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iOS 6 adds features, but loses Google Maps, YouTube – some Kiwis grumble

Apple has upgraded the software that runs iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS 6 is available as a free update from today – and will also feature on the iPhone 5, released in NZ on September 28.

One key feature of iOS 5 is that it more tightly integrates iCloud, Apple's online storage and syncing service.

The second major element is that it partially "de-Googlefies" iOS 6.

Apple and Google were once close partners, but the pair have been drifting apart since Google's Android mobile software took off.

To wit, YouTube – preinstalled with iOS 5 is absent from iOS 6. To compensate, Google has released a YouTube app, which can now be downloaded from the iTunes AppStore.

Google Maps (and Street View) out, so-so Apple Maps in
Google Maps is also absent from iOS 6.

It has been replaced by Apple Maps, developed inhouse.

For US users, the change seems relatively seamless. But not all Apple Maps features are available in all countries. In New Zealand, we don't get street views.

And beyond that, some Kiwis have taken to social media to complain about Apple Maps general look and feel. 

Auckland iPhone user Jonathan Tillick told NBR ONLINE the satellite imagery was less detailed than Google Maps, and that it was much harder to see streets.

On the plus side, he liked the turn-by-turn directions, and the always onscreen status bar.

Siri can be made to tweet
Another signature feature, tweeting via Siri, is not enabled for New Zealand users. An Apple rep told NBR the feature was not available for NZ, but that seems to mean simply not optimised for the NZ accent. Mr Tillick was able to switch Siri on in settings and she could tweet. Other early NZ downloaders report they have also successfully enabled the speech-to-tweet feature.

Siri's new business directory feature – allowing you to, say, ask her about local restaurants - really is unavailable here, with no local partner enlisted.

Other new features include:

  • Remind Me Later and Reply with Message options if a call comes through when you're in the car.
  • A panorama option for stitching together a 28 megapixel image from individual photos.
  • The ability to make Facetime video calls over a cellular network (iOS 5 offered a wi-fi option only).
  • The ability to save a web page to read later.
  • Folders for important contacts in Mail.
  • A more Do Not Disturb function. For example, you can switch off all alerts at night, but have a call come through if someone calls twice within three minutes. Specific contacts can also be let through.
  • Better organised AppStore search.

Not all features are available for older devices. Apple has a compatibility list here.


UPDATE: Twitter has been flooded complaints from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users who say they have been unable to connecto to wi-fi networks since upgrading to iOS 6. Apple has yet to respond.

Early Kiwi adopter Jono Hale said his iPad was fine but he had a wi-fi problem with his iPhone. However, it resolved itself after about 20 minutes.

Another, Rhys Lewis (an enterprise architech with Snapper), said was struck by the wi-fi problem too, but only for about half an hour. The fact it began working lends credence to report that Apple accidentally deleted a URL from its website that iOS pings to test wi-fi. The URL has now been restored.


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Comments and questions

And even after all of this, still lagging behind Android on standard features...

Android is a security risk

so are you also

agree - time for apple users to wake up


we get passbook ....

Tweeting from Siri works fine.

making youtube a stand alone app and not in iOS6 is a benefit to everyone as Google can update their app any time now, not just once a year when iOS changes. people are making out this is such a bad thing, but in reality everyone will benefot, google, apple and users by downloading the new app. Its not that hard people!

Based on the YouTube app reviews on iTunes, seems like Google has lots of work to do to improve it. Probably done at 'short notice' like they did for Google+

This article says 'Google has released a YouTube app, which can now be downloaded from the iTunes AppStore.' Umm which one? There are several video apps available, but all I want is a Youtube app which was like the old one - watching videos online. I don't want to download videos. Which app is the most similar to the original Youtube app?

It is simply called YouTube (with the familiar icon), by Google Inc. It is an iPhone app. iPad app may have to wait.

You can tell which one by looking at the software publisher - the 'Google' one is the one published by Google (amazingly!). As Google's whole business model for Youtube relies on you visiting the site & seeing ads, its not going to be offering you the opportunity to download videos, just watch them online...

You can find Google's YouTube app here:

Passbook - Hahahahahaha!
"Passbook will have APIs for centrally locating just about all gift cards, loyalty cards, reward cards, incentive cards and ticketing."

Sounds just like any number of keyring apps that have been around for ages, for example:

The above app has all the features of Passbook.

If only AT had known about Passbook. They could have avoided this big issue with Snapper/Thales. ;)

I have just updated my softwear to ios6 and am p*ssed off with the maps.
Street view was so good. No improvement so far as i am concerned.

new maps app is wayyyy better

Android or IOS. Why do people have to argue about what they choose to use? So what? Who cares... enjoy your OS of choice and go on with life. It's a good thing we have a competitive market or else we all be using the same thing anyway.

I had the wi-fi problem but it appeared to resolve itself after I confirmed my iTunes account details in settings.

I have just updated our core Cisco 7507 router with this new iOS and it doesn't work anymore. Any ideas?

How did you get iOS installed on your router :-)


Why would you buy an iphone in the first place?

why would you not?

WiFi problem fixed by restarting iPhone!

I just downloaded iOS6 on iPad very disappointed no you tube, maps are terrible special in 3 d, tomorrow I sell my apple shares but first thing in the morning,

Bullcr*p. Price of the Apple shares is on the rise again. Only a fool would sell now.


Your right, back in 2008.

I hate Default app on my iPad 1. I prefer to search in safari. Better results and filtering options too.

Disappointing that apple, only release a half pai (good) product. I'll be sticking to my trusted iPad 1, iOS 5.1.1. I fell like I not missing out on anything.

I like pie

I like lamp.

How is it that I can count the number of positive Android stories from NBR on one hand whilst iPhone stories are a dime a dozen?????

What sort of phone do you own CK? Did Apple give it to you or did you buy it yourself?

It is easy to reload google maps from the google+ app available in the app store. They work as well as before.