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iPredict: National to pair up with NZ First

National will jump into bed with NZ First to win the next election, according to online predictions market iPredict.

It says there's a 57% chance of a National prime minister after the 2014 election - up from below 50% since December and 47% last week.

However, iPredict says a National-led Government appears possible only with the support of Winston Peters' NZ First party.

That's according to the 6500 registered traders on New Zealand’s online predictions market, iPredict. 

Recent polls have caused a dramatic change in National’s prospects.
iPredict now says John Key is almost certain to remain at the helm of National after the 2014 election, at 86%, while Labour leader David Shearer is deemed "safe", with a 60% chance he'll lead his party into the next election.
If Key bows out, Judith Collins is favoured to be National’s next leader, at 31%, while Grant Robertson is a 42% pick to head Labour if Shearer steps aside. 
In next year's local body elections, iPredict puts Labour MP Lianne Dalziel at an 89% chance of standing for the Christchurch mayoralty, while Annette King has a 64% chance of bidding for Wellington's top civic job.

Comments and questions

Really ?
Well I predict shonkey will grab a knighthood and run home to Hawaii and leave NZ to fester broke in tribalism, corruption, nepotism and apartheid.

And I predict you won't put your money where your mouth is.

You keep screaming and crying in the gutter, the polls keep rising. What else can be better than this?

With rising power prices and higher rates in auckland . No wonder the national party need N Z FIRST. The power price will increase the cost to retire.

I predict Colin Craig and his Conservative party will win ten seats and hold the balance of power

Yes they are a sleeper for sure and Winnie could be dead before 2014