Key tells world leaders time to face reality

Prime Minister John Key’s speech to leaders at the Copenhagen summit last night reflected New Zealand’s focus on low-carbon development, innovation and influencing priorities for finance and investment.

Any global deal needed to be able to evolve and keep up with scientific knowledge, technological breakthroughs and economic and social development, he said.

It was sobering to have reached a point of the conference without having made progress on the major issues necessary for a legally binging agreement, he said.

“Any new climate change deal must shift from a system of limited participation to comprehensive global coverage.”

In urging the world’s major economies to take leadership and listen to the voices of vulnerable nations, he said major emitters needed an international commitment to mitigation and adaptation.

He also outlined New Zealand’s emissions profile – heavily influenced by agriculture and forestry – and the country’s special focus on those sectors.

“At the international level, we are advocates of setting the right accounting rules for the agriculture and forestry sector. Rules are essential for ensuring environmental integrity and for giving countries the confidence to set ambitious targets.”

The time had come for leaders to reach an agreement, he said.

“Progress will require commitment, compromise and cash. But now is the time for us all to face reality: that of all the options on the table at Copenhagen, failure is the one we can all least afford.”

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Oh dear, is that a yawn coming on! Really, do we need our PM up there pontificating? The whole thing is a total disaster and going to cost every NZ'er a bundle, for absolutely no benefit to anyone!


The Eiffel Tower is closed due to snow.

Today it's the coldest its been in Russia for four years: two already dead, the cash machines are all frozen up.

Climategate, the actual data, shows there is no AGW. The best we can hope for is the delegates at Copenhagen get a touch of hypothermia from queuing in the cold, and take the taxi home. They're wasting our money, playing loose with our freedoms.

And as for the UN which wants to run the world. They can't even run a conference. Best to report Copenhagen for what it is: the Edinburgh Comedy Festival Part II. But come on John, stop clowning around, get that idiot Smith under thumb for once, and come home (economy class please).


the only one who needs to face reality is Key. WE DO NOT WANT NUCLEAR NEW ZEALAND JOHN. WO DON'T WANT ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. At the moment John no many want you either.


Oh dear Simon,

You might have to face up to reality one day and realise that Nuclear power is the only way we can go, the problem with you greenies is, that you would rather we were all sitting around a camp fire, reading by candle light, and growing our own veges, perhaps with a cave thrown in for good measure.

Well you might like the idea, go for it, but count me out.

If there's one thing I appreciate it's progress, in our living standards and our minds.

Hugh, please try to remember it wasn't John Key that got us into this mess it was the last labour leader, Helen (I know what's best for you) Clarke, scoring brownie points and trampling on everyone else to get where she and her feminist friends think they should be.

When ever you hear the word, global warming, or climate change as it is called now, remember the words, Helen and labour.

If we don't appear to be doing anything, just where do you think we will end up selling our primary products?

I don't care for Europe calling the shots either, and I also think this global warming/climate change is garbage, but common sense must prevail, we are just a blip on the atlas, and it's the bigger more powerful countries that are calling the shots, why don't you have a crack at them instead.

National inherited this mess, not made it.


I thought he had a few more brains than this. He could have put the whole silly thing on the back burner for the next 12 months and blamed all the other parties for not having an agreement. Now he has made a fool of himself with no upside. Maybe it is just a smiley face with no substance! Sad for New Zealand.


Snow and blizzards are on the way for the UK, it is snowing in Paris and it has been snowing in Texas. John Key better get Phil Jones to massage the temperatures around the World, they are too low. Bugger. This is facing reality Mr. Key, wake up.


Why don't you stand for the Green Party next time round? You have been conned by Al , and delegated your independent vision to a paediatrician. Start focussing on matters that really count, promote New Zealand for what it does best, namely two islands that get a lot of rain, hence the green colour of our landscape, lots of grass that our animals eat and thrive on. Customers want our food because they perceive this to be the most natural process, and it gives our animals a reasonable life. Stop trying to get the photo shot with Obama.


Don't the greenies understand that their promotion of CO2 mitigation is EXACTLY what the uranium industry has been praying for? They can't believe their luck, so suddenly there is huge amounts of clever money chasing uranium exploration because they know nuclear is the way things will go when the carbon taxes massively boost prices of energy, thereby changing people's opinion about nuclear. Well done greenies!


Is John Key really pig ignorant? Or does he have shares on carbon credit trading? After all it was in trading, not producing anything useful, that he he made his millions.

He continues to not produce anything useful,

Can we *really* believe he doesn't know the whole global warming bubble has burst?

Whatever, the man is a disaster as PM. He's selling is out in so many areas it's almost incredible.


john key-NWO sell out...obviously has political aspirations way beyond small fry NZ-UN perhaps???

carbon credits are nothing more than a global tax,with more to follow,to fund the UN world govt


i'll tell you who does have the rights to carbon credits-AL GORE!!! HE FILED A PATENT FOR THEM!

ANOTHER NWO SELL OUT...check it out on the internet,its for real

another con job-no wonder he turned up and so vigorously advocated for a copenhagen global'green' tax agreement,along with obama and the clintons...all are world govt globalists


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