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Investors warned off unsolicited low offers

In the wake of another set of share registry requests, the Financial Markets Authority is urging investors who receive unsolicited offers for shares or other securities to seek financial advice.

Stock & Share Trading Company has requested copies of security holder registers from Tower, Dorchester Pacific and a number of other issuers, potentially with a view to making unsolicited offers for securities held by investors.

Stock & Share has agreed, at the FMA’s request, to include a warning from the market watchdog on any unsolicited offers it puts into the marketplace.

The FMA also advises investors that VonWin Capital Management intends to make an offer to the bondholders of Irongate Property (In Receivership) who have expressed an interest in selling their bonds.

FMA has also asked that VonWin Capital Management include a warning in any offer it sends to Irongate bondholders.

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Excellent The FMA is proving its value. Previously these vultures would have benn able to prey on shareholders unchecked

If somebody offers me $1 for my $2 house and i accept 'tough for me.