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Labour shoots up in first full poll since Cunliffe took over

The first full poll since David Cunliffe became Labour leader has his party up 6.8 points to 37.7%.

The same Herald-Digipoll survey has National down 5.1 points since June to 43.7%.

Based on the poll, Labour could form a government with the support of the Greens, and Mana (if it holds its single Maori seat).

New Zealand First came in just under the MMP threshold at 4.4% - a roboust result for the party that usually only peaks around election time.

The poll has John Key's support as preferred Prime Minister down 9.4 points to 55.8% - his lowest rating since taking office.

Mr Cunliffe, who has not previously appereared in the Herald-Digipoll's preferred PM category, debuted at 16.8% - trailing Mr Key by a wide margin but ahead of David Shearer's June preferred PM rating of 12.4%.

Labour named its new leader on September 15. The poll of 750 eligible voters was taken between September 17 and 23 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 per cent. The party vote result is of decided voters; 8.6 per cent of respondents were undecided.

The Herald is billing it as the first full poll since Mr Cunliffe took control of the party.

It contrasts with a OneNews-Colmar Brunton poll released Sunday that had Labour and National both up 1%, with National able to form a government with ACT and United Future support.

The OneNews-Colmar Brunton poll surveyed 1000 eligible voters between September 14 and 18.



Comments and questions

And people have called John Key the smiling assassin! What are they
going to call David Cunliffe?

Answer: Prime Minister

Prime something, but it won't be Minister.
Prime CV cheater or Prime fraudster has a much more snug fitting to it.

Better than member of the Banking/criminal classes that almost collapsed the Worlds Economy...

"Criminal classes" - you must be referring to the socialist dictators and regimes like Greece that spend more than they earn - promising layabouts riches without even needing to be productive to achieve those riches?

National Party attack dog hack warning!

Just remember Paul & Shane the bit about adequate ventilation when using solvents in enclosed spaces. It really helps with getting a clear perspective.

They called him smiling assassin because he was so casual in terminating people's jobs. It's quite different to Cunliffe's background.

Cunliffe the CV massager .

i have called key far worse than that and i am sure i am not alone.

How about "The Doorman" because if Cunliffe and his reckless socialist lost get in, those of us with mobile capital will be walking out the door.

Good to see the Conservatives consistently polling as NZ's 5th most popular party.

Two polls have labour well up and the government well down , except for the tv polls. I have been thinking for a while those tv polls are bent in favour of national by about 6% .TV One's poll has always had a bend toward national .

I don't know how they can ask 1000 voters who their preferred prime minister is when perhaps 750 of them were either labour or national voters and so obviously the poll would be incorrect. Don't take too much notice of these polls!

Great, let's watch all the Johnny fanboys squirm in their seats, neo liberal economic dogma is about to be smashed... fantastic!

And a return to state unionism, tinged with Green anti-development and Maori activism. That'll serve us well for sure!

Agreed. Even staunch Labourites do not want to go back to Helengrad. They also want hope, promise and a future. Can Cunnicliffe deliver that, or will he go back to Helen's oppressive agenda and simply be Cullen MK2 and nail those who succeed? That would indeed be quite boring.

Brings back nightmare memories of Kirk/Muldoon and their ilk. Too long ago for many to remember the hard yards this country made to get over them. Now Labour take us further back that way each time. Neo Liberalism or whatever other labels there are for an economy to pay its way is preferable to what the left has to offer.

i can tell you this is brought and paid for mainstream media won't be liking this, watch them go after labour and attack them for their national party bosses .it came out in parliament last week that Joyce has been funneling tens of millions in free welfare to media works and other media outlets without the public or anyone knowing about it. Mr Joyce worked for media works previously .hence its easy to see why the media are so biased against the opposition.

Which country have you been living in for the past decade? Everyone knows the mainstream media is sympathetic towards the socialists.

Absolute rubbish!

What planet are you on?
The media in this country are so left its sickening.

Conspiracy, meet theorist.

The Dow is down, we are losing the challenge for the Americas Cup, and now we have the dismal prospect of a Labour/Greens/Mana Government. Please tell me something to relieve the gloom.


Really surprised that the NBR would even print such a debatable poll.They have opened the flood gates to bloggers who don't realise just how lucky they are to have such a stable National Government ,who have taken us through some of the most vicious dangerous headwinds NZ has ever had.Now we are reaping the benefits,seems NBR and other MSM have a wish for NZ to lose all their successes,by promoting a bunch of Labour politicians,who for nine long years virtually destroyed the NZ economy.

Ouch, I bet they wished that they had handled the Snapper One "allocation" fiasco with a bit more aplomb.

Anyone wishing to condemn this country to economic hell for the sake of two fish is beyond comprehension.

Labour might not end up winning, but it'll be fun watching the wing nuts squirm for a bit in the meantime

Labour up in the polls... people have had enough of 2 terms of promises and National delivering very few tangible improvements to NZ. Productivity stagnant, still very low wages, over 1,000,000 NZers living overseas... yeah it sucks in NZ.

Obviously you are not a New Zealander? It is such a privilege to live in this great Nation, please treat our Nation with respect!
Anyone who votes Labour usually does so out of resentment and envy towards those of us appreciative enough to be productive rather than dependant.