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Kellie Nathan quits Telecom

Senior marketer Kellie Nathan will leave Telecom next year. 

She has been general manager for brand, communications and digital for the telco since February this year.

In February 2014 she will become general manager of marketing at Pumpkin Patch.

Former chief marketing officer Jason Paris, who is now i chief operating officer for Telecom Retail, says he is currently recruiting to replace Ms Nathan and plans to have a shortlist by Christmas. (Mr Paris’ chief marketing officer role has been disestablished. Vodafone removed its CMO role earlier this year.)

Mr Paris says Ms Nathan’s role was arguably the biggest brand, communications and digital role in the country.

Ms Nathan had worked at Telecom as head of brand communications before its directory business, Yellow, was sold off.

She then moved to Yellow, which, under her direction, produced profile award-winning campaigns Yellow Tree House and Yellow Chocolate.

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