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Jetstar crew held hostage

The crew of a Jetstar flight from Melbourne have been held hostage in Shanghai by angry passengers after a delay. 

Passengers bailed up the crew and pilot in a section of the arrivals area for six hours and refused to let them leave. 

Jetstar told the passengers there would be a delay of their flight to Beijing because of fog. 

The cabin manager for the flight and Jetstar ground crew who spoke fluent Mandarin were able to communicate with the passengers and eventually defuse the situation. 

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Comments and questions

Angry about a delay? What to do?

Simple - get in on the fun too. No sense the airline being the only ones allowed to suggest a delay.

If delays were an excuse to hold airline managment hostage then the never on time airline (ANZ) would have a real problem if they were the main airline of China

whats prob with fog anyway - planes fly auto pilot

It's always the right call to delay the flight for safety reasons. However a general policy of treating their customers like cattle will cause this sort of episode to occur.

Strange to think of a situation where people are actually desperate to get on a jetstar flight.