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IPENZ expels Southland Stadium engineer

The Institute of Professional Engineers has expelled the designer of Stadium Southland, which collapsed in a snow storm in 2010.

A disciplinary panel of IPENZ found Anthony Stanley Major was incompetent, negligent and potentially caused loss of life.

The Invercargill stadium was built in 1999. The roof sagged in September in a snow storm.

The disciplinary hearing took place in December 2013 and Mr Major took up his right to appeal, delaying the final decision until last Wednesday.

Mr Major is required to pay all costs relating to the disciplinary process.

The collapse prompted a Department of Building and Housing probe by Dr Clark Hyland.

He concluded the degree of non compliance was so significant it warranted involvement of the Police.

He found during construction the thickness of some trusses was changed from 9mm to 6mm.

There was also substandard steel fabrication and welding.

IPENZ chief executive Andrew Cleland says the expulsion is the ultimate sanction and reflects the seriousness of the offending.

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Comments and questions

This is just ridiculous as sometimes the poor engineers do what the bosses tell them to do. The person who should be fired should be the Chartered professional who approved his design.

He *was* the Chartered professional engineer.

How many large building to the Southlanders approve each decade - they have no expertise
Maybe its time councils centralized some of the specialty functions into a national body

I don't know the answer to your question about the number of buildings approved per decade. I do know that I have driven around Invercargill numerous times and am not aware of any other buildings that have collapsed.

And who changed the design of the trusses during the construction such that the thicknesses were reduced from 9mm to 6mm ? And who was responsible for the substandard steel fabrication and welding ?

It seems to me that only part of the story has been investigated by IPENZ.