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Kathmandu's retail general manager quits

Kathmandu's general manager of retail Matt Spencer has resigned and will leave the company on January 6.

In a statement to NZX, the outdoor clothing retailer says a decision on a replacement for the role will be made in due course and that in the interim the role's responsibilities are being dealt with by other members of the Kathmandu executive and retail team.

Kathmandu shares [NZX:KMD] last traded down one cent at $1.74.

Comments and questions

mmm, Christmas sales must be poor

Just as well he has left the company being paid retail plus for a company thats going backwards.

I know why. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I saw a Kathmandu store without a Sale sign. Something terribly amiss when they forget to perpetuate their Sale strategy.

Another sick Private Equity spin out...
Looks like Cameron is backing MacPac wonder if she can flick us the same crap twice??

Kathmandu has finally been found out for what it is - it is basically Briscoes in drag - the old scenario of ramping up prices on products to ridiculously high prices and then slashing them to give the dumb consumer the feeling of getting huge savings.

The truth of the matter is that even when Kathmandu discounts their product it is still over priced

Maybe Matt Spencer is the winner here - he can now sleep at night from tomorrow night when he leaves.

Just like the Warehouse people realise the value is not there
Service has been poor whenever I visit

Friendly, unobtrusive customer service is the Holy Grail when it comes to successful retailing. If staff don't exhibit that, your store will suffer.

Kathmandu's srvice offering is excellent in it's Christchurch stores ( close to Head Office ) but poor in most other places particularly Auckland where the locals have no idea how to be courteous or how to smile

No company can last long term with staff like that.Maybe they could use Christchurch as a training ground and transfer fully trained staff to other cities to ensure a consistent model

Kathmandu needs to sharpen up

They had another of their sales today but some of the Auckland stores didn't even have the product that they had on sale. So there were a few grumpy people who had braved the rainy conditions today to get to Kathmandu - only to find it was a wasted trip

Good one Kathmandu

The beginning of the end

Jan Cameron will transform Macpac into the new No1 outdoorgoods and apparel store