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Revealed: Kim Dotcom's 'intimidating' emails to neighbours

UPDATE: Dotcom Mansion neighbour France Komoroske told NBR this afternoon that she was unfazed by the illegal guns found on the raided property Friday.

Asked whether she would still take up Kim Dotcom's offer to come around for coffee (see email end of story), Ms Komoroske replied: 

"Sure, I'd take him up on his invitation if he hasn't retracted it."

Certainly, there would be a lot to talk about.

Ms Komoroske said at the time Mr Dotcom was applying for Overseas Investment Office approval to buy the mansion (owned by Chrisco founders Richard and Ruth Bradley), she contacted the OIO to make it aware of her concerns, and details of the German millionaire's colourful past.

The US ex-pat retired lawyer told NBR that the OIO gave her the run-around, refusing to directly address key points. However, one thing's clear from her lengthy 2010 correspondence to and from the OIO, sighted by NBR: it would not have helped Mr Dotcom's bid to buy the mansion (which was ultimately declined).

9am: A retired lawyer living near Kim Dotcom's rented mansion in Coatesville, just north of Auckland, says some in the community were intimidated by an email the pirate-accused sent to his neighbours.

France Komoroske, who lives only a few hundred metres from the mansion, told NBR, "This all started because of Kim's driving habits."

Mr Dotcom was  - literally - scaring the horses in the affluent rural lifestyle suburb by "racing a Mercedes with a big rumbling engine down the road. It sounded like a rocket ship. Kim wouldn't slow down. He terrified our horses when we were riding down our road, and I was afraid one of them would run over one of our cats while they were racing back and forth," Ms Komoroske said.

She and her partner Kevin Crossley became further concerned after reading newspaper articles about their new neighbour, who has a previous conviction for insider trading.

"I began to wonder how he had gotten permission to live in New Zealand given his criminal record and background."

Ms Komoroske put her concerns in an email to neighbours. One forwarded it to the mansion's owners - Chrisco co-founders Richard and Ruth Bradley - who in turn forwarded the email to Mr Dotcom, apparently leaving all the neighbours' email addresses in the forwarded correspondence.

Mr Dotcom responded with a reply to all his neighbours.

Ms Komoroske said although Mr Dotcom was attempting humour with his email (which she fowarded to NBR; below), some did not take it that way.

"I took it as a joke and I wasn’t scared. But it was intimidating to some people who thought he might do them harm so backed off at that point."

The email, dated April 21, 2010, reads:

Dear Neighborhood-watch,

As you all know I recently moved into the Neighborhood and I am a former hacker. Well I was just hacking into a local mail server and guess what I found.

First of all let me assure you that having a criminal Neighbor like me comes with benefits.

1. Our newly opened local money laundering facility can help you with your tax fraud optimization.

2. Our network of international insiders can provide you with valuable stock tips.

3. My close personal relations with other (far worse) criminals can help you whenever you have to deal with a nasty Neighbor.

In all seriousness: My wife, two kids and myself love New Zealand and 'We come in peace'.

Fifteen years ago I was a hacker and 10 years ago I was convicted for insider trading. Hardly the kind of crimes you need to start a witch hunt for. Since then I have been a good boy, my criminal records have been cleared, and I created a successful Internet company that employs 100+ people.

All the media has to report are old news. Why? Because I have chosen to avoid the media. Just look what the media did to this Neighborhood. Scary.

Now you can make a choice: 1: Call Interpol, the CIA, and the Queen of England and try to get me on the next plane out of New Zealand. 2: Sit back, relax and give me a chance to do good for New Zealand and possibly the Neighborhood.

If you feel like it come over for coffee sometimes. And don't forget to bring the cocaine (joke).

All the best, Kim.

The above email was first revealed in a story by the UK's Guardian newspaper.

This morning, after speaking to NBR, Ms Komoroske forwarded the original missive from Kim Dotcom, plus a never-before-seen follow-up in which he offers to met her for coffee.

While the retired lawyer was not intimitated, and could see Mr Dotcom's original message as an attempt at levity, another neighbour - "an older gentleman with no sense of humour about the affair" - was sufficiently alarmed about the original email that he took the matter to Prime Minister John Key's office, and Interpol.

Ms Komoroske said it was clear to her that Mr Dotcom had discovered the neigbours' email addresses simply by scrolling down the message thread - and that the hacking reference was a joke. But the neighbour who called Mr Key's office took it seriously, thinking the alleged hacker had gained access to the community's inboxes (ironically, it's now become clear that the FBI was accessing the German's inbox).

Mr Dotcom made it a condition of the meeting that the Interpol-calling neighbour accompany Ms Komoroske.

He refused, and the meeting never took place.

The second email read:

Dear France,

Today after 5PM would be fine. Just one condition.

You are welcome here if you also bring head-prosecutor Bruce Conyngham, your expert in Neighborhood warfare.

It would be nice to meet the two leaders of the Coatesville Inquisition movement in person.


P.S. Do you really think I hacked your emails? Nonsense. One of my agents has infiltrated your family :-) 

ALL QUIET IN COATESVILLE: Dotcom Mansion yesterday. (Photos above and top of story: Chris Keall; click to zoom.)

When NBR visited Dotcom Mansion yesterday, there was not a soul to be seen, with no one around the household, nor even a security guard at the gatehouse, to break the silence.

The community appreciates the difference.

"The day before yesterday was the first day in a long time that we could ride our horses safely down the road, knowing that Kim and his posse are locked up in Mt. Eden Prison," Ms Komoroske said.

More by Chris Keall

Comments and questions

Without being a comment on copyright theft, that's up to the courts now, I see nothing wrong with the above email when read in context. You can never drop context.

He knew his neighbours had concerns and I think this answers to them with a nice balance of humour (playing up to media fed expectations to take the heat out of them), downright honesty, and there's even a pleasant sounding personality that comes through.


Totally agree

Get over it

Little old NZ always has to play the role of nosey neighbours. Even now everyone comes out of the woodwork and has their say - it was reported when he arrived that he had past criminal convictions - so nothing new

We have always been described as a country full of sheep and most of the 4.5M humans are also in that category. Where are the kiwi's with intellect and commonsense - surely they should be attacking the CIA and USA Government for fixing these charges - all due to protecting the extortion of the US film industry who are constantly rorting the public with their charges when they could easily distribute their material in a similar way at reduced costs to the public

This isn't abot Mr Dotcom you idiots - its about the power of the USA film industry and the USA Government who they lobby and fund


Sounds like a pretty funny guy who is a least honest about his past

I thought it was funny and not intimating. If fact he was joking about using his criminal connections for their benefit, not against them.

Apathy & ignorance will always win over the masses.

Just look at our political system – we have the Labour Party in constant collusion with the Unions holding Auckland and the wider North Island to ransom whilst demanding more for less – exacerbated and highlighted in the PoAL stoush.

This is called extortion – and somehow it’s legal (WTF?) – and it’s encouraged and supported by, what was a major a political party of NZ – who were also the previous government no less!

How can Labour ever claim any form of mandate to even attempt to run for government when their bully boy union cohorts extort from a business they hold to ransom, where that extortion causes multi-million dollars in on-going commercial sabotage?

This is what the Occupy movement should be protesting against – political parties that encourage this kind of thinking and behaviour. We don’t need another Syria here in NZ…

Yawn -
No big deal.
I guess the local Coatesville lawyer is a bit rural and easily spooked.

Wake up to the 'real world' everything is techno nowadays..don't live in the'll get left behind..leave Dotcom alone...we all know it's a conspiracy..besides you're all being spied on without you knowing about it everyday..all computers have id's (ip addresses) and mobile phones have imei electronic signatures...get real!!!

Going outdoors is scary for some people.

The more I read about this guy the more I like him. Why do the majority of NZders take themslves so seriously? C'mon we ain't that special!

Just a little German humour that falls flat. No surprises there.

A refreshingly bold man, and the best laugh I've had all week reading this banter.

Pity the dour humourless folk seem to have all manner of coercive 'authorities' to surpress the more colourful people in their communities. New Zealand needs more foreigners to come here that can give show us how to give the middle finger to some of the over-bearing, meddling and distorting international rackets that our government unfortunately signs us up for all too often.

How sad is is to see how weak we are to facilitate the expropriration and extradition of those that deserve much better procedural protection from over-reaching foreign interests.

He's about as funny as an oral cold sore.

Was that a lame attempt at humor Jeblee Kwok? 'Cause you ain't that funny

Would be interested to know if his driving became more considerate after the emails? :)

is it just me, or does kimble look just like my old comrade sergeant shultz from hogan's hero's - sans helmet

I know nothing - NOTHING!

I'd be interested to know if any of his neighbours actually took up his invitation and went over there. He's a 38 year old kid, with more money than sense, having a good time, spending large and enjoying his life with his mates. There would be lots of people that might behave the same way, if they had the same opportunity.

While I appreciate dotcoms attempt at humour, there is nothing in his email that suggests that he has acknowledged his impact on the neighbours, or will do anything about it.

Read between the lines, buddy. Clearly the guy has mellowed over time, and some of the rough edges have been knocked off.

It appears what Dotcom found objectionable was to be subject to a witchhunt over his background -- that was the subject he addressed -- and not an unreasonable defence.

If I were a betting man I'd wager he may have changed the cars he used and/or his driving style at least somewhat to reduce the impact on his neighbours' horses.

Give the man a Knighthood, after watching the 'doco' of he and his mates in Monaco living life to the full his personality comes through, we need more fun loving people like him in our dour country...

What this Kim Dotcom case tells us, is that if someone, irrespective of past offending -- buys $10m of government bonds, permanent residency is a shoe-in.

Friggen awesome.

Typical anal Coatesvillian horse wowsers - think they own the roads. I live there - and if I had responded to the retired lawyer I would not have been so funny or polite.

P.S. this crucifixion by the media must stop. Leave Kim alone.

I also live in Coatesville and have to suffer through horse riders - on the road instead of pathways- often two or three horses abreast. They should be thinking about their own safety rather than relying on others to think for them.

Sounds like he has a sense of humour - we need more of that in NZ.

Have any of you morons ever been on a horse with a vehicle driving past? Or are you the ones in the vehicles sounding your horns when they pass the horses? those of us who live in the country expect some respect for our lives and want people to slow down passing the horses (and other livestock that our economy depends on) for our safety. And the safety of all other road users like cyclists and pedestrians too. Theres not much funny about being thrown off a horse on the road.

Imagine if a green loving vegetation riding his bike with his mate ( two abreast as is their god given right) on a single lane country meets two country dwellers riding their horses two abreast (as their god given right )coming the other way ….I wonder who would give way?
I am sure the result would be violence not humour.

A German with a sense of humour, a rare specimen indeed. You have great command of the english lanuage given thatit is your second lanuage. All the best taking on the gravey train of holloywood.

And the irony of this all is that the lawmakers in America (the one's chasing Kim) are immune from prosecution for insider trading and can launder their ill gotten gains through "legal" offshore banks.

I hear that Coutts of Newmarket are holding a sausage sizzle this weekend to raise funds for his legal defense.

Get horses off the road, its for cars not wildlife.
People who ride horses are as whiny as cyclists.

Any Kiwi with kids and pets has the God given right to take issue with any idiot low life drop kick that speeds in their street. Personally, I'd say it's more right for them to shot the speeding drop kick than to shot an armed intruder. The armed intruder has yet to fire the weapon... the speedster has!

Who said he was speeding? It appears no one had the good grace to take up his coffee offers and discuss in a neighbourly way their concerns.

Thisis the worst of NZ. People despising someone because they dont fit the mould and then refusing to have their narrow minds changed.

It is quite obvious who the badly behaved neighbours are.

You chise to have kids. He chose to have cars. I bet your little brats piss a lot of people off and you do nothing about it. Grow up and learn what it means to be a good neighbour.

It is, no pun intended, a two way street.

Love Kim's humour. Biggest laugh out loud I've had all week....and I ain't a spring chick but an old bird with a sense of humour. Why are we Kiwis so up tight?

I hate cats, run them over dotcom

he spends money - he pays taxes - good for the nation (He probably pays more than half the labour party combined) - but NO we have to moan - why because we a jealous that some foreign bloke can live the life we can't afford - and that includes the neighbour who is envious every time he sees the big house compared to his own shed - we are pathetic. Instead of moaning we should be worried about the US government interfering with our domestic affairs - that is scary and needs to be discussed not the blokes B rate car collection.

Rather than expend time and resources at the request of outside agencys, shouldn't our authorities be concentrating on some of our own miscreants who have done so much financial harm. K dot has spread some money around to our benifet as opposed to ripping us off.

This story is lead article on your homepage? OMG, NBR has turned into The Truth! A real shame. Leave the sensationalism in your bedrooms. Will

Yep you got me, sensational headline = more page views = more ads. Well done I hope you're content with a career of creating page filler to support ads. You're just an overpaid Amazon Turk.

I've nailed it..... Its really Benny Hill....... Just wish I was a mate of his. Looks like he knew how to have a 'fun' time.
Just waiting for the headline to come out "you've been pranked'

I'm bored already KIm dotcom who? Lets cover some real news

Mr Dotcom is not really my cup of tea, and his driving antics would drive me to distraction.
However the actions of some the neighbours reflect the real nature of this country. Small minded people living at the end of the world. New Zealanders don't realize it but they are actually very conservative and Mr Dotcoms "out there" personality is just unpalatable to many New Zealanders sense of respectability.

Don't be offended now

boring people = boring country

Anyway ...looks like Mr Dotcoms is a bit of trouble.

in desporate persuite of persuite of the perfect dream

hood but New Zealand is a boring place with small minded people living at the end of the world and New Zealand society iety zealanders

Has cars... I'm absolutely sure my AMG bests yours and my kids also best your best effort (holding aloft little finger). Despise him... I don't. Loathe antisocial behavior... I do. Speeding on a public road when there are perfectly good race tracks is only done by (holding little finger aloft) little people. BTW any AMG that can be heard is breaking the speed limit.


Interesting point, there are several ex finance, investment, developer types that have shot through, living here in Coatesville, burned many a fellow Kiwi doing it to. Any of them in jail?
Double standards, one might say. This guy's only crime in NZ appears to be, he enjoys himself too much, can't have that can we?

A bit more time at her majestys pleasure it seems. Justice jelly knees has delivered the utterly predictable the same as the tweedle dee & tweedle dums do for traffic charges. Looking forward to 70+ raids with airborne in Fanganui neighbourhoods any day now.

oh yawn - I and I suspect a lot of other people are sick of hearing about this fat b*st*rd. There's so much other stuff thats interesting and exciting happening in tech so lets just ignore this chap like he deserves

Who'd want to live in Coastesville after this story? In summary, nosey, narrow-minded wowsers for neighbours who don't have a funny bone in their body. Far from Dotcom giving their precious Coasteville a bad name, they do. Not a place I'd like to live thank-you very much.

At least Dotcom has a sense of humour of those along with all Mercedes and Pink Cadillac.

Funny email, and a fairly restrained one at that considering he is communicating with people that are trying to disrupt his life behind his back.
'and it all started because he was scaring the horses". Good grief!
This guys problem is that he's an outsider and not a 'board member'. He's not having dinner with Google/Youtube/Disney Ceo's, and his new music site (it would have been massive, would have cut out the media monopolies, and would have paid the artists) I think literally scared the s*** out of the industry.

its the same old BS the media only paid to report one side of the story, why didnt they report he was launching a new website with some of the most popular artists in todays music industry, and there were some big name recording companys that didnt want this to happen, so find some trumped up charges for extradition STOP the extradition if he is extraditied to another country what hope is thier for anyone who has money or does something that the american elite dont like

i wanna wrk with this imagine what he could do for nz and the music industry hear.

Teach me how 2 be a hacker please

You all reckon the guy's innocent? So what's the problem, he goes to the US of A, proves he is innocent, sues Uncle Sam for trillions then returns to NZ to live happily ever after? No? Then what am I missing?