Labour says attack politically motivated

Labour Party is accusing National of a "politically motivated attack" as a right-wing blogger threatens to release the personal details of thousands of Labour supporters.

In an email apology sent to donors yesterday, Labour Party secretary Chris Flatt said an investigation had been launched after the discovery of a possible breach of its online donation system.

Details included names, email addresses, and amounts of dona­tions and mem­ber­ship fees, but no credit card details were taken.

Mr Flatt said the system had been secured to ensure a breach could not recur, and there would be an inde­pen­dent secu­rity review.

Blogger Cameron Slater said he had the data and had done nothing illegal to obtain it.

Slater said the Labour Party had raised $11,831.50 online, and he would release names of donors this afternoon.

The data appears to have been publicly available and was accessed at least six times before the website vulnerability was fixed yesterday.

Labour president Moira Coatsworth today said the party understood the seriousness of the breach and had apologised unreservedly to donors affected.

There was no reason to release the names of individuals who had made small donations to the party, she said.

One of the earliest downloads of the data appeared to have been from a National Party head office server, she said.

"This is a politically motivated attack" she said.

"The National Party had a choice to alert us to this vulnerability in our system. Instead they chose to exploit it and to download the material and pass the gap on to the blogger who they knew would reveal private information."

National Party president Peter Goodfellow today said he was looking into whether anyone from National had accessed the data or alerted Labour to the vulnerability.

"I've asked to check to see if anybody did access the website when that gaping hole was there a week or so ago," he told NZPA.

"We were aware of this last week ... the tech community had been talking about it, but we were more concerned about our own security and wanted to double-check that our system was as solid as we thought it was."

Mr Goodfellow said the National Party website was "subject to some pretty rigorous audits" and he was not aware of any potential security issues.

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Is this just a desperate attempt to deflect attention away from Goof's mishandeling of the Hughes affair and all the sordid details and information surrounding it that is still attracting headlines - because it has also caught Labour's deputy leader in the scandal - as it was her house and she was there - even if she did sleep right through it - kinda like Clark being unaware of being driven at 170Km/hour through a 50km/hour zone - then hanging the police driver out so he gets a speeding ticket / sensure from his superiors. What a demonstration of leadership and solidarity eh!

Seems the chickens are coming home to roost for Labour - and about bloody time too.

Just another Labour clusterf*ck in the headlines - perfect in the leadup to the election.

Keep it comin' Labour - we need another few terms of National!


We certainly dont need anymore bankers leading us and selling off assets !! so unfortuntely national is out for many of us.


Remember " The Hollow Men "


Seems to me the Liebour rabbits are minding the lettuce.Stand by for E-COLI.


Remember Hollow Men, Brethren, the clown who went all the way to the US and all the other pathetic dirt digging by Labour? Obviously not at all politically motivated.


So because people vote .....not National, they get subjected to abuse if on a benefit?.....are Labour going to re-emburse those people


I'd be a bit embarrassed myself Moira if $24.49(on average) was all I could manage to support your little joint


The biggest elephant in the room is how quiet Labour are on the spin front. Why? Is it because the can't speak with forked tongues? (Yeah Right!)

Or maybe that's because they can't have Parlimentary Services moonlighting time and resources now that Labour aren't in government?

Or is it because Labour would need to pay for any PR / spin out of their own pockets ...and with average donations of less than $25 per person - no wonder they hang police drivers out to fend for themselves when ferrying their "leader" around town and unwanted publicity of 150km/hr + in a 50km/hr zone should be deflected to the driver.

No wonder Labour are considered nothing much more than the spawn of parasitic bully boys.

Bring on the election. Clear parliment of Labour and herald in a better future for NZ!


To the ... whiners leave your doors open before heading to bed tonight and then complain in the morning to someone who cares!!! That's right .... !!! Harden the.....

& as Kerri W once wrote


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