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Shearer claims GCSB wiped recordings of Key discussing Dotcom

UPDATE / Oct 12: GCSB head Ian Fletcher overnight released a statement saying "exhaustive inquiries of its records and its IT systems and can find no audio-visual recording of the prime minister's visit" on February 29.

"An investigation has commenced within GCSB as to whether there has been any unauthorised disclosure of information, and if so, its source."

This morning, Labour leader David Shearer insisted "multiple sources" had told him a videotape existed of John Key discussing Kim Dotcom, and the GCSB's involvement in his case - but he acknowledged he had not seen the case.

Mr Shearer alleged to TV3's Firstline that a number of GCSB staff had the video on their hard drives, but their hard drivers were removed and wiped by other GCSB staff.

John Key has acknowledged he talked to GCSB staff in the agency's cafeteria on February 29, but has no memory of mentioning Kim Dotcom.


Labour: taped quip could prove Key knew about Dotcom spying before Sept 17

Oct 11: Labour is alleging a video might exist of John Key making a speech to GSCB staff on February 29 - during which he makes a quip about Kim Dotcom.

The Prime Minister has said he remembers a GCSB briefing on that date, but does not recall mention that was made of Kim Dotcom during a briefing.

Mr Key says the first he was aware of the spy agency's involvement in the Megaupload case was September 17.

“There is one way to clear this up. The Prime Minister should give the green light to the agency to release any and all unclassified material about the visit and John Key’s comments to staff," Labour leader David Shearer says.

“It was during the visit on February 29 that the Prime Minister was briefed by GCSB about their surveillance of Kim Dotcom. He claims to have no memory of that. Previously though, he had told New Zealanders that he did not know about the surveillance till September 17. The agency’s review of its handling of the Dotcom case says that ‘no written record was kept of the meeting’. But it is silent on whether any audio-visual record exists of the Prime Minister’s visit.

“I’m calling on GCSB to confirm whether that audio-visual material still exists. If it simply shows John Key addressing staff then it should be publicly released because it is unlikely to contain classified information.

“At the very least, the material must be handed over to the relevant authorities who are looking into the case. I have also today made a request to the GCSB under the Official Information Act for any such material."

There is now no alternative but to have a full, independent inquiry, Mr Shearer says.

Comments and questions

new or knew

Why can't politicians stick to running this country instead of constantly trying to get one up on each other. I'm sure this is what voters expect from our leaders?

Actually, freedom lovers would rather they sidetrack themselves like this, than spewing out yet more laws from the Fortress of Legislation to bind us under the yoke of the state, and deepen our tax slavery.

Of course he does. Job gone Mr Fletcher et al, when the video emerges,

It is pretty clear that the job of the GCSB is to protect the National Security of New Zealand. It's NOT the job of GCSB to protect Nationals Security or it's party leader.

Did GCSB destroy evidence that John Key lied in parliament when he said the first time he heard of the GCSB spying was in September 2012?

If so, this is an agency gone rouge that is covering up an illegal act by the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

GCSB must at all times operate within the laws of New Zealand, so too must our Prime Minister. Destroying evidence of a crime, which is the accusation here is ample justification of a complete review of the GCSB by independent parties.

The sooner we hand this convicted German fraudster over to the US and get him out of NZ, the better. We owe him nothing, and he is just making a convenience of the good nature of New Zealanders and their government for his own purposes.

It's not about him any more, mate.

The evidence is mounting that it is not the German who is the fraudster but more likely our own PM.

When has JK been found wanting in regards to this sort of thing in the past? Why is it that idiots like you can make these statements and everyone agrees - even though there is no evidence or prior behaviour. Compare with Shearer who constantly gets caught with his pants down and continues to make unfounded allegations.

31st July, 2012, documented in parliamentary hansard.

Rt Hon JOHN KEY: That is my reading of the police report.

You know, the one he spent the next 2 weeks denying he'd read.

Lindsay, Nats' supporters reactions to every Dotcom revelation is rather illuminating. It's: "Kick the German out." The fact that it seems there's a strong chance this nation is led by a man who lies through his teeth and is afflicted by convenient selective amnesia every time he's asked a hard question doesn't seem to matter. It's: "Kick the German out." Just how far does Key have to go, what does he have to do, before you guys stop saying "Kick the German out" and say "hang on, this stuff, which just keeps mounting and mounting, is starting to trouble me"?

Well, I'm a Nat supporter and a previous supporter of John Key, but that support has long since diminished. I don't give a stuff about KD, but I do give a stuff about how a NZ resident has been treated, but moreover, I'm concerned about the sinister motives behind all of this absurd nonsense. Helicopter gunships againist a NZ resident being involved in a civil matter at the behest of the Hollywodd movie industry is deeply disturburing .What next?? All of NZ should be concerned about this matter and Mr Key has a lot of explaining to do

You are so right. I would like to no how many lies Key can tell befor something stick.

Nothing is mount though Anonymous. Just because Labour says something is so, doesnt make it so. I suggest before you believe them, some evidence might be handy. And remember, one is not guilty until proven so.

Well Laugh Out Loud , that's a rather naive view of the situation Lindsay.

Lindsay, your comment

We owe him nothing, and he is just making a convenience of the good nature of New Zealanders and their government for his own purposes


could easily apply to Mr Key couldn't it?

Take your b,inkers off and stop embarrassing your family and all the other National supporters " with blinkers on "

Anonymous, you would have the defendant prove himself innocent, rather than the plaintiff prove the defendants guilt. Excellent. you are an intellectual pygmy. Lindsay has hit the nail on the head.

Oh, and what happened to Shearers "I won't be playing gotcha politics"?

We all know John Key's "I do not recall" is political speak for "I'd sooner feign ignorance than speak the truth and have it hurt my reputation!". A talent he learnt well from his buddy John Banks

Mr Key told TV3 he had no memory about whether he mentioned Dotcom when speaking to GCSB staff.

"I don't recall it, no. Who knows, but I don't recall it," he said.

How can he say "Who knows" if he knows, he never heard of .Com until Sept 17?

Good to see Mr Shearer so focused on policy to help our country in difficult times. Typical Labour tactic of attacking people rather than coming up with any decent policies. If Ditcom has nothing to hide or done nothing wrong he should go back to USA and defend himself. All this saga is doing is glorifying a possible and likely criminal.

Dotcom is on record saying if the USA released its evidence so he can fairly defend himself, agree to bail while in standing trial & enough of his funds released to pay for his choice of lawyers then there is no need to extradite, he will travel to the USA to stand trial.

Why is the USA wasting NZ tax payers money by requesting Crown Law challenge in the Court of Appeal the ruling from our District & High Courts the the USA must give Dotcom the evidence they use as the basis of their extradition request. If the USA is operating within the law there is nothing to hide, give Dotcom the evidence, agree to bail in the USA & agree for him to be able to pay for lawyers & Mr Dotcom will be in the USA within a week!!!!

When the country is in strife, why are we bothering spending all this time and money on any thing that does not improve the economy. My thoughts are the politicians band together, create this crazy set of circumstances to disguise the immediate problem that being our country and it's people and the politicians inability to correct the situation.

so it seems that the British Colonies will remain as colonies..
If there's no sovereignty.. and u're basically rulled from outside.. why don't u just assume it?

Well.. we know both flags are quite simillar.. but officialy you should clear these things to the people so they can understand that your politians are just puppets, keeping up the circus running..

Awake, and lock down the criminals..

Thank you Mr John Key for your service to NewvZealand as Prime Minister. It is now abundantly clear your time is up & a challenge for a New National Party leader is due. While I believe Key thinks he is doing good for this country he is personally setting us back from the perception that our country has the highest standards globally for honesty, integrity and zero tolerance to corruption. Time to go.

When we "Kick out the German" what is proposed of his Kiwi born children which are New Zealanders by right. To suggest we can just turn our back on the rights of innocent children is abysmal, those suggesting it should be ashamed to call themselves New Zealanders!!

secret video...hard drives wipe....shredding machine destroying breifing papers?....PM muttering "jesus" under his breath...fat Geman joke.... Oh what a fantastic scandal, keep it coming Kiwis, its so hilarious!

I think most of the commentators have missed the point. This is now not about Dotcom, or Key, it's about our system. We have an unnamed number of spooks in GCSB 'leaking' information to a political party for a political agenda.

That calls for nothing less that an independent inquiry into the entire workings and recent history of this part of our secret service, which seems to be turning itself into secret police (both literally to aid Dotcom's raid, and symbolically).

Mark it seems that you missing the point

If the GSSB staff are leaking information - there must be information to leak or what is your problem.

After these people leak the information the information that they leak is wiped from the records by corrupt officials.

Th epoint here is definitely about Mr Key and the CEO of GCSB who is now undertaking an internal enquiry about the leak of the information.

Not necessarily, If I wanted to discredit someone wanting an investigation then what better way than "leak" them some non-existent information that they cant back up and thereby dimish their credibility in the public arena.

Its really pretty lame as far as scandals go. Even if JK knew about Dotcom (and its almost certain that he did), the key point is whether he knew about illegal surveillance. That will be impossible to prove so its just a case of political point scoring now.

You know the govt must be doing something right if this is the worst mud the opposition can sling around. Crime down, employment up, economy growing (albeit slowly), deficit shrinking, incremental reforms and doing what they promised.

Yep - you got it!

When bereft of credible alternatives - or even any alternatives, the best tactic to hide your lack of ability and lack of credible alternatives is to manufacture a "Crisis" then shrill faux outrage at the invented topic of the day.

Shrill loud and long enough, eventually the MSM will not notice the lack of alternative options you don't have, and because of their biased union memberships / political leanings - the MSM will provide very convenient smoke & mirrors manufactured crisis to focus the minds of the great unwashed...

Take the issue of "poverty" as an example. TV3 shrill nightly about how kids in South Auckland go to school without breakfast or lunch because "most of them" are living in poverty, can't afford bare minimum basics of basic life suppoort for their dependants - yet now our Leftie Len Mayor is somehow able to sneak through the backdoor an elitist playground that will cost the tax payer circa $60M to fund - and anyone wanting to visit, at leat $35 or $55 per person per visit - yet, that same catchment area struggles to provide basic, bare minimum essentials of life for children - but can now afford this playground?

Who is lying or inventing manufactured "crisis" for their couch-potatoe audiences of keyboard warriors to lap up and shrill about?

"Shearer claims GCSB wiped recordings of Key discussing Dotcom"
Okay Mr Shearer, prove it, or further show NZ what a shallow individual waste of space that you are . An ex bureaucrat that has never done a decent days work in your life, and have never ever produced anything to replace even an ounce of what you've consumed.

Silly comment, how can you prove something existed if its deleted unless the witnesses to the event go ferrel ? That would be a bright career move - yeah right

Yep - don't forget John - that Shearer also claimed that removing GST on fruit & vege's would solve our economic woes, whilst raising minimum hourly rates to $15/hr would also have no effect - and that printing money in a QE environment would also be a "good thing" for NZ Inc... Never mind petrol & milk at $10/Litre... these details are only minor inconveniences on the propaganda road to socialist utopia - where everyone else pays except me!

When Shearer opens his mouth to mumble, splutter, umm and arrr and generally obfuscate and talk drivel about a topic he is hopelessly lost on... we all just wonder how Shearer got a word out before Commie Norman?

Irrespective of the rights and wrongs why do we continue to tacitly support DotCom, here and especially in the media? He can't return to Germany without having to face charges, he can't go to the US of A without facing charges. Who knows what the situation in Hong Kong is with him at the moment, but something similar I undnerstand. And the NZ media make him out to be Snow White.

This is old news. That the recording was conveniently "deleted" does little to help whatshisname (you know the labour leader who no one can remember) with his lame attempt at point scoring.

The real issues should surely be

1) what incompetence allowed dotcom into NZ given his criminal record

2) Why are we looking to reneg on an extradition treaty with the US? If they did this to us we'd all be villifying them

3)point scoring aside, using the GCSB to abuse their powers is a clear abuse of power

4) all of the above points to some pretty shonky stuff happening in a number of agencies. NZ has a reputation for being one of the least corrupt economies in ther world. I wonder how well that reputation will fare after this. Perhaps we need an independent review and dotcom needs to be sent to the US to stand trial. If he is innocent he will go free

This is no longer about Dotcom,but the concern now is on the,previously unknown,activities of our spooks and police.
And on the honesty of our politicians!

I think a lot of nat supporters and the wider electorate were surprised by the resources used in the Dotcom raid and their concern was unusually tweaked and probably not anticpated by the Govt and whoever surrounds the Pm to collect the public sway.After all we havent even seen the gangs addressed by such assets even though we are told are bad.
The biggest concern is whoever is providing the Pms eyes and ears into the NZ electorate is way out of touch not just on this as there are other numerous examples.Not sure if its a case of not listening or incompetence but it must be frustrating for the PM and maybe there will be a reappraisal of just who is saying what to whom and who is listening to whom..

Tops marks for the authorities who were spying on Dotcom. He is an international convicted criminal and this country doesn't need him. Good on the authorities for doing what they are paid to do - spying on the criminals and doping their best to get rid of them. Great !

John Key is the PM because his popularity got him and his party into that position. Good and I hope he stays there and keeps the authorities spying on the bad guys.

Shearer ? Well...mmm - he's flogging the dead Labour horse and got to make the news somehow I suppose? If he didn't have this subject we wouldn't know who he was.

Pant's on fire Shearer

So let's just summarise where we are at, a foriegn national with criminal convictions who shouldn't be in the country, paid the government for citizenship. The same governemnt declined selling him property because he was not desirable. Then the government spied on him, at the request of another government, then they raided his house, Rambo style and arrested him. Then it turns out that the warrants aren't legal and that they shouldn't have spied on him eitherbut they didn't know that.

Oh that's right he was giving money to politicians and asking for then to advocate on his behalf and some of these politicians, even had dinner and drinks with him some and flew helicopters to his place.

Now any suspected evidence can't be found or it was a brain fade by a low level employee and the said politicians, even the the prime minister either couldn't place the man or can't remember talking to or about him.

That's a 6ft 4ish large German man, multi millionaire that the US are after whose name is Dot Com ..yeah easy to forget I guess.

Summary: I really hope that they are lying, because if their not they are just plain incompetent and if Dot Com wins a court case we will have to sell all of our power companies just to pay the settlement. Now where are the FBI or the American movie moguls in all this oh yeah the FBI say it's not their problem and the Moguls just bought the movie rights!!

Come on Mr Red show us the tape if you so certain about your facts.

So it's just the existence of a tape that bothers you then Anon you're comfortable with the rest of the embarrassing debacle, that could potentially cost millions!! Wow your ears and eyes really must be warm in the sand!!

A quip about Dotcom and a cafetaria - It's almost too easy

At this stage of the economic cycle I'd still rather have a competant liar at the helm rather than anyone from Labour or the Greens. Sometimes the comments those parties make really frighten me.

JK is doing himself no favours by dodging this matter.
What he should do is release the tapes in full;why will he not?

liberte... the reason why he "doen't release the tapes" is because there isn't any. Shearer and the socialist foot solders trying to invent some kind of manufactured fiascio forgot about what happens when one lies and makes up tales and stories - his Mr. Rufus Painter fibs come back to bite him right on the credibility... and because they couldn't find any credibility - it bit him on the arse instead - leaving egg all over his face - and likely to leave him and his sycophants liable for all manner of State Treason divulging NZ's secrets...

Lying and cheating might be the way to the top of the Labour Party / left leaning political parties - but it never works in real life... and certainly not enough to be anywhere near credible enough to be anywhere near Parliament buildings - in any capacity!

These over the top lefties in the media driving and prolonging this dotcom saga, and their superiors capitalizing on it with Labour, The Greens, and Party Winston (the bad penny), all hell bent on bringing JK and his party down whilst trying to buy votes.
What have they got to offer apart from very little. Labour policies of old, ideas from 8 years of reign under Helengrad and SIR CULLEN, that eventually brought this country to its knees as a welfare state.

Apart from donating a large part of his ministerial pay to charity, JK has to our surprise managed to half the deficit and will have the country out of the red by 2014, which means great things to come for this country if we can get back into surplus.
I believe he deserves a little more credit for his more important economic achievements rather than this bureaucratic, finger pointing carry on. Show me the money Mr Shearer, your have no evidence to support your claims and once again here comes the egg on the face