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Jetstar ramps up airfare war with one-cent flights

12:40pm: Travellers looking for the catch on Jetstar’s 1c seat sale may be surprised.

The no-frills airline says this week’s 1c-a-seat offer for domestic flights includes GST and airport charges.

The only extra charge travellers may have to pay is a $5 service fee if the payment is made by a debit or credit card.

Jetstar's 1c fares are only available for people booking online through and the flights are one-way and non-refundable.

Although the 1c seats will be made available between all domestic destinations – Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown, Dunedin – Jetstar says the travel periods will be different each day and they will vary between cities according to frequency.

Customers are advised to refer to the specials page on the Jetstar website at 6pm each day to find out the available flights.

Jetstar says it sold “hundreds” of flights last night when the sale opened and is expecting to sell out for the rest of the week.

8am: Jetstar is offering one-cent airfares for domestic flights in a promotion this week.

Each day between 6pm and 7pm, there will be 600 one-cent flights for sale, a total of 3000 for the week.

The move is an apparent response to Air New Zealand's $7 fares to Wellington announced last week.

"The one-cent sale began last night and has been very popular with travellers from all over New Zealand and we're sure they'll sell out fast every day until the sale ends," Jetstar group chief commercial officer David Koczkar says in a media statement.

The one-cent price is paid by direct deposit or voucher, otherwise a $5 booking fee applies. 

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Comments and questions

So have they been making too much profit or what?

Jet Star's cheap fares wont hide their recent PR fiascos. Arriving 29 minutes before the sceduled flight time? Forget it. Got a beer pot or a little extra weight, they might ask for a medical certificate to ensure you're not pregnant.

Thanks but no thanks. $7 is fine and the airline wont muck me around. The only thing missing from a Jet Star flight is the sound of livestock

Does the 1 cent include airport taxes, govt taxes, GST etc ??? 1 cent may be a good deal but there is always a BUT ....and a catch somewhere for the unwary...

Gotta agree with the above posters. 1 cent is 1 cent but if you're still on the ground cos the flight is delayed / cancelled / unable to take off due to weather / whatever then it's not exactly a saving.

I feel sick, having just forked over for a rip-off $7 fare.

Couldn't find a single fare for less than $39.00 on Jet Star's web-site at 6:30 pm last night. Had they all sold out in under 30 minutes? How many were there to begin with? If any .....?

They're releasing 600 a night but not same destinations every night.

My thoughts exactly... the same happening right now..

One cent to fly Jetstar is still too expensive I am afraid...

Thanks, but not thanks Jetstar. Even a 1c fare isn't enough to make me want to fly with you. Pay me and I might consider it.

Very cheap advertising NBR doing all this for free!!
Why don't they stop SCREWING the provinces, where 9/10's of our export earnings are generated, and give us just a little suck on the Saveloy, instead of forcing us to drive our cars everywhere most of us would love a reasonable airfare price to Auckland or Wellington, instead of having to drive there.
Who will pull the pin first???

Lower prices will eventually lead to less aircraft maintenance...
No thanks.

Kiwis ... I love how they whinge.. Jstar should pull out and then let's see air NZ prices go back to what they were ... Excessive.

Chipper up everyone. People are allways after something for free. I think this is excellent call by both companies. Lower cost travel. If their prepared to make a loss out of the travellers gain than I'll take that. Pucker up people, stop being so negative, and thank them for creating such a deal

The trouble is that most of the flights that you want to book are at unfavourable times , dates and connections . The airlines aren't stupid all they are doing is a bit of PR spin because they want to be seen to do the right thing . They are only doing this because they had empty seats any way . I would prefer to book a holiday or flight in advance and you know that the pricing is going to be consistant. Jet star is a nightmare if you want to talk to them . It would be nice to talk directly to some one that can speak sound English.

Just recently I have had to leave phone back messages with IRD & Telecom, and my final message is please make sure the person that calls me back can speak clearl understandable english, otherwise just forget it.and they havc oblieged each time so try it.

I would rather pay a fair price all the time, so we are both happy....the bottom line is you want them to make money so they can afford to keep the plane safe ........

No thanks Deathstar. There is no offer you can make that would ever tempt me to fly with you again.

jetstar is great, better than air new zealand anyday

You're all a joke, always complaining about something because you believe you deserve everything

I don't know, I've had pretty decent experience with JetStar overall. One delayed flight and one cancelled due to a volcano...out of many.

I've also had some hit and miss service from Air NZ, what with grumpy, rude staff both on the ground and in the air (some to me, some just witnessing treatment of others).

The charging of extra for various services also seems to have JetStarred the onboard feeling, despite the base prices still being a lot higher.

I don't really mind either...and it seems like they're a lot more alike than they used to be anyway.

Airnz can't stand the heat. JetStar is getting right up their noses.
Why don't they push for evening flights into Q/T? Be first at something.

Does this mean that JESTER Airlines have stopped all maintenenance just like their owners Qant*rse, I personally have been riipped off by their owner and would noway fly by Ockerlines.

Hate JetStar if you want - but whatever it's level of service you've got it to thank for Air NZ driving down its fares

where are the 1c flights i cant find any on there page

The Air New Zealand $7 tickets sold out within 30 minutes. At least Jetstar are releasing 600 a night.

I've been trying continually since 6 and can't see any 1 cent flights....

Been on since 6pm and cannot find the one cent seats anywhere....?! And I'm on the Specials page it said to be on...?!

I couldn't find the 1 cent flights on their website.

It is a joke! was on it at six and when clicked on the 1 cent link took me to $75 fare! DO NOT TRUST THESE GUYS! I think they offer like 2 and say its all taken :-(....

I fly damn near every other week. Before jetstar came along I had to pay outrageous prices. I have never had a delayed or canceled flight. Nothing but brilliant service at a great price. I purchased a 1c flight just as advertised. No tricks, found the dates of travel and booked. Payed with cc. Perfect. Stop complaining about getting something for damn near free. Boo hoo, the flight is at 6am, pay $150 with air nz at lunch if you really want to. If you don't like it, fine. Why dog on them?