Key denies throwing Act an Epsom lifeline

Prime Minister John Key today denied throwing the low-polling Act party a lifeline in the Epsom electorate.

“We’re campaigning primarily for the party vote in Epsom,” Mr Key told reporters but added “I’m not sure it’s as clear cut as that actually,” when asked if his National party was throwing Act a lifeline.

“In 2008 and 2005 National leaning voters gave Act MP Rodney hide their electorate vote. That may be the case in 2011 with John Banks but that will ultimately be up to them.

Mr Key’s comments followed weekend media reports that former Auckland City mayor John Banks is failing in his bid to win the Epsom electorate for the beleaguered Act party. 

A poll commissioned by the Herald On Sunday shows Mr Banks polling just 18.9% in the electorate, way behind National Party candidate Paul Goldsmith on 32.9%. Labour Party candidate David Parker polled just 4.3%.

Mr Banks – a former National cabinet minister – was chosen to contest Epsom following the dumping of incumbent electorate MP and Act leader Rodney Hide.

Winning Epsom is seen as a lifeline for Act which has struggled in the polls since former National Party leader Don Brash stage a hostile takeover in April. Act's polling range has improved slightly since Don Brash took over the leadership but it is still only ranging between 1.8%-2.2%.

If Mr Banks wins Epsom, that would give Act 2-3 seats (depending on how other parties stack up), but if he fails, Act needs 5% to get any seats at all. 

The general election will be held on November 26, alongside a referendum on the system New Zealander's use to elect parliament.

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ACT are history ...the two previous votes for Rodney were protest votes against the pathetic non existant offering of Richard whats his face useless..Epsom voters dont want a tired old 'John' we will give the new kid a go as hes fresh faced with a bit of mojo!


Then I hope you are looking forward to a Labour lead coalition of losers as the next Government, with increased taxes, a capital gains tax, increased spending and increased borrowing - because that is the outcome if Epsom voters don't vote tactically for John Banks.


don't forget the land tax...and increased rates....oh...and double the emissions scam tax...


....and the Maori party holding balance of power.....


And the fire and brimstone too, obviously.

We much prefer spin to reality these days, especially where the economy and the lifeblood of businesses are concerned.


People like you seem to have forgotten that the middle class provide meal tickets for business owners.
Its time the rich paid a fairer share of taxes. Even Warren Buffet seems to agree on this point; in fact he is advocating this.
Your comments suggest you are a short term profiteer, at the expense of the wider society.
Consider the effects on increased wealth. An extra $100,000 saved per year is generally required to provide an extra return from wider society. The net effect is they have less to spend, including the businesses the wealthy own. This leads to their purchase of cheaper substitute products (which are not often local) and lower quality of life & society.
Time to consider your fellow men, instead of being selfish pig.
Act is big business, which is globalisation, that is hardly benefitting this economy (due to our inability to create relative economics of scale) so why go there!
Big business is purely driven by profit, and the environmental disaster off the coast of Tauranga is just another example of this. Wake up ans smell the roses!!!


Richard S - and you forget most business owners ARE middle class running SME's, employing others and building the economy.


Well said dukep
Yep thats my thoughts TOO
Thats how we will be voting
Fed up with the ongoing shananigins



@ Lindsay Fergusson

Do YOU think that John Banks and Don Brash should be charged as former Directors, for untrue statements in Registered Prospectuses for Huljich Wealth Management (NZ) Ltd, (dated 22 August 2008, and 18 September 2009) , under s.58 (3) of the Securities Act 1978?

How come only Peter Huljich was charged?

Or are you 'soft' on 'white collar' crime Lindsay?

Or do you think that the former leader of the National Party (Don Brash) and former National Government Minister of Police, Tourism and Local Government (John Banks) should be treated differently , arguably because of their political connections?

Has it occurred to you that a number of the good people of Epsom might arguably feel sick of being treated with contempt by self-serving businesspeople who appear to be seeking public office in order to maximise business opportunities - not serve the interests of the public majority?

Penny Bright
Independent Public Watchdog
Candidate for Epsom


Has it occurred to you that a number of the good people of Epsom might arguably feel sick of being treated with contempt by self-serving leftists who appear to be seeking public office in order to maximise their nose in the public trough - not serve the New Zealand's best interests?

If you think there is evidence against Banks & Brash then report it to the SFO or the Police, but they already know there's no case for either to answer, and they know a lot more than you do Penny.


No Penny "not to" Bright - the People of Epsom are actually quite intelligent & know what they're doing - hence David Parker is on 4.3%


National seemed to have stopped being a “centre-right” party some time ago.
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