Performance reviews for Labour's new line-up

David Shearer

UPDATED Tuesday: They only got their portfolios yesterday but already Labour leader David Shearer has put his top MPs on notice, saying at least one performance review will be carried out during this parliament.

Speaking on Radio NZ, Mr Shearer says his MP must prove they are performing by delivering in at least two key areas.

"Just getting out there and making making sure that both our vision for the future of New Zealand is articulated well, but also that they expose some of the weaknesses that I think are apparent on the other side," he said this morning.

David Shearer's new labour line-up features a mix of fresh-faced and experienced MPs.

David Shearer will hold the Science and Innovation portfolio.

Deputy leader Grant Robertson gets Environment, Tertiary Education and Skills and Training.

David Parker gets Finance, while Jacinda Arrden is the Social Development spokeswoman.

David Cunliffe, who failed in his bid for the party’s leadership, holds Economic Development and will be an Associate Finance spokesman alongside Clayton Cosgrove and Shane Jones.

Clayton Cosgrove gets SOEs, Associate Finance, Commerce, Small Business and Trade Negotiations.

Shane Jones gets Regional Development and Associate Finance.

Nanaia Mahuta takes over Education.

Former leader Phil Goff gets Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The full Labour list is below:





David Shearer


Security Intelligence Service

Science and Innovation


Grant Robertson

Deputy Leader


Tertiary Education, Skills and Training


David Parker




Jacinda Ardern

Social Development


David Cunliffe

Economic Development

Associate Finance


Clayton Cosgrove



Small Business

Trade Negotiations

Associate Finance


Shane Jones

Regional Development

Associate Finance

Economic Development (Māori)



Nanaia Mahuta


Associate MāoriAffairs (Social)


Maryan Street


Disarmament and Arms Control

Associate Foreign Affairs


Su’a William Sio


Pacific Island Affairs

Inter-Faith Dialogue

Associate Foreign Affairs


Phil Twyford


Auckland Issues

Associate Environment


Trevor Mallard

Shadow Leader of the House

Associate Finance

America’s Cup



Charles Chauvel

Justice (incl Courts and Corrections)

Attorney General

Arts, Culture and Heritage



Lianne Dalziel

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery

Civil Defence and Emergency Management

Earthquake Commission

Consumer Rights and Standards

Associate Justice


Chris Hipkins

Senior Whip

State Services

Associate Education


Phil Goff

Foreign Affairs and Trade


Annette King


Local Government



Darien Fenton

Junior Whip





Damien O’Connor

Primary Industries

Food Safety



Clare Curran

Communications and Information Technology Broadcasting

Open Government

Disability Issues





Ruth Dyson


Senior Citizens

Internal Affairs



Parekura Horomia


Treaty Negotiations



Sue Moroney

Early Childhood Education

Womens  Affairs


Moana Mackey


Climate Change



Iain Lees-Galloway


Transport Safety

Veterans Affairs

Associate Health (Alcohol and Drugs)


Raymond Huo

Building and Construction


Land Information


Rajen Prasad

Ethnic Affairs

Associate Social Development



Kris Faafoi



Associate Health


Louisa Wall

Sport and Recreation

Community and Voluntary Sector



David Clark


Associate Tertiary Education


Andrew Little



Rino Tirikatene



Megan Woods

Youth Affairs

Associate Science & Innovation


Ross Robertson

Nominee for Assistant Speaker


Associate Disarmament (Small Arms)

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47 Comments & Questions

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What a bunch of losers

The only one with half a brain David Cunliffe loses finance to David Parker a Solicitor - wow that is legacy change for the Labour party

Definitely post Helen days - as she would hav ebeen bright enough not to have a Solicitor as the Finance spokesman.
Wasn't there some past financial baggage with David Parker when he was a Solicitor ??


Every nation will have a successor, even post Helen...wake up Doctor.


Number 9 down on the list are very unimpressive - either liteweights or the old guard who failed miserably.

This list highlights how stupid Goof and the party were with their party list at the last elections - there is no new blood amongst the motly bunch.

National will hardly be quivering.


Most Losers will not realise that they will be beaten....lesson one.


Great to see Andrew Little near the bottom of the list.

Shearer and his new image want to stay well clear of that guy if they want to increase their share of the vote.


Good advice....political and industrial issues should be separate.


I'm in disbelief that Ardern is up that high. Only reason can be that she is young and 'fresh' - form over substance again for the Labour party.

She cannot even win her electorate seat and she will get eaten alive by Bennett in any debate. She's ok for the odd sound bite on breakfast but that is completely different from being effective in opposition.


Absolutely agree - if Ardern the 4th best they have they have no hope. She has shown absolutely nothing to justify it. Ditto Robertson - Deputy leader but no portfolio of any substance - tells us something? On the other hand Shane Jones can now maybe show us what he's got.


Disagree, because Jacinta will get young NZ voters to vote....very important indeed when many young have been not been voting in this election...


Who cares about young people.

They bring nothing but loud music, long hair and facebook to the debate.

They are still too stupid to know whats good for them.

I would ban Jacinda Adern and all other "young people".

Darren Hughes was a "young person" sill confused about himself and what might be deemed appropriate behaviour.


I thought the elders are supposed to show young NZ voters like us the RIGHT way of Life...perhaps I am wrong.


That's the point. Leave it to your elders. You are still stupid and naive. Once you've taken down your Che Guevara poster and shaved and had a job then you can have a go at democracy


Even though we may be presumed "stupid", but we are all prepared to learn from the "BRIGHT" elders. Perhaps most elders like you are not willing to "TEACH us"
By the way, how do you know we are jobless? We might even pay miore taxes than some elderly adults...


The challenge is yet to this space!


Plenty of new faces upfront - cant be an easy selection process given the lack of depth and quality. Staggered that Mallard hasnt been shown the door (well past best buy date). He should be nonminated by Labour as NZ's next ambassador to Afghanistan. Damien O'Connor should have been given a greater role - he seems to be willing to speak the truth so Spokesperson on Finance, Justice and Labour (to deal with the Unions). Watch Little - he wont be happy with just ACC - and will move forward once he has shown his competence in dealing with ACC. Cosgrove seems to be the bolter of the old guard.


Personal attacks are not good for NZ politics...


Rogues gallery of who is who in losing, lost, about to lose, failed, failing and about to fail with NZ politics – absolutely brilliant!

This has got to be the very best thing for NZ… and for The Greens come 2014.

So Goof was talking to Shearer long before the election even started, knowing Labour / Goof will fail – yet they still persisted… …something about flogging a dead horse…

I wonder how Goof / Labour “leadership” can sleep at night – when they attempted to deceive the entire country by having Goof front for Labour as a “credible” proposition, yet now that the dust has settled on the largest trouncing in election history, only now does Labour / Goof admit they never had a chance at the election, and were talking with Shearer for month’s…

The only surprise is that NZ has such a gullible 27% of the population – no wonder The Greens will make Labour a minor prospect next election.

SPEAK THE TRUTH Labour = earned trust
TELL LIES & HALF TRUTH’S = SOP for Labour = election thumping!


Good advice...what we are also missing are Labour SUPPORTERS going about door-knocking....real personal contact to gather all voter voices!


Well done...Labour the next government, 2014.


Penny Bright ! We know it's you.

The typo says it all. You meant 2041.


Sorry unrealistic Kiwi, wrong guess and you should apologise to both of us....


Half baked bread, and as for Jazinta at #4, hey comrades, what does that tell us ? !!


You may have prejudge this up and coming young Labour Candidate too soon...I believe you are prepared to eat your words later in 2014...


Labour will only make it back to Parliament as a (minor) support partner to The Greens... and only if The Greens will have them...

NZ 1st or Mana Party might be 1st cab off the rank...


Are you prepared to eat your words...?


Yep - but i'd go hungry...


If you feel that you are that good why didn't you run for election...."empty vessels make the most noise?"


Parker was associated with Howard Paterson and his wheeling and dealing. It would be a miracle if Paterson didnt cross a few lines in his career and an interesting exercise for National to see if Parker was at his shoulder when anything of interest happened.


Yep - Labour have credibility alright!

I hope they have a credible 2014....


Dr DON BRASH (Leader of the Opposition) : I move, That the House take note of a matter of urgent public importance. Yesterday David Parker resigned as Attorney-General, saying that he was ashamed that over each of the last several years he has lodged false documents with the Companies Office. This morning he resigned his other ministerial positions. I say at the outset that lodging false documents at the Companies Office does not make Mr Parker an unmitigated crook and it does not make him an inherently evil man. Although I do not want to impugn the integrity of anybody else in this House, let me be so bold as to suggest that there are one or two other people in this House, potentially on both sides of the House, who may have been inadvertently guilty of lodging a false document with the Companies Office—though, probably not for 8 or 9 years in a row—but for a lawyer to make a false statement is a serious matter. Lawyers are the professionals we depend on in our society to ensure the accuracy of the documents that they sign. They should not sign documents knowing them to be false under any circumstances. For the most senior law official in the land, the Attorney-General, to have done so not once but on several occasions, is a serious matter. Mr Parker was right to tender his resignation.


Jacinda Adern's promotion is interesting.

There is no doubt she is a fine young women, who is interested in politics. I have a son who is interested in horses but has not yet ridden a winner.

Since she entered Parliament she has worked diligently to hide any potential she might possess for being a real politician as opposed to a political groupie. But, she is the nearest thing to a "new face" that Labour have apart from Helen Shearer himself.


Very encouraging indeed, good on you Jacinta,
My wife and I voted Labour because of your enthusiasm


Honestly if shes the only reason you voted Labour i'd give up now


Have you ever heard her speech...?


Yes - Average, shallow & lacking any sign of actually having real ability come to mind. If she was that good she would have won her Electorate which was a save Labour seat up til 2008


Have you actually understand her speech...


Oh dear! Cunliffe for economic development? After showing absolutely no understanding of any financial matters as former Labour finance spokesman, he should never have been given anything with the word 'finance' in it.


Here's another reason why the vast majority of NZer's absolutely hate Labour...

RODNEY HIDE (Leader—ACT) : This Parliament has a rare form of unanimity today. Everyone in this Parliament now agrees that David Parker should not be the Attorney-General, should not be the Minister of Energy, and should not be the Minister of Transport. The Prime Minister, Helen Clark, and the Labour Party agree on that point. The National Party agrees on that point. United Future agrees on that point. I believe that New Zealand First agrees on that point. I think the Greens say that David Parker did the right thing. I believe that the Māori Party says that Mr Parker did the right thing. So, too, does the ACT party. But I want to contrast this with the situation just a little over 24 hours ago. Helen Clark miscalculated, she has lost her touch, and she has misjudged. I want to take members back to just over 24 hours ago, to Helen Clark when this story first broke. Helen Clark said that there was no need for a public investigation, and she did the classic Labour Party trick of attacking the messenger. So Ian Wishart was attacked, and his magazine Investigate was attacked—attacked by the Prime Minister of this country, and she said it was nothing. Let us just understand what was done.

This Parliament has passed a law that says that if someone files a false statement under the Companies Act, he or she is liable to a fine of $200,000 and 5 years in jail. If that is nothing, why did Parliament pass that law? It is important, because a decision is made not to audit a company’s accounts; not to provide a true and accurate statement of accounts. That is why one has to go around and get every shareholder’s permission. David Parker knew he had to do that, because he got his father’s permission, and he got his own permission, but he did not get Mr Hyslop’s permission. David Parker cannot claim that he is ignorant of the law, because the Labour Party has been telling us for years and years that he is a hotshot lawyer.

We also learnt that Mr Parker set up the arrangements for Mr Hyslop so that he would be financially disadvantaged at every turn in this deal. The Labour Party, which is supposed to stand up for the poor and downtrodden, stood up and ripped this gentleman off, and Mr Parker admitted this to the official assignee. [Interruption] Labour members pull faces. The article states: “ ‘Mr Hyslop was therefore effectively in a different position in relation to the project from you and your father, is that correct?’ ‘Yes.’ … ‘If the project failed would that not place him in a much less advantageous position than the position that you and your father enjoy?’ ‘That is correct,’ confirmed Parker.”

But Helen Clark said it did not matter. A false statutory declaration had been signed, a false record under the Companies Act—it does not matter. Then, later on in the day, it became clear that Helen Clark decided Mr David Parker was not fit to be the Attorney-General, because essentially he had filed a false statutory declaration. It is no small matter. But, we were told, he could be a Minister of the Crown. So one can be a Minister and demand that every poor businessman and businesswoman in this country comply with the hefty red tape laid on them by this Government, but the regulations do not apply to the Minister. That is what is happening under Helen Clark, with this Government. There are two rules: one for every New Zealander, and for the Opposition, and a special rule for Labour Ministers, Labour MPs, and the Labour leader. They carry a “get out of jail” card everywhere they go. That is what happens if one is a Labour Minister.

Then Helen Clark attacked me. She said it was my fault that David Parker is in trouble. I want to put on record in this House that I had nothing to do with that company. I gave no legal advice to David Parker. I did not know Mr Hyslop. I did not fill out the form. I did not give David Parker the pen. He did all that on his own. I say to the Prime Minister that it was David Parker who filed the false statutory declaration—not me, not Ian Wishart, and not Investigate magazine. I say to the House again that if it is no small matter, why is there a $200,000 fine and the potential for 5 years in jail? Helen Clark said that he made a mistake. That is a bit like saying: “I broke the law, no one has been hurt. I made a mistake, therefore it is OK.” Funnily enough, if no one has been hurt then maybe it should not be a crime, but we let Parliament make that decision. In this case, Parliament has decided that it is a crime, and that rule should apply, surely, to those who make the rules—Ministers. But Helen Clark says no. And David Parker says: “Oh, I cut a corner.” If one is a small-business man and one breaks the tax laws of New Zealand—or the company laws, or the occupational safety and health laws, or the electoral laws—and then says: “Oh, look, I’m sorry but I cut a corner. I made a mistake. It’s OK.”, it will not wash.

Everyone has agreed that David Parker should not be a Minister and should not be the Attorney-General, so how come Helen Clark took so long to reach that view? How come Helen Clark and the Labour Party attack everyone for simply pointing out what David Parker had done, as though it was their mistake? I say to Helen Clark that her Government now lacks integrity and honesty. I think that filing a false statement, a statutory document, when one is the Attorney-General and a Minister of the Crown is unacceptable. I think this issue does need a full investigation. I say to the House that it is an important job to hold Ministers to account. That is what Parliament does—that is our Westminster parliamentary democracy. But Ministers can be held to account only if they give truthful answers. What we have seen in this House is Ministers giving untruthful answers. That is the parliamentary crime of David Benson-Pope. He has given untruthful answers in this House, and therefore we have no accountability in this Parliament. That is the tragedy of this Government.


A bunch of recycled dead beats. Poor ol' bottom-ranked Ross Robertson, should've had "Small Feet" included in: his Associate Disarmament (Small Arms); that would have made his humiliation complete


Problem with some NZers is that they are attacking political candidates personally, not wonder NZ are falling behind with people like you....learn something before it is too late, guys...


And PorkBarrell has taken a tumble - Too old and TOO FAT.


Wow how many crappy ministries are there!! America's Cup you have to be kidding


Who cares about this line up they are all there for the celery and whats in it for them,oh well the sun will rise the next day and life goes on.Have a great Xmas.


I believe all those against this young and capable Labour Jacinta ARDERN must be pretty worried about losing to her leadership for women...come 2014 elections and most commentators will probably have to eat their words in public and hide away....


What a lot of crap. Give them a chance. Judgement day will be 2014


Fair comment...


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