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Key sets out National's core election issues

National will campaign on the economy, education, health and law and order in the November 26 election, Prime Minister John Key says.

He told the party's Central North Island weekend conference in Gisborne the election would be about which party had a realistic plan to achieve faster growth that would deliver jobs, higher incomes and better living standards.

"We will stick to the pragmatic, responsible course that New Zealanders have come to expect from us," he said.

Mr Key spent most of his speech telling delegates about the Government's achievements during its first term in office and said he was optimistic about the future.

"The world is paying more for our exports than ever before, people are getting out of debt and investing productively, our taxes are the lowest they have been in decades," he said.

"Our hospitals are performing more operations and our law and order system is better across the board."

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Comments and questions

Is this not coming three years too late?
Why do we trust National now...again?
Why not ACT or infact Labour to do the job?

Well said , You are very correct. We cannot trust national again. They have had 3 years.
National have done nothing to better the life of veryday average New Zeanaders who earn $35,000-00. and less. Nearly 30% of young are on the dole, qualified ones are leaving nz in droves to AU, and cycle lanes are the hugest biggest costliest joke, sadly that one has to be excitd if we ever see a cycle on a cyclelane.
Meanwhile our rich leader knows npthing of a normal Kiwi life , does he, Off to hawai, London and says he is having ''FUN'', yes that is all abot having fun being an important pm and fun photo shots and smiles ; sad can all this be?

John Key was born in a very poor but loving Kiwi family and raised in a state house. Everything he got he obtained through hard graft and has risen from the working classes to be PM of NZ.

Whoever you are one thing is clear. You are a chippy mediocre socialist victim loser who blames the world for their failure. Two wors for you - F off!

John Key was born in a very poor but loving Kiwi family and raised in a state house. Everything he got he obtained through hard graft and has risen from the working classes to be PM of NZ.

Whoever you are one thing is clear. You are a chippy mediocre socialist victim loser who blames the world for their failure. Two wors for you - F off!

Labour had 9 years in power which only resulted in billions of dollars worth of bribes for middle class NZ. Not worth going back there.

And we're borrowing $300,000,000 a week for National & Labour's bloated government 'services'. Sorry Key, you've had you're chance, the nats are too limp wristed. My votes going to ACT, they have a realistic plan to fix the economy & Brash has the guts to see it through. Key is one of the weakest leaders I've seen in NZ.

If the cloying sycophants usually seen at these conferences realise whats actually in store later this year they would be best to duck for cover. Shonkey is nothing but a shallow populist with his only major achievement being a suppressed giggle from a corgi lick. Give the noddy his knighthood and send him home to Hawaii and lets have a real leader. National is so centre left its killing the country and all opportunity for the hard working and youth. And as for Labour...what a waste of space they all are and have been. Please tell me theres hope yet for this god forsaken mess.

Key & co have been too slow in fixing the economic problems bequeathed to NZ by the last Cullen/Clark socialist govt
Key's high political capital has,as a result of this lethargy, been largely wasted.
the best move for NZ now is to vote Act who should be able to put some steel into govt's spine to get NZ moving again!
English has been shown to be incapable of handling his difficult portfolio;Brash is the obvious man for this job
let's hope Key can see the sense in this move

Get a grip....Brash? Why would you vote for someone who just goes from party to party not caring what they stand for just so that he can be their leader. What sort of loyalty does he show or has he shown in the past......

Brash's policies remain the same, which is more than I can say for Key & the Nats, they're borrowing and spending more than Kullen & Klark did - does that mean they're more left leaning than the previous Labour government? The government spending is certainly up, so it looks like it.

The Nats know what to do (the taskforce and the OECD recommendations lay it out for them) but are too weak to do it. If they don't do it then Brash & ACT will. The Nats had their chance and proved to be impotent, but Key does look pretty good posing in a photo.

Brash's policies remain the same..."

Tends to confirm the following points?:

So - how come the policies and personnel of the National and ACT parties are so readily interchangeable?

Same point applies to John Bank$.
(Is he still a member of the National Party?)

In order to get those extra MPs to make up the numbers needed for a centre-right coalition government - the 'perception' deception that somehow National and ACT are politically different creatures, must be maintained.

It is however - just 'spin'.

The reality is that National and ACT are politically joined at the hip (pocket) - with big busine$$ backing to serve a big busine$$ - pro-privatisation agenda.

I totally agree with Hone Harawira's analysis in his Sunday Star Times article
"Mana crosses the divide to fight for the marginalised" (Sunday 8 May - Pg 8)

"And while I'm talking about Brash, let me just say that while I ain't no great fan of Rodney Hide, the way he got shafted was an example of the corporate style of democracy and government that should send a shiver down the spine of every Kiwi.

No reference to the voters, not even any discussion with the membership of Act, just a backroom deal with a bunch of rich boys, and Rodney gets dumped to make way for a 70-year-old whose claim to fame is that he lost a safe National seat back in the 80s, lost an election in 2005, and then lost the leadership of his party in 2006.

Don Brash is polite and pleasant but his political views make Attila the Hun look like a Socialist. ............."

National and ACT are the pro-corporate "A" team and "B" team.

I agree with Bomber Bradbury - 'A vote for John is a vote for Don'.

If the Botany by-election results for National (and ACT) are anything to go by - 'shonky' John Key's masterful 'Mr Popular' spin-doctored ma$k is slipping.

In my considered opinion - once a 'corporate raider' - always a 'corporate raider'...

NZ voting public - BEWARE!

Penny Bright

I'd say that the current National Party and the Labour Party's policy's are more interchangeable than the Nats & ACT. After all, National are just continuing down the same path as Labour did aren't they, what's really changed in the big picture? Same party, different leader.

With regard to Brash, he didn't do a corporate takeover, the ACT caucus and board hired him for the job when he made himself available. How can he take over as ACT's leader without the democratic agreement of the party? Again, your reasoning is a meat patty short of a quarter pounder. Do you think before you open your mouth?

One thing we all do know for sure, labour, the greens, and the rest of the thieving commies are going to be in the political wilderness for a long, long time to come. Good job too.

Sarah how gullible you appear to be. Loyalty? When you have politicians remaining silent and not speaking their minds for fear of their leader there is no hope for democracy.

So it is OK for Key to break his solemn promise to New Zealanders that the dreadful Marine and Coastal Area Bill would be withdraw unless there was widespread public support.

Key has betrayed our trust and traded our birthright so he could remain in power.

Let's not forget the ant-smacking referendum and the ETS rort.

Politics today IMHO is akin to snake oil salesmen.

Thankyou all the ACT party staffers for your prompt replies! Please remember that ACT espouse policies that only 3.??% of the country voted for so you have no mandate.

Thank you all the Nat part staffers for going into damage control for their impotence. What do you think ACT's % percent will be at the election, and what will be the nats? ACT's membership has risen by over 40% since Brash took over. What will that do for their mandate? Hmmm?

It's easy to raise membership 40% when your start point is next to nothing. Tell us something that matters rather than dogmatic drivel. Even your pen-name seems to hide some latent hang-ups or desires.

How does 10% of National's voting base sound? Does that mean more to you?

Key forgot to mention the other major 'pending' core election issue...
The SFO have FOUND NO FRAUD on Allan Hubbard.

Of course some of the paperwork was out of order (Hubbard paid his fellow board of directors handsomely to take care of that job but they failed to deliver on their reponsibilities).

Oh there has been HUGE fraud at the Hubbard empire alright BUT IT WASN'T HUBBARD WHO COMMITTED FRAUD AND KEY KNOWS IT.

Of course Key recently stated I LIKE ALLAN HUBBARD so we can look forward to a formal publ;ic apology by Key to Hubbard for implying to the nation that Hubbard was a fraud, when he was not.

Looking forward to the SFO blowing the lid WIDE OPEN on the TRUE FRAUDS involved in ripping off taxpayers to the tune of over $1Billion via 'Hubbardgate'.

All in the fullness of time John...

Please remember that if National don't get the votes ACT will be playing with themselves again

Ah, no. The votes that National will lose are all going to ACT, somewhere around 10%. The Nats will need 2 coalition partners if they don't work with ACT. National have shot themselves in the foot with indecision.

I voted ACT in 2008, because Rodney Hide is my MP and I wanted to keep National honest. I will still do so, especially if John Banks is ACT candidate.

Campaigning on Law & Order huh?

It's a real shame National just pushed through the "Guilty until proven innocent" file sharing law then.

With regard to delivering jobs they need to deliver the right type of jobs. Labour delivered jobs but many were in the Public service. Public servants effectively don't pay tax they are paid by tax. The service might be nice but doesn't necessarily move the country forward. Too many retail Jobs and other internal services jobs - just make is misdirect our money into non-profitable areas. We need to increase the number of jobs and the percentage of jobs into earning money from outside the country. These type of jobs are the type that will move the country forward.

Voted for Key. Huuuge mistake! He's all smoke and mirrors, A man o' straw with an exaggerated sense of self-worth, as shown by the hanger-on DPS to moddle-coddle his sorry ass.

always good to see these posts getting " captured" by the ever vigilant labour supporters with their ravings!
mind you , they have plenty of time to trawl the blogs as most labour supps. are either unemployed or suffering from " victim' syndrome.
i'm self employed and in control of my life.
now where's that bloody Phoney Harawira..time for a smackin' for him toooooo!

What choices are there?

Labour, a vehicle with no steering wheel or competent driver (with the backseat filled with gays and unionists).

Greens, commie's who like organic vegetables.

Maori Party, (me a honky so I can't vote for 'em).

ACT, back stabbing Brash, looney Banks, no thanks.

National, the ONLY sensible choice.

Or do you mean National the '$300,000,000 a week budget blowout' Party? Or National 'borrow even more than Labour' Party. Or worst of all, National 'no hope of change' Party.

WEll ACT lets hear it - what would your policies be to get us out of a GFC that you could persuade more than 40% to vote for! Yes I mean 40% not 4%!

I can't speak for ACT, but following Labour's failed policies isn't the right thing to do now, is it?

You're very good at asking questions Penny. As a Nat voting Gent I would like to extend the opportunity for you to answer some...Ladies first as they say....But I feel that perhaps you can't answer and won't answer. Am I wrong???

But try answering these or are you too 'shonky'???

What she will NEVER answer though is:

1) How much does she receive in donations?

2) Conflict of interest - who makes the donations and what is their agenda/affiliation?

3) Precisely when did she cease to be a communist/Wairapa Maoist?

4) Given that Jim Gladwin is still a communist are we right in assuming that whilst no longer a party member that she still holds true to the agenda?

5) Has Penny Bright ever used the 'free services' of a certain female private investigator to dig up dirt on business roundtable members...including going through private rubbish?

6) Why does Penny Bright support Palestinian terrorism i.e. Hamas?

7) Why does Penny think that the Twin Towers were blown up by the CIA and Jewish interests?

8) Can Penny confirm or deny her past and current illegal drug use, benefit fraud and tax evasion?

9) Can Penny confirm or deny having stated that NZ would be best run under a command economy model?

(Return non-responses STILL to the sound of a whistling wind in an empty squat).

Issues John Key DOESN'T want to campaign on:

climate change
the Coastal Areas legislation
anti-smacking referendum
minimum youth rates
government spending

Nonsense, they can't get get away with that line now. This is the worst govt NZ has been afflicted with. Individuals that I ask all say that life is much harder, living is much more expensive, costs are rising. Little more than a clone of ratbag labour, who happen to enjoy the sympathy of the uninformed media. No-one from national has explained how the massive debt that is accummulating in such staggering quantities will be repaid without destroying what is left of the economy. Get rid of them, but it may be too late already.

Ur all miserable pricks aren't ya!

Every time the elections approach, some people start promising all possible things we may wish for, like improving the educational system, facilitating access to information, reforming the health care system and the insurance system, in the end, every thing will be changed for the better! For example, a couple of years ago I asked at one of these meetings what should I do to procure, on the basis of a prescription, legal steroids for my father's disease, as in the county there was no place to find them. The answer I got was that as soon as he is elected he will find a way to make certain drugs more accessible. You think he did something? well, no. I found the drugs on my own eventually, but I learned a lesson: never trust what a politician is saying!