camp organisor, told members, "I'm enjoying my new job at Hapara, and all other commitments compete for my time with my family. I've had to make some hard choices in the last months to get balance back into my life."

He signed off, "I'm sad to be leaving at a time of great change.  The gTLD revolution is changing things we took for granted, and Snowden's disclosures of American spying are threatening some of the multistakeholder foundations of Internet governance.  We've not yet safely avoided TPP's IP imperialism, and there remains the ever-present danger of government mismanaging UFB.  And who knows what new challenges tomorrow may bring? InternetNZ remains as important and relevant as ever."

The non-profit InternetNZ administers the .nz domain, and lobbies for a free and open internet.

Mr Torkington's resignation takes effect December 31.

A byelection will be held soon after; InternetNZ has posted a Councillor role description here.