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Jackson: NBR trying to get me off air

The National Business Review, and Ports of Auckland, are conspiring against him, RadioLive talkback host Willie Jackson said this afternoon.

In his first show since his controversial comments yesterday, the former Alliance MP said “The waterfront bosses and their mates at the NBR want no opposition … The desperate right wing is trying to drive me off air.”

He added later in the show that, “We must not buckle to the right wing dogs at the National Business Review and the leaders of the Ports of Auckland.”

Mr Jackson apologised for saying yesterday that picketers should whack cars and “bust their placards over scabs”.

He was not inciting violence, he said this afternoon. “You were,” chipped in co-host John Tamihere.

Mr Jackson said he stood by his comments that the 300 sacked strikers should get more militant, and follow "occupy" tactics similar to those employed by actress Lucy Lawless recently.

Ms Lawless and five other Greenpeace protestors were charged with burglary on February 27 after occupying the drilling rig of Shell-contraced vessel Nobel Explorer at Port Taranaki for 72 hours before surrending to police. 

The anti Springbok tour protestors and the "brilliant" occupation of the Waihopai spy base (which caused $1.2 million damage), were other role models for the wharfies, Mr Jackson said. 

Mr Jackson's show, including archives of previous episodes, can be heard through RadioLive's website here.

Comments and questions

Bye bye Willie

Another stunt to get more publicity. Classic Willie Jackson, making a living off others battles/grievances.

WILLIE: Drive you off the air? Perish the thought. You are a one man traffic generator for NBR ONLINE.

I think the Cultural Revolution phrase was "capitalist running dogs." Not right wing dogs. Your comrades will know for sure. Right wingers are usually boring people. Capitalist dogs make the world go around.

You have little to fear from right wing dogs. But capitalist dogs own Radio Live. And they have good instincts about how far a shock jock should go.

Meanwhile you've tried to explain your way out of your incitement to violence remarks and you just look silly. Better to man up and apologise outright for your choice of words. And then get on with your right wing bashing with a bit of integrity.

Good luck with the ratings. You are a capitalist's dream for your foreign capitalist owners. So far.

Publisher, NBR

i think Barry he is more part of Cultural Revulsion

Hey Willie, I dont disagree with your right to state that "We must not buckle to the right wing dogs at the National Business Review and the leaders of the Ports of Auckland.” or " that picketers should whack cars and bust their placards over scabs”.

Equally if action is taken against you by those you might have offended or disagree with you, then simply man up to what you believe in or are you simply a softc**k liberal who makes inflamatory statements with no real purpose?

You been on the Horkheimer again Barry?

[Max Horkheimer was a philosopher and social scientist - Editor]


I thought Horkheimer was a brand of lager.

Willie does not disappoint Maoridom; doing what comes instinctively: Lay the blame at someone else's door. Because "we" are never at fault -- that is, we can't be held accountable for the consequences of our actions.

Willie Jackson AKA Karl Maorx [sic]

Surely it should the Police trying to get him off the air for inciting violence.

Anyone laid a complaint with the police.

Willie is an absolute disgrace to the Maoris. Don't even connect him and Maoris in the same sentence.

The guy is a coward, a hypocrite, back-pedaller and above all, a cry baby now needing his mummy.

BP, why limit it to Maori...he is a disgrace to all of NZ.

Ah so that is what the NBR is up to!

Keep up the good work boys.

Get rid of this idiot,send him packing.

Poor Willie. Give him a break.

Everyone picking on him and all he did was made some heat of the moment comments which he is remorseful about.

Nobody listens to him anyway - that's pretty much what he has admitted to.

you go for it willie! a real breath of fresh air on auckland radio and runs rings around the bore on the same time slot on zb - keep it up willie - you're da man !!!

Yes, ratings matter - so do lives.

Encourage Willie to egg on baby bashing then, you moron.

mate - bet you're not a subscriber to the PAID content. go back under your rock.....

Very happy to crawl under my rock away from diseased minded morons like you, dork.

Good on you mate. Stay away from all those dorks.

Sack the CEO of Ports of Auckland and the Board of POAL, and the Board of Auckland council Investments Ltd - who didn't know for THIRTEEN MONTHS whether or not ACIL was a 'Public Benefit Entity' (PBE) or a Profit-Oriented Entity (POE).


What would UNELECTED private businesspeople know about serving the public or the public interest?

How many contracts have been awarded to companies whose CEOs are members of the UNELECTED private 'invitation-only', $10,000 membership fee lobby group - the Committee for Auckland?

How is it not an arguably corrupt 'conflict of interest' for the CEO of Auckland Council Doug McKay to be a member of the UNELECTED Committee for Auckland?

How many UNELECTED Chairs of the Boards of Auckland Council CCOs are members of the private lobby group - the Committee for Auckland?

How is this effective infestation, (in my opinion) of 'corporate cockroaches' working in the public interest?

Time to SCRAP the corporate-controlled $UPERCITY which citizens and ratepayers of the Auckland did NOT vote for?

How come that under the Auckland $UPERCITY - rates have gone UP - not DOWN?


Rate$ revolt time?

Penny Bright

Oh not you again Penny

Penny, can I have some of your medication - it would be nice to have a break from real life sometimes

Willie, I use to listen to your show and even phoned in on the odd occassion to express my opinion on various matterst. A man in your position should be showing some maturity, leadership and acting with some decorum and restraint as a broadcaster. But now I see you as a sad, pathetic little man who personifies all that is wrong with Maori in NZ today. The warrior gene is alive and kicking.

Penny Bright isn't.

I heard what he said yesterday full of incitment and threats. Today playing it all down as if it was a joke. If Joe average was to go around inciting people like him they would end up in court where he belongs

Auckland is indeed fortunate - Wee Willie Winkie and Penny Dim.

Willie is so cool.

You may as well get off the Air Jaco nobody listens to you anyway.

Again it's Penny 'dumb as a bag of hammers' Bright This is one self-appointed terrorist loving-conspiracist cliche-mongering leftist 'public watchdog' that needs a trip to the vets and a muzzle.
What has a Wairapa maoist got to offer in the 21st century? More anti-private sector banners (who do you think pays for th epublic sector) and petitions by Auckland a cloud of purple haze..."sign our petition"? More stink from sweaty headbands (don't wear black if you're not shaded stinky) and more economically illiterate swivel eyed subjective frothing? And no Penny...just because you're copping flak doesn't mean you're 'right on target'; it just means you're boring and politically redundant.