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Labour releases list

UPDATE / 2.15pm: Labour has just released its candidate list.

The list contains 30 men and 34 women.

MPs with names in bold have electorates.

See Matthew Hooton's analysis at Eight Labour candidates walk from list.

1       David Cunliffe

2       David Parker

3       Grant Robertson

4       Annette King

5       Jacinda Ardern

6       Nanaia Mahuta

7       Phil Twyford

8       Clayton Cosgrove

9       Chris Hipkins

10     Sue Moroney

11     Andrew Little

12     Louisa Wall

13     David Shearer

14     Su'a William Sio

15     Maryan Street

16     Phil Goff

17     Moana Mackey

18     Kelvin Davis

19     Meka Whaitiri

20     Megan Woods

21     Raymond Huo

22     Damien O'Connor

23     Priyanca Radhakrishnan

24     Iain Lees-Galloway

25     Rachel Jones

26     David Clark

27     Carol Beaumont

28     Poto Williams

29     Carmel Sepuloni

30     Tamati Coffey

31     Jenny Salesa

32     Liz Craig

33     Deborah Russell

34     Willow-Jean Prime

35     Jerome Mika

36     Tony Milne

37     Virginia Andersen

38     Claire Szabo

39     Michael Wood

40     Arena Williams

41     Hamish McDouall

42     Anjum Rahman

43     Sunny Kaushal

44     Christine Greer

45     Penny Gaylor

46     Janette Walker

47     Richard Hills

48     Shanan Halbert

49     Anahila Suisuiki

50     Clare Wilson

51     James Dann

52     Kelly Ellis

53     Corie Haddock

54     Jamie Strange

55     Katie Paul

56     Steven Gibson

57     Chao-Fu Wu

58     Paul Grimshaw

59     Tracey Dorreen

60     Tofik Mamedov

61     Hikiera Toroa

62     Hugh Tyler

63     Susan Elliot

64     Simon Buckingham

Labour Party List 2011 General Election

1          GOFF, Phil

2          KING, Annette

3          CUNLIFFE, David

4          PARKER, David

5          DYSON, Ruth

6          HOROMIA, Parekura

7          STREET, Maryan

8          COSGROVE, Clayton

9          MALLARD, Trevor

10       MORONEY, Sue

11       CHAUVEL, Charles

12       MAHUTA, Nanaia

13       ARDERN, Jacinda

14       ROBERTSON, Grant

15       LITTLE, Andrew

16       JONES, Shane

17       SIO, Sua William

18       FENTON, Darien

19       MACKEY, Moana

20       PRASAD, Rajen

21       HUO, Raymond

22       BEAUMONT, Carol

23       DAVIS, Kelvin

24       SEPULONI, Carmel

25       BARKER, Rick

26       MAHUTA-COYLE, Deborah

27       NASH, Stuart

28       CURRAN, Clare

29       BURNS, Brendon

30       HIPKINS, Chris

31       SHEARER, David

32       WOOD, Michael

33       TWYFORD, Phil

34       CHADWICK, Steve (Stephanie)

35       SUTTON, Kate

36       MIKA, Jerome

37       LEES-GALLOWAY, Iain

38       PAGANI, Josie

39       STEWART, Lynette

40       CARTER, Jordan

41       FAAFOI, Kris

42       ROSE, Christine

43       ALEXANDER, Glenda

44       ZHU, Susan

45       TIRIKATENE, Rino

46       ORGAD, Sehai

47       WOODS, Megan

48       KEIL, Tuifa'asisina Mea'ole

49       CLARK, David

50       HILLS, Richard

51       SUISUIKI, Anahila Lose

52       McDOUALL, Hamish

53       TE KANI, Louis

54       LOO, Tat

55       PEKE-MASON, Soraya Waiata

56       BLANCHARD, Julian

57       FOSTER, Peter

58       NEWMAN, Pat

59       HAYDON-CARR, Julia

60       BOTT, Michael

61       GOLDSMITH, Vivienne

62       BAKULICH, Nick Iusitini

63       YOO, Chris

64       MONKS, Barry


65       KININMONTH, Hugh

Labour president pledges to release delayed party list this morning

10am: Labour Party president Moira Coatsworth has promised to get the party's candidate list out this morning.

The list was originally due last night, following a party meeting over Saturday and Sunday.

However it failed to appear.

"After final checking the list will be out this morning," Ms Coatsworth told RadioLive's Marcus Lush this morning.

The weekend saw the Labour president take time out for firefighting after a $150,000 donation to the party by Donghua Liu was revealed. The party says it can find no record, and the onus is on Mr Liu to prove he donated the money.

The party also faces some complicated maths and tricky decisions due to low-polling — which could see all but those on the upper reaches of the list miss out, assuming the party secures around 23 seats — and its so-called man ban, which requires 45% of the next caucus to be female (see Matthew Hooton's analysis and number-crunching here).

Ms Coatsworth says feedback from 2011 was that people wanted more discussion of the list.

"We took Saturday as well as Sunday because people wanted a fuller processes."

New elements, such as video presentations from potential list candidates, took more time.

An insider told NBR the Labour president was still being optimistic with her timeline. There was "almost no chance" the final list would emerge this morning.

Comments and questions

Has anyone ever checked whether Donghua Liu was ever in the New Lynn constituency when he used Cunliffe to write that letter? Or was that another fabrication?

Remember this moment in time...

This is the month that Labour implode upon themselves tripping themselves up with undeclared donations.

It's always the attempted cover-up's, the deceit, the lies and the tricky semantics that will be Labour's great undoing... and them found wanting of matters of probity, credibility, ethics, morals and basic courtesy with how one respects a Mega-donor...

What have your comments got to do with this story? Or are you just some National Party hack doing the rounds of Letters to the Editor / blogs?

I'm sure most others can see the parallels. No, not a National Party member, I don't belong to any. I'm just a voter wanting strong Parliament... And part of that is a credible opposition.

It strikes me that if you were really concerned with credibility you wouldn't use so much hyperbole.

Been a few withdrawals........................last man standing (oops no man rule)

I feel so discriminated

This election best ever dinner + a show

The party of broken promises?

This list should be interesting, as it is the one chance Labour has of showing some new faces in its line up - so watch for non MP's getting well placed on the list.

One fears that the comment "A gaggle of gays, and self serving unionists" (D O'Connor 2011), might be once again the norm (with a number of woman to meet a ill conceived gender target).

If the Labour list isn't based upon merit and capability, with a number of fresh faces to show energy and commitment, then we won't have to wait until September to know that it is game over for Labour this time around (and probably game over David C).

Having read through the list one has to say RIP Labour this time. Hijacked by the minorities.

Bit like the passenger list for the Titanic !

Yeah - but the big difference here is that the passengers on SS Labour can see the big election iceberg drawing nearer... yet regardless of how many deckchairs they rearrange - none of them can escape the floundering of their passage.

Can the current Labour mob get anything right. List due out last night , then this morning and now A party in obvious chaos.

The most interesting position is Kelvin Davis - high on the list so he can throw his electorate...?

Labour must want DotCom in government with them.

They have lost my vote with that lot

I was gone long before that.