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Key tells Dotcom to put up or shut up

Kim Dotcom has revealed more details today on his "Moment of Truth" event, scheduled for five days before the September 20 election.

The Auckland Town Hall rally will feature Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, known for his stories on Edward Snowden's leaked surveillance documents, Mr Dotcom told media today at an Internet Mana rally. The new information would have links to the Snowden affair. Other international guests will be flown in.

Prime Minister John Key responded by challenging the Internet Party founder to put up or shut up.

"If he seriously has information he should feel free to put that in the public domain," the PM said.

Mr Dotcom has promised to provide proof the PM knew about him before the January 20, 2012 raid on his mansion — something Mr Key has always denied.

"I will continue to kick arse," Mr Dotcom said.

"Do you really think I would put $4 million into a political movement like this without having a bigger picture in mind? There is something very relevant going to happen September 15."

Mr Dotcom says the announcement will cover  "What happened with the GCSB involvement in mass surveillance. What happened with the New Zealand Government being subservient to the US Government and the NSA."

Mr Key told media he has not lost any sleep over what he is calling a "political stunt" by someone who "has watched far too many episodes of House of Cards. He [Dotcom] clearly has a personality that's of an attention seeking nature."

Mr Dotcom also praised Internet Party leader Laila Harre for dealing with what he calls "the right-wing media".

"She stood up and showed them the finger and said 'I'm doing this, mother*****s.'"

Despite his praise for Ms Harre, Mr Dotcom hasn't so far brought her into his circle of trust about his September 15 rally.

Earlier, Ms Harre said, "Without knowing details of the revelations that he intends to make, [what I can say] is that every single claim Kim has made during the course of this controversy has eventually been borne out by the evidence."


Comments and questions

Ol' Dotcom is becoming a bore. Should be forgotten by the 2cnd week of September.

just check the number of likes his party get on FB and then check on national - it'll suprise you. why would you spill all on Day 1? I look forward to a September and the possible Clintonesque moment!

He's National's secret weapon, if you're into conspiracy theories :-)

The "right-wing media".

So that will be ergh....just the NBR then?

Maybe Len Brown is going to present .Com with a one way ticket to the US and this will be his leaving party. In fact Len could go with him.

The one way ticket sounds good, the cost code in the budget could be extradition, destination unknown (US), additional expenditure could be allocated for his new found friends in the IMP I am sure that an expenses' paid one way trip also would suit their lifestyle.

Does anyone else consider the possibility that his seperation from mona is purely a scam to safeguard some assets under her name until the law suit blows over?

Would that work legally?

I cant believe how our Democracy is being toyed with by Dotcom. This is becoming a disgrace. He is trying to overthrow one of the most popular govts / Prime Ministers in recent history all for his own selfish ends. He should suck it up and go face the music in the US. I think the average Kiwi has had enough of this clown.

Talk about missing the real toying with our democracy:

I.e. illegal spying on a NZ resident, at the behest of Hollywood lobbyists (by way of congress). Retrospective law changes to make the illegal legal in order to kowtow to the US. Leveling of dodgy money laundering charges solely because secondary copyright infringement is not an extraditable matter.

Then a militarised raid in Coatesville...

The whole corruption of separation of our different arms of government, with the Customs department "brownie points" to help the FBI shenanigans.

The most serious matter here is how our government (multiple branches) has kowtowed to the US, all at the behest of certain corporate interests...that's been the biggest embarrassment for many NZers, with only the Judges standing up to these interests at all.

It seems almost everyone close to Key knew about the fat guy and what was about to go down, prior to the raid. So how come Key has neither fired or, sanctioned anyone, for hanging him out to dry..??

We never had the need for raids on our normal new citizens, this guy is one out of the box and I wish he'd get back in it and go away. NZ doesn't need this great filler of space and media time.

Can't wait for February 2015. KDC knows his days are numbered. Do all you can son, soon, you'll have to face the truth. Which will not be such a bad thing as the truth will set you free Mr Dotcom. Just face it and plead guilty.

I think John Campbell will have a greater influence on the vote than dot com or the right wing media.

I hope, Dotcom gets led on to the Town Hall stage by an honour guard of Scotsmen playing bagpipes, and not to Snoop Dogg rap music.

The tension of expectation grows stronger by the day, almost as much as a premiere of Peter Jackson's next CGI hobbit movie.

i feel sorry for Hone

Why does the media continue to give Dotcom so much time? come on NBR lets report on the things that matter not waste our time with this buffoon anymore

I for one am looking forward to September 15th. Should be interesting...

What democracy? A resident of NZ has his business destroyed and assets siezed, in some Rambo-styled raid complete with helicopter gunships, all at the behest of corporate USA. (I hardly think thats demcracy or, natural justice at work!). Worse, he has not been charged with commiting any offence, under any NZ statute.

I'd be pretty p###ed to if it was me. Can't blame the fat guy for seeking a little utu.

The fatal mistake Dotcom has made is assuming anyone beyond the deluded is even listening to what he and the his puppet Harre have to say.

I agree with Hamish - let's focus on the real issues and that fool should be sent back to where he came from and let them deal with him

Democracy? It's a sorry state when you have clowns like Dotcom and Craig, thinking they can influence a nation just because they have deep pockets to promote their whack job ideas. Megalomaniacs, the pair of them.

Or John Key. Or Michael Laws.

Perhaps you'd rather Russel Norman's idea that political parties be state funded. That would solve the problem you've alluded to.

Funny-1..... Politics of envy disgusts me. Craig is wealthy so any ideologies and positive influence he may have to offer our society makes him a 'mealomaniac???
Funny-1 your title is very suitable, but adding Dumb to it would be more appropriate.

John Key telling KDC to put up or shut up is a really pathetic response, and exactly the response that KDC would have been hoping for.

When Labour voted Cunliffe into the leadership, they thought he was the guy to beat Key. That's clearly not the case. KDC is the guy.

And I don't think he'll bother the Greens. He, Harre and Hariwira won't last 5 minutes. They've already said as much.

Key is as big a clown as any of them. Loves to show off. Camping it up on the sidewalk, smooching with gays on their Big Day out (please...! )saying what women he finds "hot".

This is no great pro-democratic statesman we're saddled with, And Dotcom has right on his side re the raid issue. Why believes john Key didn't know? The fairies?