iPad increases market share

Amazon's Kindle Fire runs a modified version of Google's Android software

Market tracker IDC says Apple's iPad is pulling ahead of tablets made by rivals Samsung, Amazon and others.

Most rival tablets, such as Amazon's touchscreen Kindle Fire and Samsung's Galaxy Tab, run on Google's Android software.

Apple shipped 17 million iPads during the quarter, up from 11.8 million units in the first three months of this year, and well above its previous record of 15.4 million set in the December quarter of last year (and a contrast to the smartphone market, where iPhone sales fell in the second quarter).

More competition is on the horizon with Google's house-brand Nexus 7, a $US249 seven-inch tablet that, like the Kindle Fire, is tied to US-only video, music and other content services.

ABOVE: June quarter shipments in thousands. Click to enlarge.

However, the Nexus 7's initial launch has been beset by shortages.

A 7 or 8-inch "iPad Mini" will be released later this year, The Wall Street Journal reports. Apple has made no comment.

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I guess thats sensible, the iSheep outnumber humans - this is New Zealand after all


I suspect New Zealanders didn't buy all 17 million of them


So many Apple haters - if they hadn't created the iPod, iPhone and iPad, do you really think any other outfit would have, even by now? We'd still be stumbling around in the digital dark ages.


What absolute rubbish Graham!! There are plenty of companies who could of designed the devices that CR*Pple have.

Furthermore, their products were merely evolutionary of devices that were already on the market.....

Samsung Galaxy S III is MILES ahead of any iCR*P Phone for example & the iCR*P 5 won't be any better hardware wise of software wise!


Funny how the Apple haters seem to be unable to spell or grasp the fundamentals of grammar. They also appear to think that name-calling makes their arguments more compelling.

Is this because they're all five years old?


How funny that you resort to criticsing grammar and not defending your beloved Crapple. I'd expect nothing more from an iSheep. With the exception of finely honed magpie instincts for colelcting shiny trinkets, it seems that original thought is too hard.....


"What absolute rubbish Graham!! There are plenty of companies who could of designed the devices that CR*Pple have."

You couldn't be more wrong.

- Windows tablets were a failed market. iOS revived the tablet market and has owned it ever since.
- The reason MP3 players took off was because Apple came along with the compelling iTunes and iPod combination and owned the market.
- Feature phones would not have evolved into the current breed of smartphones. Prior to iPhone, the most common brand of smartphone ran Symbian - sans touchscreen, and the most popular app platforms were the outdated Palm and Windows Mobile.

Remember, without iOS Google wouldn't have created Android.


The tablet isnt anything new. Typical isheep. The world didnt begin with Apple and if they keep going on their current trajectory it wont be ending with them either


Meh. So what. There are more isheep in NZ than there are people. I and many others wont touch Apple with a barge pole for the following reasons:

1) Walled garden - You can do anything you want as long as Apple says it is ok. This is not ok. If I am to pay to whack for a piece of technology I dont want to be dictated to by some big corporate

2) Aple users - they're worse than born again christians in terms of the smugness they radiate. I dont want to buy into that. Never ever.

3) Alternatives - there are plenty of cheaper and equally good alternatives out there. Why tie myself down with a more costly and more restricted alternative?

4) Price - Apple gear commands a premium, yet utterly fails to deliver anything approaching a premium experience. In short the bucks dont justify the bang


Not that you sound smug of course. I guess you must be an asheep instead of an isheep.


thats right "anonymous" - defend your shiny bit of gadgetry. Even though you've been well and truly rogered on its price and are locked down to oblivion you keep defending it. We'll just keep laughing at you


Okay okay I admit it - Apple gear is rubbish, I was wrong, Im putting all my shiny toys on Tardme


okay apple dislike posts outnumber apple fans massively - another decisive win for intelligence


I couldn't care less about the debate now raging here. All I know is that my Apple shares have increased in value by over 80% since I bought them about a year ago. That's good enough for me!


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