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Labour slumps to 15-year low in new poll

Labour slumped to its lowest in 15 years in the latest Herald DigiPoll survey as men abandoned the party.

The party fell four points from June to 26.5% support.

National rose 4.5% to 54.9% — enough for the party to goven alone and gain 10 MPs.

On the face of things, the situation looks bleak for Labour, but commentator Matthew Hooton argues 2011 polls almost universally over-estimated National's support. And a 3News-Reid Research poll, also released over the weekend, found National (49.4%) and Labour (26.7%) support stable.

The Herald Digipoll found Prime Minister John Key's populartiy as preferred prime minister was an all-time high of 73.3%, compared with Labour leader David Cunliffe on 10.5%.

The second-most-preferred PM out of Labour MPs is David Shearer, with 2.2%t, followed by Jacinda Ardern on 1.4%.

The poll followed on the heels of Labour's education policy for small class sizes and a subsidised computer or every child, and Mr Cunliffe's apology for being a man ("I'm sorry for being a man, because family and sexual violence is overwhelmingly perpetrated by men," he said.)

Labour's total support is down from 30.5% in June, but it is disproportionately down among male voters, with only 23.9 per cent of men backing Labour, compared with 29.1 per cent of women.

The Greens also fell, to 9.9%

Internet-Mana to 2.2% — enough to bring Internet Party leader Laila Harre and Mana's Annette Sykes into Parliament if Hone Harawira holds his Te Tai Tokerau seat.

NZ First was on 4.6%.

Other parties were in the margin of error.

The poll of 750 decided voters was taken between July 10 and July 17. Undecided voters were 11.5%. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6%.

Comments and questions

Long way to go before the election. Watch the polls change between now and then and stop rigging those polls.

Yes probably even more devastating as shown,well commented on.

Serves the Labour party right for continuing to put up a list dominated by gender issues, and trying to appease minority groups and unions. They were warned last time that they werent appealing to the working person and continued bending over to the minority groups would leave them out of touch with the majority, and all men. Now they are seeing the consequences - and are destined for not only another 3 years but more likely another 6 years in opposition. You have to wonder about their strategists who seem to cosntantly call it wrong.

Spot on. Their policies say that they're a niche party, appealing to minority groups while they look to the unions who have no interest in niche issues for support. Result - sub 30% in the polls.

Long way to go yes but this may now be a step too far

And with ongoing battles within the three sections within Labour, they are self destructing rather than standing together and looking like they are a good bet.

National won't beat Labour or destroy Labour
Labour will destroy itself

Has he apologised for being a socialist yet? He should think about it, there might be a few votes in it for him.

What sort of man apologises for being a man?

One who wished he were a eunuch?

One whose supporters hate men?

One who is an apology for a man?

Cunliffe's apology was a self-inflicted coup de grace. He is beyond parody, because he is so good at humiliating himself. The latest? He's not pulling his weight. Understandable, when he's sleepwalking to the September abyss.

I hope they bungle to below 20%! They deserve it and so does New Zealand. There in fighting and general muppetness is disgusting, vile and useless to New Zealand. We ain't out of the woods yet in the economy and we need strength, purpose and track record to get things done and keep momentum to move forward and grow business and emoyment. Labour and the left will only deliver disarray, instability and disaster! Apologise Labour, apologise for being stupid and useless to New Zealand.

Newspaper polls are dinosars these days. Heralds readership/sales are in free fall, and therefore hardly representative of the facts.

If the Herald considered report more facts, rather than fiction, they might find the readership and reviews might improve.

People have turned to social media because of the propaganda the newspapers pump out, While the power of newspaper media is significant, dilution of power will continue as more people use the internet to broaden their mind.

Dotcom seems to be the elephant in the room that the NBR does not dare mention.

They are destroying the left coalition of greens and labour to national's supreme advantage, but if they get some power they could be a real threat once parliamentary privilege starts digging into the fetid GCSB subversive (criminal?) activities archives that stretch into the deepest recesses of power and international intrigue ....

This is sad - a once proud and principled party with visionary leaders like Savage, Kirk and Lange brought to its knees by opportunistic politicians like Clark, Cullen and now, Cunliffe.

NZ needs a strong Opposition so wake up, Labour and wake up quickly. It is not too late to change your leader to someone who does not pander to every whim and minority out there.

This election is lost for Labour but with the right leader, this election will start the real rebuilding process.

Maybe NZ First is the new Labour?

Like Laila Harre is the new Norman Kirk?

More likely the new alliance with the nonsensical, unrealistic and unworkable GST proposals Winston announced. He's effectively put himself out of coalition with either major party. Even Labour gave up on that one.

Another dismal poll for Labour but people need to remember that we live in a MMP environment where a government needs the support of minor parties to govern. The margin between parties will narrow once the election campaign begins properly and all parties need to get their supporters out to vote. Support parties for National are weak and this could affect the election result. National certainly not out of the woods yet.

The current Labour party is in it's death throes & will need to die completely before it can be reborn.

Cunliffes decision to take a holiday was brilliant and deserved, if he would extend his holiday to another 2 months and release no policy statement in that period I am sure his poll ratings would imrpove.

One thing that might turn around Labour's polls is the package they plan to release today on regional development. I wish National would also look at doing something more proactive in this area.

There is much trumpeting about the GDP growth forecast for this year. My concern is this growth is based on 2 factors one of which is a one off!! Talking about theChristchurch rebuild and Auckland property!!

Unless growth is spread across New Zealand and broader based than just dairy farming it will not be sustainable.

The Labour plan to invest in the regions is an excellent idea as long as its managed correctly (being owned by Local Bodies a bit of a worry though!!).

We can't have all the immigrants coming to New Zealand to live in Auckland. Those who plan to immigrate here and invest, also need to be directed out to live in the regions.