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Kiwi Chris Liddell poised to lead key Romney team

Republican challenger Mitt Romney has a real chance of defeating Barack Obama - and if he does, Kiwi Chris Liddell will lead his tranisition team, according to a Huffington Post report.

According to a HuffPo story posted today:

Leading the day-to-day transition team operations is Chris Liddell, the former chief financial officer of Microsoft and General Motors, who helped manage the automaker's finances when it was going through managed bankruptcy with the help of millions of dollars in government funds.

Mr Liddell abruptly quit GM last year, amid speculation he had been passed over for the top job.

He is still looking for his next challenge; the November election on November 4 could provide it.

Meanwhile, the latest poll-of-polls shows President Obama regaining a razor-thin 0.4% lead over Mr Romney - who moved ahead after his strong showing in the debate on October 4. Snap polls by CBS and CNN both had Obama winning the second debate on October 17.

Under the US electoral college system, the race comes down to just 16 swing states, with a special emphasis on Ohio and Florida. Obama a nose ahead in Ohio, while Romney has the edge in Florida.

Most pundits say it will be difficult for Mr Romney to gain an electoral college majority unless he can win Ohio - where, ironically for Mr Liddell, the popular perception is that the President saved GM.

A popular Democrat slogan is that GM is alive, and Osama Bin Laden dead.

Mr Liddell, who lead GM's successful post-bankruptcy IPO, would beg to take some of the credit for the first achievement.

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You may be driving faster than you can see

Nothing to learn from Old Europe

Lidell will be gainfully unemplyed post election - this Romney guy will not win nor will it be particularly a close result.

I assume Lidell is an an amazing businessman, smart, and accomplished, the kind of guy I'd want associated with my business. But man if he is associated with Romney I hate his politics.

A donkey leading a muel.

You mean, "mule".

Lets hope Liddell is in the Job market come 7th November
We don't want WW3 started by a Kiwi which after all only comes out at night