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Key turns the tables

Yahoo News reports:

Prime Minister John Key has turned the tables on Labour and the Greens when they attacked him in parliament over National Party fundraising.

They’re claiming it’s a corruption of democracy for the party to charge people a subscription to “cabinet clubs” where they can attend lunches and get-togethers with politicians.

Labour’s Chris Hipkins and Green Party co-leader Russel Norman on Wednesday challenged Mr Key to say it was acceptable.

“Absolutely it is and it’s been going on for a very long time,” Mr Key said.

“I could show you an example of a political party that asked people to pay $1250 to have one-on-one meetings with the MP of their choice.

“And a political party ran an event, they charged $500 and you could go with the leader and pick an MP to discuss any `important issue’.”

The Labour Party ran both those events, Mr Key said, and he went on to offer to table a speech by former deputy prime minister Sir Michael Cullen to a fund-raising dinner.

“If you really want me to stay on my feet I can continue to do so,” he told opposition MPs.

Mr Key also referred to Dr Norman’s much-publicised meeting with internet tycoon Kim Dotcom, saying the MP had “grovelled”.

“I really think that member needs to recognise his high horse went lame when he parked it up at the Dotcom mansion,” Mr Key said.

The hypocrisy of Labour on this issue especially is massive. Labour have a history of actually selling one on one meetings with MPs, and they complain about National selling tickets to breakfast and lunch meetings with MPs.

The real agenda here is Labour and the Greens want their parties to be funded by taxpayers. We should resist this strongly.

Political commentator David Farrar posts at Kiwiblog.

Comments and questions

An empty vessel(s) rings loudest...

..and just look at all the noise and attempted smears Labour, Greens and the latest political parties on the Left - TVNZ & TV3 - continue to throw around.

It might even work - distracting some from remembering that Labour have no credible policies, let alone, fully costed policies - or that their newest new leader launders secret donations through a secret trust.

And when asking Parker for details all he can say is "Trust us, we will give you the details when we are the government" Yeah Right!

An informative and analytical column today David but you seem to run out of space to mention that National are selling access to Ministers not just MPs - plus they are targetting the rich and influential. Good of you to put in your shill-ing's worth anyway.

Everybody seems to forget that the "RICH" create the jobs. If the government is the only employer where is the money supposed to come from. Everyone criticizes the Aussie's whether it be companies or banks etc but without them where would NZ be. Without people putting their brains and money into businesses there would be no jobs at all. You can't have it both ways.

People also seem to forget that the "rich" need people to work for them and people to buy their goods and services. We're all in this together baby! I just don't see why one group should be able to buy greater access to Government.

But it's Ok for Labour to target the 'poor' when they sell access to their MPs for $1250 (or $500) a pop? That's all ok then? Hypocrite!

Spot - on. How could Labour and the Greens have not seen their hypocrisy and walked in to this one?

Because they were asleep when intellect was being distributed by our maker.!

You should not encourage the prime minister to keep giving smart flippant remarks;it is his major flaw.
Sorry to sound like a school teacher, but a more serious consideration of matters raised would be more appropriate behaviour for a prime minister.
paleo martin

Brilliant from Mr Key!! I suppose the left media will ignore the truth.

"Key turns the tables"

Yeah, but who in the National Party has got the mongrel to make it stick?

Labour is working on the simple theory - "if you repeat a lie 1000 times it becomes a truth". Unfortunately it is working aided by TV1, TV3 and the political reporters sorry commentators...