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Jetstar hints at Auckland-LA route

As Qantas winds down its Auckland-LA flights, its Jetstar subsidiary - soon to take delivery of new 787-Dreamliner aircraft - is not ruling out a new route.

Jetstar announced in November that a 787-Dreamliner fly its Singapore-Auckland route when the first deliveries are expected in mid-2013, an Airbus A330 currently services the route and the airline would not rule out the possibility of joining the Los Angeles-Auckland route.

“Jetstar’s fleet is fully committed however the arrival of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner next year will provide Jetstar with flexibility to investigate future network growth,” a Jetstar spokesman says.

The new 787s could result in more international routes being flown from New Zealand, Mr Lanham says.

“There could be much grander plans for what Jetstar do out of here to the Americas, simply because of the range. Their Aircraft don’t have the range from Australia to the Americas but the 787, theoretically, has the range from Auckland to fly to places like Dallas and New York,” he says.

No one has proved what the range of the 787 is yet but assuming they have the range it presents an opportunity for Jetstar, he says.

Boeing claims the 787 is 20% more fuel-efficient than its commercial competitors but industry experts told NBR earlier in the year that realistically is was probably only 12-15% fuel efficient.

Air New Zealand has orders for eight 787-9s, a longer-range version of the Dreamliner.

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Comments and questions

Yeah right - Jetstar has bigger fish to fry with its franchises in Japan and Hong Kong yet to start.

Surprise, surprise
They will fly the syd-bkk route in a year or so when Qantas decides to pull out.
Watch this space.
The spread of the orange cancer continues.

I'd rather fly Air Swaziland than Jetstar on a long haul route

Flew business class to and from Singapore on Jetstar last month .

Very impressed for the price paid and frequent flyer points gained .

Would not fly in their economy product though .

No sensible person would fly Jetstar for business. They postpone or cancel far too many of their flights. And good luck trying to get in touch with their 'customer services' rep.

If you fly Jetstar you lose any right of complaint.

Can't be any worse than Qantas they managed to liose my luggage at LAX transfer

the 787 will have good range, but it won't make it to nyc...

JFK-AKL is 7671 nm. The range of the 787-9 is 8,000-8,500 miles.

LA! I wouldn't fly Akl-Wel in Jet Star. Closing QANTAS on this route a big disincentive to use One World.

I wouldn't fly jetstar at all. They have discriminatory policies on carrying wheelchair users

not appealing but anything at a price.

Trouble with paying half fares like Jet Star is that you might only get half way !!!

Fairly obvious Qantas strategy at play . Air NZ will be under greater pricing pressure, not the other way round

When Jetstar comes out with much cheaper fares than Air NZ (guessing at least $500 cheaper), I bet most people would rather fly on them than Air NZ.

Anything to keep Air NZ honest, just take a look at what you are paying on Regional Routes where Air NZ charges what they want.

Bring Qantas Link to regional NZ. By the way, Qantas Link has just been awarded Worlds Best Regional Airline!