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Kim Dotcom turns on Franklin Rd Xmas lights, poses with Auckland Mayor Len Brown

Accused internet pirate Kim Dotcom chalked up another couple of PR victories last night.

The giant German agreed to switch on the Franklin Rd Christmas lights, and posed outside a pub at the end of the street with Auckland Mayor Len Brown.

It was a measure of how far Mr Dotcom's status has shifted in the public mind since his arrest in the January 20 police raid on his mansion.

Duriing the mayoral election, Mr Dotcom supported Mr Brown's rival, John Banks, with a $50,000 donation filed as anonymous. The donation was the subject of a comprehensive police report but ultimately no charges.

Each year thousands of Aucklanders walk or drive past homes in Franklin Rd, whose lit up decorations have become a city institution.

The display often brings traffic in the area to a standstill during evenings. 

This year there was controversy as Auckland Council demanded organisors seek a permit for switch on ceremony.

A campaign by Bill Ralston and Hamish Keith saw the Council waive fees for the permit.

"A great event in the end and the street is looking its best ever," Mr Keith told NBR ONLINE the morning after.

Comments and questions

He will sure become the MP from Helensville in 2014. Good luck, Kim.Com

Good thinking and in the meantime...
Kim Dotcom for mayor.

Good point. However, which is the "bigger" clown?

Define "bigger" in the "context" of clown.

Please advise.

i could not agree more. All we have had come out of that electorate so far are Garret, who is still given the time of day by Truth newspaper and the Sensible Sentencing. And, of course, the other joke, Banks backer Key. Kim for MP, yes.

who ate all the pies

What a shame this once innocent country has fallen weak to the snare of evil deceivers, greed and corruption! Auckland i feel for you, you are controlled by demons. Get out before darkness prevails or, you can put a stop to it. NZ stand up for morals and values, before your country sinks to the father of all demons.
Open your eyes world and look for the hidden truth.

Man, I want to smoke some of what you are smoking.

evil deceivers, greed corruption, you must be talking RIAA, DRM and the movie industry in general mate !

Thanks for the input, Bishop Tamaki!

I guess you're talking about the current council and its leader?

Just as long as you don't come here, crazy cat man / lady

Great to see dotcom doing his thing for Christmas - I admire the man - yes maybe he should be mayor - Kim keep up the good work- we love u and what u r doing.
An inspiration for us

I'm surprised the Chow brothers weren't there too

I heard they were busy accidentally structurally weakening some more historic buildings.

Kim Dotcom for Prime Minister - then this country will grow!!!!! - We are sick and tired of the puppet masters like John Key who are only solar powered facades for real leadership. We have seen the Arab Spring - now for the Pacific ......

Care to tell us which party you voted for in the last two elections?

Jeeezus how naive are we? We adopt this manipulative clown as an icon of something and have the Mayor of our largest city stand smirking alongside him?

Auckland has a Major?

Yes, Len Brown was photographed standing alongside the mayor....

Better than the Ridges!


Kim.Con certainly has a knack..
Looks like Comrade Len and the Labour team have been sucked in too by the BFG. Or is it just that some people will do anything for the publicity.

Kim.Con certainly has a knack..
Looks like Comrade Len and the Labour team have been sucked in too by the BFG. Or is it just that some people will do anything for the publicity.

Yep, Len was there for the publicity....

Why do you give this loser the limelight?

Please show some respect for Len!

Kim.Com brings more game than most, and it would appear the tall poppy nature of NZ society likes to tear him down.. Harden up lads. Commercially, he's done better than the majority of NZers.

The irony of a fat guy in black who drives a number plate 'evil' switching on Xmas lights is really an example of how pathetic NZ has become.

The weekend before it was busloads of people visiting Dot Con's mansion, this weekend it was Dot Con turning on the lights and next weekend it will be Dot Con entrenched as president! Don't we have any worthy NZers who could have flicked off the switch. Get this clown off our TVs and out of the media.

Clearly not.

None who hide behind anom.

Drongo Len can't resist any photo op.

Kim.Com has a great sense of humour and is using it well in contrast to some miserable writers who inhabit your comments column. Cheers!

Thanks for all of your feedback!

You people north of the Bombay Hills are crazy.
Do you really worship money that much?
He has purchased your love, you plunkers?
Are you that cheap?
Well, the brothel bros bought you too, didn't they?
God defend New Zealand. We are sure going to need it.