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Labour crashes in latest poll

A series of mini-scandals have failed to touch the sides. Support for the government surged four points in the latest Herald Digipoll.

Labour sank six points to 29.5%.

Leader David Cunliffe crashed a similar amount to 11.1% - worse than the worst rating of his pedecessor, David Shearer.

The poll would allow National to govern alone. It's headline results:

National: 50.8 (Dec 2013: 46.8)
Labour:  29.5 (35.4)
Greens: 13.1 (10.8)
NZ First: 3.6 (3.9)
Conservative: 1.3 (1.3)
ACT: 0.8 (0)

The brouhaha over an Antoine's fundraiser did not dent the PM. John Key's preferred Prime Minister rating rose 4.6 points to 66.5% - close to his all-time high of 70% during National's first term.

"It's not a great poll," Mr Cunliffe said on TVNZ's Breakfast. 

"But we're already on the front foot," he said over Judith Collins and what he called "crony capitalism" (the poll would have captured part of the reaction to the PM ticking off Ms Collins on March 12 after she initially failed to fully inform his office of all events around the Oravida controversy).

"There's only one poll that counts," the Labour leader said, falling on the old chestnut.

The poll of 750 eligible voters was conducted between March 6 and March 16. The party vote figures are of decided voters only.

See full results here and commentator Matthew Hooton's reaction here.


Comments and questions

Labour will be so utterly depressed by the latest poll, that they should be placed on a suicide watch.

Labours problem is still the ego's within Labour

If they were more cohesive they could romp in

Last election it was Cunliffe stiffing Phil Goff - this time its Shane Jones and Robertson stiffing Cunliffe

National doesn't even have to provide the ammo - Labour does it well on its own

What a bunch of dorks the Labour caucus are

Labour is clearly heading towards a monumental defeat in September unless it changes its leader in a big hurry. Cunliffe has not only shown himself to be a hypocrite (leafy suburb and secret donations) but a dead head dinosaur policy maker as well (increase taxes to make the dependents even worse off, more regulations and government interventions) - did not take middle NZ to wake up to this loser.

Not a National Party voter so please do not throw that one at me - just calling a spade a spade.

Labour needs to wake up in a big hurry as only 6 months to go. A strong Labour is good for NZ.

At least Shearer had some integrity.

secret bank acc?

In fairness, the same hasn't held John Key back...

Labour has no show until they find a winning leader, which they will eventually. But it's not Grant Robertson or Shane Jones.

Unless Cunliffe resigns today and the party unifies behind either Grant or Shane (unlikely in the case of Shane) then the Greens are going to beat Labour in 2014.

There is no way Cunliffe will resign - you don't get these opportunities again, and he's too ambitious

Now that scenario gives me the s**ts! Because Labour is weak greens benefit. Because Labour is weak and divided means Dot Com gets some airplay and, God help us, recognition. But because Labour is weak we get a green-led opposition would be almost as bad as a green government! Please God, no!

My take on all of it.The NZs are more interested in the well being of the country, as made prosperous by the National Party Government.To support a coalition of two coalition parties such as the Green/Labour ideaologies to turn the country back to the 1970s when unions ruled beggars belief.The NZ voters have been there done that and watched the economy implode.

Fortunately your take isn't reality.

Ah, the ideologue is still with us (although perhaps on suicide watch as his is incapable of taking his red tinted lenses off, even if only for a few moments).

Hard for the Labour vehicle to gain any traction when their tyres are completely bald on a road which is iced-over and the driver is impaired.

In the inimitable words of Damien O'Connor, "Labour has become nothing more than a party of self-serving unionists and a gaggle of gays" wonder even their grass root supporters are abandoning them in droves.


Labour must see this as a crisis.
Never let a crisis pass you by.
If the different vested interests still cannot come together in the face of this - they deserve their fate.
there is nothing clever about positioning to take over from cunliffe after the election - take over what - a corpse

Sank, not sunk. Labour sank 6 points.

All power to you. I'm with you all the way. Few radio announcers know that sang is the past tense of sing. Journalists do not seem to know the word sank exists. Listen to talk-back for a while and you'll start to believe the past tense of do is done. Using past particles as past tense is almost standard in NZ English, and that is sad.

Don't get me started. Why don't people know the past tense of lead is led? Why do people want to "grow" companies? But you're referring to journalists, who are just as bad as the rest of the populace – they no longer get taught enough spelling and grammar. And, no, I can't get to every story that has a sung instead of a sang in it though I do my best. Sorry, wish I could. I can, however, embarrass the reporter involved, who is not from the generation I am complaining about. He inhabits a far corner of NBR Towers and I am glaring at him now …

My beef is with Christchurch rebuild" should be "rebuilding"

Our generation might think so but the language does move on. Rebuild is a widely adopted and accepted word - I can't fight that one. "Growing" a company, however, is one I will fight on the beaches ….

While you're at it you could perhaps tell those tycoons busy growing their businesses, that North is a compass point.

Its a Blue tidal wave in Aussie as well.
Labour globally is '"so last century"'
Irrelevant to the requirements of growth and economic resposibility.
Even the entitlement culture of the Democrates in the USA is failing to produce a lift in living standards and growth.

The problem is Labours factions. The labour list this year will be their making or breaking. Past criticisms of the list being dominated by "self serving unionists and Gays" is obvious to middle NZ and they dont like it. Now the list has to include Regional representation and even gender equality. If they dont get some new blood representing middle NZ high into the list they are stuffed. There are plenty of people willing to promote and support Labour, but it must appeal to middle NZ not extreme minorities as they seem to be doing. If the likes of Stuart Nash, Hamish McDouall and others that have stood for Labour in the hard times arent in the top 30- 40 the writing will be on the wall for National to get a third term.

The problem with the Left in this country and Labour in particular is that it is still fighting the 1980s, but the world has moved on. They are just not relevant. Labour (and the Left) has got to stand for more than being a political party that taxes the rich pricks because they deserve it only to spend the money on welfare and election bribes (is that all they've got) while at the same time spouting silly claims that only they understand and work for social justice, a fair and equal society, or value identity and everybody else is an arsehole.

The sun has set on the children of the revolution; the flower power hand clapping hippy, the sisterhood with her fist full of values and abundant armpit hair. That was their youth of the late 1960-1970s, but that world and the America that birthed it has gone. The men get married to each other now, everybody found sex and far too many died from it. The daring thrill of drug taking turned into a flood of tears in rehab. Labour, it's time you moved on.

So that means National can swing to the right now and start making some real changes for individual choices and freedom ... like repeal anti-smacking? like repeal ubiquitous nanny-State surveillance? like cut taxes back to flat rates for all? like roll-back the RMA?

.... ummm, no didn't think so.

A steady as we go National centralist government with one or two supporting players is a far better prospect than the alternative. The vast majority of New Zealanders are about to witness Labour tear itself apart by factional groups. If there is one thing any organisation struggles with it is internal factional groups, each behaves in a way, either intentionally or inadvertently to destabilize the other faction.

The "new Labour" mechanism for selecting a leader is so deeply flawed that until it is changed, the possibility of selecting a new leader who is capable of pulling them back from the brink of irrelevance is a lottery.

the groups within the Labour Party, Unions, Members, who put Cunliffe at the top are responsible. The caucus majority knew better what he was like and probably knew the outcome now showing. Sadly for the party, there doesn't appear to be a leader in waiting as both Robertson and Jones are not up to scratch either.

They might as well put Dotcom in charge, really how worse can it get?????

A lot worse.....they could put Len Brown in charge!!!!!

I read Labour are still pushing the Collins non issue. Don't they realise most voters are over it or don't care. But they will keeping digging a bigger hole for themselves.

No they don't realise. And there is the problem.

The big mistake was replacing Phil Goff & now Labor are paying the price for their ageist behaviour.

A bigger mistake was dredging up Matt McCarten. Only the small few die-hard unionists still alive will see him as the saviour.

The party is now almost defunct - 10% are hard core Greens - Maori voters go with National these days - so I did a quick calculation - if there is 3M elgible voters and that means Labours 900,000 voters are made up of 300,000 union members, 300,000 life long Labour voters and 300,000 mixture of reason voters - that is not even a base to build anything on and no mandate for anything.

The best that can happen is National governs alone and then they can be judged on their performance alone fro 2014 onwards.

Shane Jones will take over at NZ First

What I would like to know is, what do those traditional Labour voters still voting for Labour circa 2014 actually think they are voting for. Because this party wouldnt know a working man if they fell over him.