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Kim Dotcom releases new raid footage

Kim Dotcom has just released new footage of the January 20, 2012 raid on his rented mansion - complete with a cheesy soundtrack.

Megaupload co-accused Bram van der Kolk told NBR ONLINE the footage is taken primarily from Mr Dotcom's private CCTV system.

On May 31, Chief High Court Judge Helen Winkelmann ordered Police to sort through all items seized from Kim Dotcom’s home during the raid and return material, such as digital photos or video, not relevant to the FBI’s case against him.

Comments and questions

I'm very concerned about AOS.
If they cannot hit a target the size of Mr Dotcom then, yes, I believe we should all be very worried.

If you see the AOS in action, duck for cover. Because more than likely you'll catch the slug before the offender does.

All of those from the top down - yes, that means you Key - should be mortally embarrassed. This extra footage shows a mentality from the authorities that could have only come from watching too many trashy American movies. And to think, this effort is never put into catching the real scumbags in NZ. Disgusting.

I'm sure just a polite knock on the door would not only have yielded a better result, but also would have being a darn sight cheaper for the taxpayer.

Over-hyped drongos storming the citadel.

"Don't worry, I won't sue NZ."

I hope he does, to ensure something as pathetic as this never happens again.

I suspect if I rounded up a group of thugs with guns and helicopters and burst into John Key's house at the crack of dawn I would go up in front of a judge, be told what I had done was illegal, then ..... be jailed.

Why is John Key allowed to apologise on national TV then walk free?
Why are none of the individual clowns from police and GCSB not held personally responsible?
Has New Zealand turned into a complete banana republic?

Another example of corruption in NZ.

Note the Air NZ story above this one, re price fixing by a government-owned company.

If NZ carries on this path then in 10 years it will be no better than an African police state. Saying sorry doesn't cut it, John Keys...

When the US whispers into a National goverment's ear, they oblige.
Just as they would have done, had they been the government at the time of the illegal invasion of Iraq.

And more concerning how many other people has this happened to?

John, your question is possibly rhetorical. And yes, I did vote for these guys at the last election!

Hey, wombles, this was a copyright infringement dispute; not a free-the-hostages scenario. So, a simple summons would have sufficed.

Did you lot watch countless Rambo movies to get yourselves all jazzed up for this or what?

Considering this is NZ it makes you wonder if they put this sort of effort into actual criminals that harm people how much safer it would be. This makes me rather sad to see grown men behave like idiots - climbing the massive unlocked gate to arrest the security.....
Look out for those scary cars in the garage they could be dangerous and shoot back...... what the hell were they expecting!

National Security Risk.
Real and Present danger to our ability to defend our shores.
Openly undermining our Intelligence Service.
Continues to joke about armed and violent response.

Banana republic USA poodle ... good one NZ.

It was very fortunate that Helen Clark was PM and limited our involvement in the two disastrous Middle East wars. And I am a National Party supporter!

The whole unfortunate affair makes us look like a bunch of dumb, forelock tugging bunnies.
Where were our critical faculties and ability to exercise independent judgement; obviously absent!
And this applies to our politicians as well as our police.

From all the old proud members of what was once a fine constabulary I have in my family and their wide circle of colleagues, they just shake their heads in shame to see what the force and its management has become.
I hope Kim Dotcom sues till the politicians' noses bleed then they, too, can be brought to account.

Maaate! Did you see how that Ninja Turtle cop, leapt over the picket fenced gate, with all the agility and aplomb of a fawning lap dog answering his master's whistle? And at the mansion's front door, did you see the bro' with his laser-scoped assault rifle pointing inches from his foot? Soooo lucky, he didn't aerate it.

Jack C: Yes I voted for them, too.
Kim Dotcom: Please accept my apologies for assisting these people into power.
Voting Public: Who is there in New Zealand politics worth voting for? Labour want to borrow until we change our name to Greece. National want to turn us into the 51st State of USA (I believe suggestion is to rename New Zealand Lap Land - although name is in current usage; Obama will legislate to remove incumbent copyright owner’s claim to name). Winston Peter’s? The only time I have actually heard him speak passionately was in a bar in Courtney Place! With these political leaders it is not surprising that police force strategy is based on Hollywood movies.